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Are Tiffany And Ronald Still Together?

During the time 90 Day Fiance fans caught on the show with Tiffany Franco and Ronald Smith during the season 6 premiere on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, They were going through troubles within their marriage during the period of the coronavirus epidemic. But do they remain together today? Are Tiffany And Ronald Still Together? Continue scrolling to discover the answer!

While they reunited after an unintentional separation in January of 2020, the couple who had been together for a while was “officially split” as of August 2021. She revealed to In Touch, confirming they had a breakup for the fourth time. Additionally, Ronald told In Touch that he had filed for divorce.

After a row regarding the unclear caption and the latest photo posted by him on Instagram, Ronald added that “she says I’m seeking attention, but if I feel good about myself, I’m going to post a selfie.”

The reality show’s dad admitted that the family isn’t looking forward to reconciling. “At time’s end, I’ll label a spade as a spade. While I love her and take care of her, and she’s my mother to my children, I’m not sure I’d ever want to make it right,” Ronald revealed to In Touch. “I strongly doubt it. I’m tired of being quiet and not speaking out.”

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Tiffany and Ronald have previously stirred up rumors of a breakup after they have stopped following each other on Instagram following an intense social media drama. “Feel like I can breathe again,” she posted on Instagram’s Stories in a mysterious message. “No more pretending.”

There was a lot of discussion about the state of the relationship and their relationship. The South African resident also explained his position regarding what was happening between them behind locked doors.

“I’m so, so, so tired of her playing the victim and always saying she’s the one getting hurt or I’m always doing fault or I’m doing this wrong, or I don’t do this right,” Ronald said in the comments on 90 Days blog John Yates his post, rehashing the incident. “I’m exhausted of being the person who is a complete idiot. Tiffany also commented, always trying to do the right thing only to hear that I’m playing the victim” Tiffany also commented.

Like they had previously done, Ronald and Tiffany were in a position to resolve their differences swiftly, and by Father’s Day 2021, they were back in contact. Tiffany took to Instagram to praise Ronald as a father in celebration of Father’s Day.

Fans have been quick to mention how hot and cold their relationship was, and their marriage appeared to be a toxic one because of their outspoken fighting -which Tiffany was completely in agreement with. She acknowledged that the breakups were due to “immature, heated fights” and emphasized their relationship’s “messy” nature before their third breakup fell out in the early part of July.

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The tension between them seemed to flare up after they celebrated their daughter Carley’s birthday on July 3. their birthday on their own due to their long-distance agreement. Tiffany later shared alleged explicit messages and emails she claimed came sent by Ronald. Where the Happy Ever After? Star claimed they were “done” being together and accused her of lying on the visa documents.

Tiffany responded by saying that he was threatening her and claimed she was done with the accusations of emotional abuse. Ronald then spoke out about their split in a YouTube live show with John John, although he admitted sending short texts to his wife. He said Tiffany did not mention certain parts of the conversation that she had also verbally abused him.

The father of one replied to another note on July 7, informing us that he was taking off from social media in the wake of Tiffany’s drama.

Things had cooled between them to some point that they could call an end to the conflict. Tiffany posted on their Instagram Story on July 9 to share the last update to fans about her union status with Ronald.

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“Addressing this Ronald problem for very last time. Don’t plan to put up our dirty laundry online for everyone to see. Nobody deserves to be mistreated, and no one should feel how we’ve made one another feel. We have both apologized for our actions. The situation will be under lock and key from today on for the children. To all my followers, thank you for your loving and supportive support. I cherish you all, but I am unable to not speak about the issue,” she wrote. “We aren’t flawless. I’m not flawless. There are flaws in me, as does Ronald. Let’s relax. I’ll be the first to go, haha.”

Before their most recent dispute, Tiffany revealed that Ronald was assisting the actress “emotionally through everything” amid her recovery from weight loss.

Ronald’s status as a visa holder appears to have been a constant cause of contention in the July battle between the two because he claimed she was not honest when it came to filing paperwork and processing the application. Ronald remains thousands of miles from the family he has in Maryland.

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The fans watched the aftermath of their short January 2020 split play in season six of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Tiffany took a photo of a trip to a divorce lawyer in the show to discover the options available to end her relationship with Ronald. The couple was physically separated from each other for eight months because of restrictions on travel due to the pandemic. Tiffany is staying in America with their daughter Carley and her child, Daniel, from an earlier relationship, and Ronald resides in his country of birth, South Africa.

They were also waiting for ten months to receive an update on Ronald’s CR-1 visa, which permits the spouse of a United States citizen to enter the country legally. The distance and the pandemic, among other issues, were creating a strain on their relationship.

“COVID has put my marriage through the wringer,” the Frederick, Maryland, native admitted during her confessional. “I am left alone to deal with everything and accountable for everything. Ronald, at the moment, isn’t emotionally supportive. He’s also not financially, and he’s not financially supportive. Never once does Ronald suggest, “Hey, I’ll let you purchase diapers for Carley. Hey, I’ll send the girl some new clothes. or let me pay you money to buy clothes.”Nothing. It’s a huge disappointment since it’s not my only duty. I did not create this baby on my own.”

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After describing the reasons she wanted a divorce from her partner, the attorney informed Tiffany that, according to the lawyer, their problems appeared to be solvable with counseling for marriage. When she agreed to undergo the couples therapy method, she canceled the tickets to the airport she had previously bought for herself, Carley, and Daniel to visit Ronald in South Africa the following month. She informed Ronald that if he would like to have them visit him, he’d be required to step up and provide financial support for their family of four by purchasing new tickets to the airport.

Ronald was very upset and claimed that he believed Tiffany was acting ” spiteful” by rescinding the tickets without talking to Tiffany first. Ronald insists that the conversion from rands to dollars isn’t the same, making it difficult to even have a financial relationship with Tiffany. She stated that she only wanted to see a little more effort from the man she married.

Despite Ronald’s reticence, Tiffany felt she made the right choice in the best interest of her children. With the money she saved on flight tickets to South Africa, she was able to put the deposit on the apartment she, Carley, and Daniel to get out of her mother’s home. After all the stress, Ronald finally pulled through and secured flights for his family for them to come to visit him in South Africa during the 2020 holiday season. Tiffany was later able to confirm her family’s trip was scheduled to last two weeks but was extended to a four-month trip. Tiffany returned to America together with Daniel as well as Carley in March.

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Time will tell how they will resolve their issues or begin a new life without.

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