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15 Amazing Roald Dahl Facts for Children

Get our amazing collection of Roald Dahl facts right here!

We’ve spent hours writing and squabbling these Roald Dahl facts for you. If you’re interested, you should check out the quizzes we have on The Ultimate Murder Most Unladylike Quiz or The Ultimate David Walliams Quiz to test your knowledge about these amazing authors!

Amazing Roald Dahl Facts for Children

1. Roald Dahl was a writer. Shed

Dahl called it his “writing place’. It was very cold. Therefore Dahl was able to sit under a blanket on an old chair while writing tales like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

2. Roald Dahl wrote a lot of Famous Books

Roald Dahl wasn’t content to just compose Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He also wrote children’s classics like The Twits, The BFG, The Enormous Crocodile, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Matilda. However, he didn’t stop there.

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3. Roald Dahl wrote Loads of Other Stuff for Children

As Danny Champion of the world, The Minnipins, Revolting Rhymes and Gremlins. He even wrote the script for the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the book written by his pal Ian Fleming (who invented James Bond). It’s best to scroll down to find out how these two authors came to be.

4. Roald Dahl Wrote Adult Books Too

One of the stories we can share with you is an alleged landlady who poisons and then fills her guests with poison. Other stories are too sexy to be written about.

5. Roald Dahl invented Loads and Loads of new words that are delicious and sexy.

Roald Dahl is a fan of making new words from food items made up of Snozzcumbers and snozzberries to random words like hopscotchy or Squibbling. It’s a lot of fun! Why not try to create your Brainstumblers by yourself?

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6. Roald Dahl Didn’t Like Beards

The author wasn’t too interested in beards. He explained why in a piece of writing, which stated that “the whole thing is horrible. A man should not think about his appearance. He should just accept it and gaze into the mirror just every day when shaving.” What do you think of Santa and Vikings But what about Santa and Vikings?

7. Roald Dahl was a Fighter Pilot during World War II

He piloted his own Gloster Gladiator biplane. In 1940, Dahl crashed into the Libyan Desert after being crodsquinkled by a sloppy direction. Luckily for readers of fantastic children’s literature, he escaped!

8. Roald Dahl didn’t write all the time.

Roald Dahl wrote two hours each morning and 2 hours later in the day. It’s less than the time you would spend in school! Another reason to become an author for children.

9. Roald Dahl didn’t use a Laptop

Mostly because they were not invented, he also didn’t own an electronic typewriter. He was just not taught. He was content squibbling around using his HB pencils and an eraser. Someone has to have typed it out eventually, however. It’s like being the first to read a Roald Dahl novel!

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10. Roald Dahl was buried with the most prized of his possessions

Some websites report clues to snooker teaspoons and pencils. It is interesting to think about the chocolate bar was he dug up with? Perhaps a Wonka Fudge-mallow treat?

11. But a few of his most prized possessions were thrown away in the Shed of his house.

Some are would we describe them – slightly more gruesome than others… Some of the most bizarre objects were the hipbone that he removed in surgery.

12. Sophie of The BFG had a Real Person

According to the experts, The Grandmother of The Witches was based on Dahl’s grandmother. The character of the book BFG was named after his granddaughter, Sophie. She is currently a children’s author herself. She recently published a book titled Madame Badobedah illustrated by the amazing Lauren O’Hara! Why not create a book for someone you love?

13. A Giant Peach was Originally Going to be A Giant Cherry

When Roald Dahl began his novel James and Giant Peach, he thought about using a huge cherry in place. The author decided to avoid it as the peaches he thought were squelchier and fun!

14. Roald Dahl, a BFG

He might not have been as tall as BFG; his ears might not have been as large; however, Roald Dahl was taller than most with 6 feet and 6 inches!

15. Roald Dahl is a Spy

In World War 2, Roald Dahl was a spy during World War 2. He was introduced to the writer Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond (who also did spying). We’re curious about which children’s authors are spies today? We’ll end with the terrifying idea that perhaps David Walliams is a double agent with a foreign superpower who is scheming?

*He isn’t really!

Chris Evan was born in Quebec and raised in Montreal, except for the time when he moved back to Quebec and attended high school there. He studied History and Literature at the University of Toronto. He began writing after obsessing over books.


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