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All Wishes for the Wall of Wishes in the Last Wish raid in Destiny 2

It seems that the world in Destiny 2 continues to shift and evolve, and recently there’s a new blunder called the Wall of Wishes. This unique Wall of Wishes is found in the Last Wish raid, and, as its name implies, it gives the player a wish by relying on inputs from buttons. If you want to unlock the new emblem, create an interesting effect to kills, or even teleport further into the game, visit the Wall of Wishes.

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How do I get to The Wall of Wishes?

It is possible to find the Wall of Wishes can be discovered and utilized in a single-player mode since it’s situated at the start of the Last Wish raid before any encounter. It is important to note that any wish that can teleport the character to another location can result in the character not being able to return to the beginning of the raid unless the raid is finished or the weekly reset happens.

Start by booting up to the Last Wish raid found in the Dreaming City, enter the room inside the mountain, and then jump into the tunnel to the left. Go through the cave until the boss’s first battle entrance is found. However, don’t go into the room (if you accidentally do go inside, you must turn around and exit). Instead, as you approach the room where the boss is, you should turn left and follow the route around to get to what appears to be a dead-end. Then, jump over the water towards the right and find the green ledge. From there, jump towards the one up, crouch down, and then jump towards the left. Continue climbing and around, and finally go right to see another ledge. Cross the gap, and climb the tunnel up to reach it. Wall of Wishes.

Check out this Shacknews The Last Wish Raid Guide for a full explanation of every encounter.

All Wishes for the Wall of Wishes

At the beginning of the game is a room of 21 buttons, along with 20 on the wall and another on the floor. After entering the correct pattern and then stepping up to one of the buttons, participants are able to make wishes, each of which will bring an effect or reward in the play.

There are 16 different images that you can cycle through on the buttons. The buttons begin with four fish images, then four snake symbols, four dragon symbols, and finally four bird images.

  • Wishes are possible by a single player.
  • Players can make any number of wishes they like, but…
  • Players cannot “restart” their raid when they use the Wish to teleport.
  • It is possible to use Wishes to travel you to bosses in the Future without having to fight any boss (teleporting to Morgeth skips Kalli and Shuro Chi)
  • The fourth option is to go over Shuro Chi; players can go back to the chest to find it and then collect it.

Members of the Destiny 2 community are identifying the wishes for more. The majority of the effort is being conducted on RaidSecrets. take a look and join in the discussion. This guide will be updated when additional requests are identified.

First Wish: Wish to Feed an Addiction

Wish one grant, an Ethereal Key.

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Second Wish: A wish for material validation

With two causes a chest to appear between Morgeth and the Spirekeeper fight and the Vault, which can be opened with a Glittering Key’s help.

Third Wish: A wish for others to celebrate your success

Wish 3 unlocks an Emblem.

Fourth Wish: A wish to look athletic and elegant

Wish four will instantly wipe out the Fireteam and then teleport them back to the start of the battle with Shuro Chi The Corrupted.

Fifth Wish: A wish for a promising future

Wish five will instantly erase the Fireteam and transport them back to the start in the Morgeth battle, known as the Spirekeeper and fight.

Sixth Wish: A wish to move the hands of time

Wish six will instantly wipe the Fireteam and then teleport them back to the start the beginning of the Vault battle.

Seventh Wish: A wish to help a friend in need

Wish seven will immediately wipe the Fireteam and send them back to the start to begin The Riven of a Thousand Voices encounter.

Eighth Wish: A wish to stay here forever

Wish eight will play the track Hope for the Future.

Ninth Wish: A wish to stay here forever

Wish 9 activates a piece of dialogue spoken by Failsafe, which is then spoken throughout the entire raid.

Tenth Wish: A wish to stay here forever

Wish 10 adds Drifter dialogue to the raid.

Eleventh Wish: A wish to stay here forever

Wish 11 adds an explosive effect to headshot kills like Halo 2’s Grunt Birthday Party skull from Halo 2.

Twelfth Wish: A wish to open your mind to new ideas

Wish 12 adds an effect over the head of the player.

Thirteenth Wish: A wish for the means to feed an addiction

Wish 13 enables Extinguish, in which if a player dies and the entire Fireteam is sent into Orbit as well as the raid resets.

Fourteenth Wish: A wish for love and support

Wish 14 spawns several Corrupted Eggs during the raid.

Fifteenth Wish: “This one you shall cherish.” – Riven of a Thousand Voices


Inputting a wish takes a long time, so it can be worth assigning a teammate one row or column to input. Be sure to double-check that the pattern is correct, as stepping on the button when there is an error will remove all images, and players will need to do it all again. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 Complete Strategy Guide for all our other comprehensive articles.

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