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5 Best Seiko Watches to Buy for Daily Wear

Watches are functional and versatile, and it serves more as an accessory. It tells time and date, while others track your health and even work like a mobile phone. Various watches are created for specific purposes, such as racing, diving, GPS, or wearing them for a formal occasion. However, nothing beats a timepiece with a respective function and daily wear simultaneously. It can be an all-around watch that matches your daily activities too. Moreover, Seiko is a brand to trust regarding versatile watches! 

Seiko is a Japanese watch brand with an excellent reputation in the watchmaking industry. Moreover, timepieces like the Seiko Prospex, Seiko Presage, and other Seiko’s remarkable collections speak a lot. They are brilliant in design and putting their philosophy into action. It is time to explore the best everyday watches from Seiko and prepare to be amazed! 

1. The Seiko Bottle Caps 

An everyday watch is all about general durability and comfort. It has no specific requirements, unlike dive watches with high resistance. Furthermore, it’s about watches that you can dress up or down. The Seiko Bottle caps are flexible with any daily outfit. 

Seiko is fond of giving brilliant names to their timepieces. Like this watch from Seiko Sport 5 collection, the Seiko Bottle caps series. The watch bezel looks like a bottlecap when you look closely. It is presented in a case size of 45mm,13mm lug width, 47mm lug-to-lug, and excellent water resistance of 100 meters.

Moreover, it can serve as a dive watch, and the power reserve will last for 41 hours. The Seiko Bottlecap is ideal for daily wear for its impressive features like a beautiful blue-green gradient dial, smooth unidirectional bezel, unique case shape, and bright luminous light. 

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2. The Seiko GPS Solar Astron Caliber 5X53

Finding a wristwatch that perfectly comes with an office suite and a casual dress code at work is challenging, and you don’t want to be over-accessorized. These Astron watches are versatile watches that suit both formal and casual wear and save time finding the timepiece that matches your outfit. 

In 1969, Seiko built revolutionary timepieces in the Swiss watch industry with the Astron, a timepiece that featured an innovative quartz movement. The Astron collection featured a 100 percent solar-power and GPS-connected for near-atomic-clock accuracy. It is a unisex watch with a 42.8mm dial that perfectly fits your wrist. Moreover, the case and bracelet are titanium and has super-coating making it a scratch-resistant watch. 

It’s 5X not only switches time zones with you but also lets you switch between the main and sub-dials via a Time Transfer button. The movement includes dual time and world time features, an AM/PM indicator, a perpetual calendar, and signals for power level and GSP-sync.

3. The Seiko Alpinist 

This timepiece has a round-shaped stainless steel case sizing 13.2mm in thickness, 39.5mm in diameter, and 46.4mm lug-to-lug. It is suitable for daily wear, as it has a band material of calfskin and a three-fold clasp with a push button release.

Moreover, Seiko Alpinist is a unisex watch that features a leather wrist band, see-through case back, rotating inner compass ring, bright luminous light on hands and markers, and antimagnetic and anti-reflection coating. It is water resistant to 200 meters and serves as an automatic watch with a 6R35 caliber Japanese automatic movement. Indeed, a great watch that can effortlessly match any daily OOTD! 

4. The Seiko Arnie

The brand made some significant contributions to the world of cinema, and one of the most well-known is the Seiko Arnie. This wristwatch is seen on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s wrist in Predator. Moreover, Seiko released a new version of the classic watches last year. This watch is a good pair if you want to add a little retro touch to your daily wear! 

The Seiko Arnie has a minimal interface, and it is simple to understand how it works. This watch is analog time set by an electronic crown and digital screen. Moreover, the screen with two locking pushers on the left flank presents a range of additional functions, including a digital display of the time, a calendar, local time (second-time zone), a chronograph, and an alarm. It perfectly passes the criteria of a daily wristwatch. The handy complication makes it more likable to Seiko fans and other customers. 

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5. Seiko Fifty Five Fathoms

This timepiece features a classy black and gold watch face. It has a black dial with rhomboid markers and a gold hue, giving an urbanized look. The watch is not overly large, and its case measures 1.65 inches (42.1 mm) in width. This Seiko model is not light, but it is considerable. It weighs 5.82 ounces (164.9 grams) and has a case diameter of 1.77 inches (45 mm). 

Moreover, the gold hour markers stand out against the black dial, making it easy to read. You can read it in complete darkness because of the Lume on its markers. Its luminous paint glows for 3-5 hours, which is ten times the amount of standard pigments. In addition, the Seiko Fifty Five Fathoms is an automatic watch with a 7S36 movement. Power reserves are the length of time you can wear an automatic watch off your wrist, and it requires the kinetic energy you create to keep its gears turning.

This watch is a perfect luxurious timepiece for daily wear. Wear with style and class in a sophisticated OOTD. 

Final Thoughts

A great watch has impressive features that are ideal for your daily activities. No matter the situation, rain or shine, land or water, a superb watch can accompany you. It tells time and serves as a GPS, health tracker, and many more. Indeed, it is versatile and functional.  

We hope this article helped you decide on your perfect daily wear wristwatch. Don’t hesitate to explore more on Go ahead and explore the horology world today! Happy Shopping.

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