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5 Best and Most-Rated Thriller Web Series to Watch Right Now

Ullu, the online video streaming service, offers users a wide range of series of a variety of genres. The genres include horror, suspense, drama, thrillers, comedy, and many more. So, it may be a case that with so many options available, you’re unable to decide or confused about which web series to watch. Well, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will discuss some of the best web series that you can watch right now. So, without any further ado let’s start.


Panchali is a story about a woman who has no choice but to willingly accept a heinous tradition. The tradition is in she has to marry all her family’s brothers. Panchali is one of the top Ullu hot series and one that you can’t miss. If you love watching web series featuring the elements of drama and romance, then this top Ullu web series is for you. 

Panchali premiered on the Ullu platform on May 24, 2019. Since then, it has been a hit both on as well as outside the platform. The cast of this web series includes Anupriya Goenka, Aman Verma, Upen Chauhan, Samridh Bawa, Rohan Pratap Singh, and others. 

On the one hand, there’s Kshite, the younger brother in the family who lives in the city and is well educated. He denies marrying the woman and does not support the ritual. On the other hand, Yogi, the elder brother in the family, is more of a spiritual person. He believes that not following the ritual would lead to insulting their deity. 


Let’s start with one of the most divisive and most-rated web series, Halala, This Ullu web series premiered on March 29, 2019, and since then, it has been in the mouth of everyone. This web series features elements of romance, drama, and struggle. So, if you like watching drama web series or those with these elements, Halala is a must-watch. 

Well, now talk a bit about what this series is all about. In Halala, serious social issues such as the “Triple Talaq” and “Halala” rituals have been targeted. If you are unaware of these rituals, then here’s a brief about them. 

In the case of “Halal,” Muslim men have the so-called ‘right’ to divorce their wives by simply uttering “talaq” thrice. In the case of “Halala” or “Nikaah Halala,” a Muslim woman once divorced by triple talaq has to marry another man and get divorced again. She has to undergo the ritual to be once again eligible to remarry her former husband.


We’re sure that you must know about the famous actress Rahmi Desai. Well, if you are a fan of her and enjoy watching her work, then this is a series you can’t afford to miss. Tandoor is one of her best works and is also a top Ullu web series. Other casts of this web series include well-known Tanuj Virwani, Amit Riyaan, and Atman Jha.

In this web series, Rashami Desai plays the role of Palak, who is an aspiring politician. Palak gets married to her lover secretly. She wants to disclose this to the media as soon as possible. However, she isn’t able to do so as her husband doesn’t reciprocate her love. So, she gradually drifts away from her husband and finds solace in another man.

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The Bull Of Dalal Street

You must have heard or read about one of the most popular Indian stockbrokers, Harshad Mehta. This top Ullu web series is based on the experiences of the stockbroker. If you are into the stock market, then this popular drama web series is for you. The stars in the web series include Shyamraj Patil, Sandeep Chatterjee, Aparna Sharma, Naina Chhabra, and others.

On the one hand, this web series tells the tale of how he rose from poverty to riches quickly. It shows how Harshad Mehta started ruling the stock market and how he ultimately became the strongest bull on Dalal Street. On the other hand, the major part of this web series also depicts how Harshad Mehta and others committed one of the biggest stock market frauds in 1992. Hence, this web series shows Harshad Mehta in two different lights and to sum up, is a fantastic web series with some glitz.

Me Too

Well, Me Too is the last best Ullu web series on our list. This is yet another great thriller web series that you can consider watching.  This web series features the genres of suspense and thriller. The cast of this web series includes Vivan Bhatena, Amit Behl, Sikandar Hairband, Bikramjit Kanvarp, and others. The story in Me Too revolves around an artist from Bollywood. For this Bollywood artist,  the recognition turned out to be different from usual. 


So, these were our top 5 picks for the best and most-rated thriller web series that is worth watching right now. We’re sure you’ll love watching these thriller web series and won’t be disappointed. 

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