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50 Fascinating Facts About Plants

Plants are essential to the entire planet and all living creatures. They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen through their leaves that humans and other creatures require to breathe. All living things from small to large require plants as they consume them and live within their midst, but do you know these amazing facts about plants.

When you think of plants, you typically think of the plants that surround your home and the food you eat. However, the world of plants is many more.

In reality, there are over 301,000 species identified, yet people consume only 20 per cent of them, following The State of the World’s Plants report, released by Kew’s Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. The species are being discovered each day.

The realm of plants is brimming with fascinating varieties and interesting facts that will and delight you. Take a look at these fun facts about plants and prepare to be amazed.

Unbelievable Facts About Plants

facts about plants
  1. Small pockets of air in the cranberries cause them to bounce and float in the water!
  2. Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant on the planet and can grow up to 35 inches in one day!
  3. The sunflower appears to be one huge flower. However, each head is comprised of thousands of tiny flowers called florets. These develop into seeds!
  4. Cabbage contains 91 per cent water content!
  5. The word banana is the Arabic word meaning finger!
  6. California redwood (coast redwood ) and the giant Sequoia) are the highest and biggest living organism on earth!
  7. A tree of the average size can supply enough wood to make 170,100 pencils!
  8. The very first aspirin, painkiller and fever-reducing agent came from the bark of the willow tree!
  9. 85% of the plant life can be found within the sea!
  10. Bananas contain a chemical that can make you feel content!
  11. Brazil is named in honour of an evergreen tree!
  12. The Amazon rainforest is the source of half of the world’s oxygen!
  13. Cricket bats are made from a tree known as Willow, and baseball bats are made from the wood of the Hickory trees!
  14. Dendrochronology is the art of determining a tree’s age through its rings!
  15. Caffeine is the function of a pesticide within the coffee plant!
  16. Apple is made of air at 25, which is the reason it can float on water!
  17. Apricots, Peaches, and Pears, quinces, strawberries and apples belong to this rose-loving family!
  18. Apples, potatoes, and onions share similar flavours; to test this, eat the food with your eyes closed!
  19. The tears that occur when cutting and slicing an onion result from sulfuric acid found in the onion!
  20. The tallest tree of all time was one of the Australian Eucalyptus. In 1872, it was measured at 435 feet!
  21. The first potato was cultivated in Peru around 7700 years ago!
  22. A variety of plants are utilized for dyes. The cloth can be coloured using onions that have been stewed in tea bags and walnut juice. Blue dye is one of the most ancient. It originates from a plant called “woad, which has been used for a long time, since Neolithic times, more than 6000 years ago.
  23. As per scientists, the ability to relieve stress can be achieved by using chemicals found in freshly cut grass.
  24. In 2009, I discovered an invasive plant in the Philippines that was capable of consuming rats.
  25. Dandelion is edible from the petals up to the roots.
  26. Trees are among the longest-living life forms on the planet.
  27. A herb comes from the leaves of plants, and spices are derived from the seed, berry stem, bark, bulb or root.
  28. The Poison Garden in Britain’s Alnwick Garden is filled with deadly plants.
  29. The scent of freshly cut grass can be a distress signal.
  30. They can identify their neighbours and offer them preferential treatment and are less competitive for precious resources such as root space than when surrounded by plants that are not related to each other.
  31. Plants dislike human noise.
  32. All teas (black, green, white) are made from the same source, camellia Sinensis. The only different thing is the methods of processing.
  33. There’s a plant in Australia called”the “Suicide Plant” because the pain it causes can endure for years and the pain it causes is so severe that people have committed suicide by touching it.
  34. Plants might be deaf, but they can still feel sense, smell and even remember, according to biologist for plants Daniel Chamovitz.
  35. 3.34m is the tallest basil plant.
  36. Caffeine is a pesticide in the coffee plant.
  37. Over 85% of the plant life can be located in oceans.
  38. Cabbage contains 91 per cent water content.
  39. The tree resin is often made up of plants or insects that are caught within.
  40. Cucumbers are not vegetables. The fruit is classified because it contains seeds.

Amazing Plant Facts!

facts about plants
  • The same trees that were the dominant feature of the landscape in the past 8,000 years are almost gone. About four-fifths of the forests have disappeared due to human activity,
  • The largest farms in the world have embraced certain crops because they can cultivate a large amount of them quicker at a lower cost and with ease to earn a higher return on investment.
  • That is why many of the best-healthy plants remain off our plates for dinner because they’re not available in supermarkets.
  • If you’re ever in need to experience entirely new food, the great reason is that there’s certain to be food that you haven’t tried but is growing in some part of the world.
  • In the tens of thousands of plants humans could eat, humanity opts to consume just 30.
  • It’s insane to consider the extent to which our diets are compared to all the diverse food items we can eat.
  • In the end, humans are more diverse in the plant species we utilize to treat ailments. While a significant part of that is due to traditional medicines, modern medicine isn’t isolated from the help of plants.
  • Because plants are believed to be medicinal and therapeutic, the rainforest has many potential cures for old and new illnesses. This resource that isn’t fully utilized could provide the key to medical breakthroughs.
  • Of the biodiverse regions in the world, just 10 per cent of them are legally “protected” to ensure the survival of numerous species.
  • Most likely, the plant that you see in one area of the world isn’t ever-growing elsewhere. Since the habitat of plants is destroyed and destroyed, there’s no point thinking that the plants that have been killed might be discovered and harvested someday.

Hidden Facts About Plants

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  1. There are 320,000 species of plants, which are found across all continents, including Antarctica. As more species are discovered each year, the amount will grow over time.
  2. Ninety per cent of the food that we consume come from 30 plants. Yet, there are more than 80000 edible plants around the world.
  3. A mature tree could supply enough wood for 170,100 pencils.
  4. Cabbage and broccoli, kale, coulrugrabi, and cauliflower, are all part of the same plant species (Brassica Oleracea). However, they were bred for various uses and to the point that they don’t even have a resemblance to each other.
  5. Amber can contain fossils of insects and Invertebrates that were encased in resin for millions of years around. Photo: Brocken Inaglory, Wikimedia Commons
  6. Amber is a fossilized resin that comes from trees of the past.
  7. If apples are floating in the air, it’s because they have an abundance of 18% or more air.
  8. The scent of freshly cut grass is a distress signal.
  9. The fastest-growing plant all over the world can be found in Burmese bamboo (Bambusa burmanica). It can grow to 91cm (35 in) every day. It’s nearly 4 centimetres (1.5″) in an hour. It’s possible to watch it increase.
  10. Man cutting onions while crying.
  11. Sulphenic acid can irritate the eyes. Image:
  12. If you feel like crying when you cut them, the reason is that they release the off sulphonic acids, an extremely irritating irritant, after you chop them.
  13. The word “banana” is derived from the Arabic word banana which means finger. It was coined due to the fruit that resembles a finger. A group of bananas is referred to as the hand.
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