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15 Amazing Fun Roman Facts!

Are you curious to find out what Romans use in the bathroom? What disgusting thing sold by gladiators to their fans? Here are 15 fascinating facts about the ancient Romans and their innovations, lifestyle, and food! Which of the facts is your top choice?

Ave! If you’re here to learn some fascinating information about Romans, is on the right track! From their massive Empire to their unique numerals, The Romans provided us with amazing structures, inventions, and even art! Here are 15 of the most facts and fun Roman Facts, along with their stories!

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Fun Roman Facts!

The Romans created the creation of a Lot of Stuff.

If you’ve heard something about Romans, they were the most amazing things they brought to the world. Food as well as science, art, and even buildings were all enhanced and improved by the Romans, which included introducing the concept of underfloor heating, which was the foundation of modern democracy viaducts and aqueducts, concrete pipes, toilets, newspapers, numbers, and medical equipment, improved roads, posts, new combat techniques, hairstyles as well as the calendar. Phew!

The Romans never made it to Scotland.

The Roman Empire was massive and amazing, but there was one part of the globe they couldn’t conquer. When Romans first entered Britain, they progressed steadily across the country until they finally reached Scotland. The combination of angry residents, harsh weather, and rough terrain made a lot of Scotland impossible to take down, and in truth, Rome didn’t think it was worth the effort. Therefore, they built two walls: Hadrian’s Wall along the lower boundary and Antonine Wall a bit further higher, and then declared the day!

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The Romans did not use soap.

Soap is a Celtic invention. Yes, barbarians were able to be fresh! The Romans preferred a unique method: they would cover their bodies with olive oil, after which they would scrape off! Scraping was a way to get lots of sweat, dirt, and other unpleasant things off using the oil, leaving you fresh! It’s a bit oily.

But they also loved Baths! Bath!

They didn’t have soap; however, they enjoyed bathing! The Romans were well-known for their elaborate public baths massive swimming pools with numerous hot and freezing pools that would get the blood flowing. It was also considered a popular social event, and people would gather at bathhouses to socialize or conduct business and even gamble! People loved Baths so much that they built them throughout the Empire. You can view the most stunning examples in Bath, UK, today!

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They had Some Weird Gods.

There’s a good chance you’ve heard of the gods with the greatest importance – Jupiter as the godfather of all gods, Mars God of War, Mercury God of the Messenger, etc. However, it gets more bizarre. The Romans had gods that weren’t only for sensible things, such as love, health, and war. Some gods were devoted to specific, random items like door hinges daylight, wheat cows, conmen, cows, and, um, poops. It’s okay, then.

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It was the Roman Empire Was Big

The Roman Empire stretched from Rome through Britain on the western side, Egypt in the south, and to the present-day Middle East in the East. It was home to a variety of cuisines, cultures, languages, and people, and ancient Rome was a cosmopolitan city populated by many different types of people. The Empire was in existence until the early Middle Ages in some parts of Europe and until the 13th-century East (Though they were referred to as the Byzantium Empire at the time).

They had some delicious food.

The Romans are acknowledged to have created several delicious meals such as an early version of pizza, seafood from their coastal towns, and fruit and cheese all across the Empire. It was the Romans who gave apples to Britain!

And some gross food

There wasn’t a lot of delicious food in the era of ancient Rome. Some of their food choices were slightly bizarre! Aside from the extremely rich senators and emperors who would consume bizarre things such as the flamingo tongue, stuffed dormice, and ostriches, ordinary people had their odd favorites also, like garum. This popular sauce was served on everything (a similar to it was a bit like ketchup) and composed of the rotting flesh of fish! Yeuch!

They shared toilets

The Romans weren’t as worried about privacy as we are, as evident from the numerous communal toilets found on archeological sites. These toilets for public use, made up of numerous holes within a long wooden bench, have been used by regular people of the gods and, instead of the paper toilets, these often used a vinegar-soaked sponge on sticks. What is better? Toilet paper sounds better.

Rome wasn’t Built in a Day.

It was constructed over 100 years! It was believed to have been built in 753BC, and the myth of the birth of Rome begins like this: two twin boys, Romulus and Remus, were born by wolves out in the wilderness. When they reach the age of maturity, they decide to create the city together, only to fight over the idea. Romulus kills Remus and names the city in honor of himself the city of his birth – Rome! Today, many ancient Rome buildings are still, including the stadium, the forum, and the Emperor’s palace!

Gladiators were Celebrities

Gladiators were the hottest sports celebrities of the past. Every gladiator specialized in a specific style of fighting with a unique dress code and ring name and a fan club comprised of ecstatic plebeians and wealthy patrons who could give the gladiator nice gifts in a successful performance. The public could bet money on their favorite gladiator, and most bizarrely, certain women believed that the sweat would make them appealing for men. Yes, you can purchase a bottle of gladiator’s sweat! This is a great method to earn money!

They also had some unusual jewelry.

The majority of Roman children wore something referred to as”Bulla.” It was a bag around the neck that held an ornament or pendant that could include an animal, god, or the lucky symbol.

Not everyone was wearing Togas.

If you think of the image of a Roman, then you’re probably thinking of a man sporting an extravagant, flowing dress. However, that’s not completely true. A few wore togas and even those who didn’t wear them every day. Togas were an official or formal attire and were usually worn by males. In everyday life, many Romans wore tunics and other clothing of a basic design.

Their Army was legendary.

It was the Roman Army. It was renowned worldwide for its size, tactics of war, and the ability to successfully invade nations all across Europe! When the Roman Empire grew, the Army was stuffed with soldiers from across, and what you are thinking to be Roman soldiers may not be Romans in the slightest. However, they could be the Gauls, Celts, Africans, and other individuals from across the Empire!

You’ll still see Loads of Roman Stuff All Over The UK, Even Today!

When the Romans quit Britain, they left behind many amazing things like houses, theaters, arenas, mosaics, and even jewelry! There are still Roman remains throughout the UK today, including in Bath and at The Museum of London, Hadrian’s wall, Chester, and loads of other locations!

Chris Evan was born in Quebec and raised in Montreal, except for the time when he moved back to Quebec and attended high school there. He studied History and Literature at the University of Toronto. He began writing after obsessing over books.


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