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Are Mariah And Max Still Together?

Micah and Moriah Plath took the entire premiere season in the shadow of their parent’s eyes. However, they went off on their own in the second season of “Welcome to Plathville, as they enjoyed every minute of their newly found freedom. Are Mariah And Max Still Together?

While Micah was trying to get an agent for modeling, Moriah got a jumpstart in her musical career, along with her romance with partner Max Kallschmidt flourished.

While the couple appeared to have hit a rough patch but they eventually rekindled their love for each other ahead of Season 2’s final episode. The show came back in Season 3, and it appeared to be going smoothly in the lives of Max and Moriah.

However, their Trailer for Season 4 suggests that there were problems in paradise. Also, are Moriah and Max still in love?

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Is Moriah Plath together with Max Kallschmidt from ‘Welcome to Plathville? Are they the duo still together?

After a string of breakups and makeups, Moriah and Max had a celebration to mark their year of relationship in 2021. In the Season 3 premiere of Welcome to Plathville, Micah and Lydia assisted Max in surprising Moriah with an engagement ring that made fans think that an engagement might be next on the list.

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However, viewers were soon to see them struggle through some tough moments, with Max insisting Moriah reduces the obvious nature of her style of clothing.

“I’m not trying to kill your fashion or your vibe at all,” Moriah stated to Moriah. “But I’m aware that we’ve had situations in which we were in an open place, and I walked up to go to the bathroom. You’re pretty and wearing shorts that were very low, and crop tops, and such as I returned to the bathroom, I saw someone trying to speak to you.”

Max then accuses Moriah of “advertising what’s not for sale.” In reply, Moriah defended her choice to dress more casually and told Max she wasn’t able to control the actions of other men. She said to Max, “I can just control how I react.”

But, Max persisted in pressing Moriah regarding her sexy crop tops and shorts, which surely caused a split within their friendship.

In the Season 4 trailer for Welcome to Plathville, it seems like Ethan, Olivia, and Moriah made the relocation into Tampa, Fla. Lydia asks Moriah, “Will Max be joining you soon?” Even though she doesn’t reply, Moriah looks down, which suggests that something isn’t right when it comes to living along with Max, the couple in Tampa.

“Moriah’s the only person that knows exactly what happened,” Ethan declares in another scene.

“I fed up, man,” Max says to Micah in a different video.

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What happened exactly?

In a near twenty-minute clip uploaded on the YouTube Channel in February of 2022, Max admitted that Max and Moriah weren’t together anymore -and that he’d chosen to stay out of Season 4. Although he did not go into specifics, he did mention that the reason behind their split was that he had cheated on Moriah.

“There was an incident that happened, and it kind of just stacked on top of a whole bunch of other underlying issues with Moriah and me,” Max explained. “… It was not the case that I did, for instance, have sexual relations with anyone. No one was naked. It was just my personal boundaries, which Moriah and I had established during our first relationship. However, I did break certain of those limits.”

Max admitted to being honest about it with Moriah about what transpired, and she ended up breaking up with Max “on the spot” while they talked on the phone about their violation. Since their breakup, Max has been working on himself and dealing with personal issues relating to self-worth, insecurity, and many other issues.

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Is Olivia as well as Ethan Plath still together?

While Barry and Kim’s unabashed disregard for his wife Ethan, Olivia, threatened to end their relationship, it remains well. The couple has been in the past when Olivia is open with regard to her relationships (or the lack of it) in relation to the parents of Ethan and, in the end, she hits her breaking point, which leads Ethan along with Olivia to avoid contact to Kim as well as Barry.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens with certainty during season 4 of the TLC series.

Watch the series. Welcome to Plathville on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on TLC beginning on May 17, 2022.

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