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Are Nancy And Jonathan Still Dating?

Stranger Things is back, and the viewers are getting sucked out by scenes with Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington. What do you think? Are Nancy And Jonathan Still Dating? Let’s give you some spoilers!

Since Stranger Things debuted in 2016, the entire audience has been split about which Nancy would end up marrying. In the first episode of the show, Nancy dates Steve, but they have a hard time making things work. Then, Nancy starts to fall for Jonathan. At the end of season 3, Jonathan along with Nancy is a highly close couple, and Steve says he’s ultimately in love with Nancy.

Fans still love Steve along with Nancy together, and Stranger Things 4 adds more chaos to the already divisive love triangle.

Beware of major spoilers in the fourth season of Stranger Things season 4.

If you haven’t seen Stranger Things 4 yet, bookmark this page to return in the future.

“Stranger Things 4 opens with Nancy in Emerson managing the school newspaper. In the meantime, Jonathan is now living in California with his family. Their close friends, Argyle and Fred, observe that their distance has strained their relationship. They discuss why they’re not getting together during Spring Break with Jonathan and Nancy.

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Jonathan states that Nancy isn’t visiting due to her working intensely on her essay and doesn’t have time off. In the meantime, Nancy claims that Jonathan hasn’t been visiting because Jonathan is responsible for his brother, and he’s waiting for the Emerson acceptance letter through the mail.

If Nancy isn’t around, Jonathan reveals to Argyle that he’s enrolled in the Lenora community in California rather than Emerson and that he’s decided not to disclose this to Nancy since it isn’t his desire for Nancy to let go of her hopes for him to spend time with her.

In the meantime, Robin begins noticing that something isn’t right. There is something wrong with Jonathan as well. Nancy declared that she was upset because Jonathan should have been scheduled to be visiting her, but he walked away “for some vague, mumbly Jonathan reason.”

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What happens when Jonathan and Nancy get married on Stranger Things 4? 

While all this is happening, Nancy and Steve are brought back into one another’s space when a supernatural antagonist named Vecna starts to inflict destruction on Hawkins. They join forces to stop the evil, and in their time together, sparks are flying. Steve and Nancy are seen flirting and becoming closer than the normal friendships.

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In episode 6, Steve dives into a portal to reach. In episode 6, Steve enters the Upside Down as well. And once Steve has been missing for too long, Nancy joins him without being hesitant. After battling several monsters during episode 7, Steve can hold onto Nancy at-shirtless. Even though they don’t have a kiss or anything else, it is evident that there’s tremendous chemistry between the two.

Volume 1 closes with Vecna having Nancy, and it appears it’s up to Steve to help her save Nancy since Jonathan is far away from Steve and Nancy. We’ll have to wait until Volume 2 to find out whether Nancy can break up with Jonathan and falls in love with Steve.

Naturally, some fans are split. One user posted on Twitter: “Why am I loving the idea of Nancy and Steve getting back together!” Another wrote: “this steve and nancy sh*t is weird as f*ck. I don’t care what the f*ck is this.”

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