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5 Letter Word That Starts With Slos

We’re back with another piece that’s slightly different from our regular posts. This article is quite specific in its content and will undoubtedly assist you in improving your understanding of your English language. Here is a long list of 5 Letter Word That Starts With Slos!

So, without further delay, let’s begin to explore what’s in store for you. We can guarantee that this article will help you understand your language slightly more palatable.

5 Letter Word That starts with Slos | Let’s Take this Knowledge Train!

This list was created with care and specific hand-picked words that begin with Slos to expand your vocabulary.


The word “slush” refers to spilling something, usually all liquids, or making a clumsy splash when washing clothes using bleach or detergent. It can also refer to the term “watery puddle” or mud which we typically encounter on the road following an event of rain. It is also casual about the situation when someone suddenly hits another.

Examples: Marvin and his father sloshed through the puddle following the rain.

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Another Word That Starts with Slos That You Must Be Educated About

This is the collection of words that begin with Slos but are not five-letter words.

1 Sloshy

The word “sloshy” is technically used to be the same word as slosh; however, it is used in various ways, mostly about something sticky or wet, or, in a more informal sense, one that is highly sloppy, or also referring to something which is too sentimental.

#2 Sloshed

The word “sloshed” is utilized typically as slang or in a casual tone to refer to someone who is drunk or intoxicated and doesn’t know what’s going on.

Examples: Rick was so saturated at Justin’s farewell celebration that he could not walk straight and fell two times.

#3 Sloshes

The word sloshes constitutes the third for the dish “slosh.” It is essentially the same word as mentioned above.

#4 Sloshing

The word sloshing can be the present particle that slosh is. It is essentially the same word as previously described.

Examples: Dave shoved his glass of whiskey away, pouring whiskey onto the counter.

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#5 Sloshier

The word sloshier can be the equivalent adjective to the term slosh. It is essentially the same word as mentioned above.

#6 Sloshiest

The word sloshiest can be the best adjective from that slush comes. It is essentially the same word that we discussed above in greater detail.

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