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Are cannabis seeds legal in Ireland in the EU?

Cannabis is an illegal substance in most EU countries and is best known for its harmful psychological effects, such as memory impairment and reduced reflexes. 

Despite this, the buying and selling of cannabis seeds are spectacularly common in many parts of the country. So is it legal to buy and sell cannabis seeds in Ireland and Europe? 

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Cannabis seeds market in Ireland and Europe: legal or illegal?

Studies and analyses have shown over the years that Ireland and Europe is the most cannabis-using country in the European Union, despite the laws in place. If this is the case for plants, what about cannabis seeds?

Non-existent or relatively impartial laws?

While the law on the consumption or possession of cannabis in Ireland and Europe is clear, this is not necessarily the case for cannabis seeds. Indeed, the exchange (sale and purchase) of these seeds is widely practised in several areas of the country, which brings questions and doubts to the surface. 

For example, an increasing number of licensed websites are dedicated to the exclusive sale of cannabis seeds. 

It must be admitted that this is mainly because the law remains neutral, as no rules on the subject have been disclosed so far. So, just like autoflowering seeds, some legal cannabis seeds can be distributed. 

You can find more information about many seed varieties on the best websites. 

Cannabis seeds: what are they used for?

At the heart of a vast distribution network, cannabis seeds come in a wide variety, depending on the type of maintenance and use they present. 

They belong to different categories: Sativa, Ruderalis, Hybrids and Indica. For this purpose, medicinal practices are very popular in many countries, such as Germany. 

Legal Cannabis seeds are used to treat certain diseases, but their use is regulated. But the reason why these cannabis seeds are allowed is especially because of their dietary fibre content, which helps to strengthen the body. 

They are also a source of protein necessary to revitalize the body. But on the other hand, hemp seeds have significant benefits against cardiovascular diseases.

Cannabis in Ireland and Europe: what does the law say?

Over the years, several reforms have been introduced throughout Ireland and Europe concerning the marketing and consumption of cannabis. These are strict and severe and are in line with the laws in other EU countries. But what exactly does the law say about this?

The prohibitions 

Irish legislation conforms to the rules of European countries on the distribution, consumption, cultivation, and possession of cannabis. Indeed, these or any other actions related to the Cannabis Sativa hemp plant are formally prohibited in all localities in Ireland and Europe. 

The law effectively decrees its prohibition in private spaces (at home or in a cultivation laboratory) and public spaces (on the public highway, in public transport, etc.). 

On the other hand, its use for medicinal or religious purposes is also prohibited, although these practices have shown surprising results.

Penalties and sanctions

In addition to stipulating strong prohibitions related to cannabis and everything related to it, French legislation has been obliged to set out several penalties in case of infringement. 

Although the laws have been modified from one regime to another, they remain in force and vary depending on the case. The most serious penalties are mainly prison sentences of up to 20 years. But the payment of fines is more common. Moreover, these penalties depend on the judge or prosecutor in charge of the case.

Out of cannabis seeds, you can still not buy marijuana in Ireland, but you can buy CBD!

What is the current situation across Europe and Ireland regarding legislation around CBD? 

CBD products that include THC have been deemed illegal in Ireland. However, CBD products not containing THC have a different legal status. Here is everything you may need to know if you want to purchase CBD products safely and legally. 

 CBD remains a legal substance in Ireland. However, it should be mentioned that such products still need to be regulated by the Medicines Board in Ireland. 

This means that the safety or efficacy of such products has yet to be guaranteed, which is why it is essential to purchasing CBD products from a trusted vendor. In addition, you should conduct thorough research before embarking on the world of CBD produce. 

It is essential to distinguish the difference between CBD and THC, such as with cannabis seeds.

Seeds do not have THC, and CBD has minimal THC!

While the THC ingredient in the hemp plant produces a mind-altering effect on its users, CBD will not have a psychoactive effect. 

As it currently stands, CBD products with less than 0.2% of THC are allowed to be sold as dietary supplements or as ingredients in foods/liquids. 

Therefore, CBD products are entirely safe and legal to purchase and use. 

Status of cannabis and hemp growth in Ireland

At the time of this article, individuals are allowed to grow hemp in Ireland if they have a license from the Health Products Regulatory Authority, which works with the Department of Health. 

According to the EU market and the appropriate food safety authorities, new foods go through a stringent process. In this case, CBD is considered a novel food as it has not been available in the market for a long time. 

And if you want to buy the best cannabis seeds online, you only have to choose the best online marijuana seeds stores!


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