Avani Gregg Facts – The 11 Truths about Tik Tok’s Most Popular “Clown Girl”

To all of us who use social media accounts to bombard our friends with sad silly, sappy, and ridiculous memes, the absurd success and fame that some individuals can achieve for themselves appear too great to be actually true. It’s easy to be skeptical of the upcoming TikTok and YouTube stars, a close review of these stars TikTok sensation, Avani Gregg aka “The Clown Girl,” is a reminder to us that fame and popularity as with all other things, is the result of the most arduous work!

While Avani is most well-known for her creepy and meticulously detailed clown makeup look however, the TikTok icon has a lot more to offer. Avani regularly shares videos on makeup and comedy, as well as challenges, transitions, as well as her funky dance moves!

If that’s not enough of a reason to sign up to the young and talented TikTok celebrity, Avani was also one of the OG Hype house members that included the most-followed user in TikTok, Charli D’Amelio, as well as her boyfriend of a while, Chase Hudson, who’s most well-known as his username , ‘Lil Huddy. If you’re as me, then you could think that there’s more to famous TikTok celebrities than what’s apparent to the eye. Then you’re getting a treat as this article will tell you all you must be aware of the 17-year-old TikTok star who is taking her social networking platform as well as the world of beauty by storm!

Avani Gregg Facts| The 11 Truths about Avani Greg That You Didn’t Have

1. Her life prior to her fame was pretty normal

Although it’s possible for the average person who uses social networks to be overwhelmed when you look at the sheer number of views and likes that Avani’s TikTok and YouTube videos bring in, things weren’t always like this for the Indiana Native. A true Hoosier to the heart, Avani Gregg was born and was raised in the midwest of Indiana and lived there with her family before moving to the popular social media group Hype House in 2018.

According to our most loved TikTok makeup artist in the course of a recent partnership with YouTube legend James Charles, she started her social media career at just fourteen! When she first began her TikTok career it was true that Avani made videos in ASL. American Sign Language (ASL) to increase awareness and inspire more people to use the ASL also. In the years since the time her TikTok profession as makeup artist ended, she has taken off However, she’s now gone removed those videos from her profile and made them private as they are not compatible with what she posts is now posting.

2. Avani is part of a biracial family.

Another intriguing fact that adds to the amazing character of Avani is that she is from a multi-ethnic, bi-racial family. Her father is of African American origin, and her mother is of Indian and Mongolian ancestral roots. This is where the 17-year-old got her name. Similar to her sisters, they also are of an Indian origin and are named Priya as well as Shanti. Some people may say that diversity is the flavor of modern life and Avani is the proof of this. As was stated by the TikTok celebrity herself in a variety of interviews and Q/A videos Avani enjoys celebrating her diverse ethnic heritage and is awed by all the diverse aspects of her heritage!

3. She hopes to be an actor

Although Avani may have a large following through her various social media pages which include more than 26 million TikTok followers, 14.1 million followers on Instagram as well as over 1 million followers on YouTube A massive number of followers on social networks is an ongoing story for Avani. Even though she’s enjoying a massive career as an influencer currently however, the TikTok celebrity has dreams and plans to pursue the acting profession. In the event that her TikTok success is nothing more than an equivocation of her acting skills and abilities, we can only imagine what the acting career she will have! However we’d still love it if she uploads content to her TikTok as well as YouTube when her acting career begins to take off because we’ll never forget her warm and welcoming presence across the platforms.

4. Avani used to be a part of the live guard.

Even though Avani is only 17 years old, something that is often overlooked when considering the huge extent of success she’s experienced at this young age She’s had an interesting life so far, prior to the time her TikTok fame took her to fame-making heights! Prior to when TikTok was at the peak of fame that it is today, Avani Gregg used to be a lifeguard at the swimming pool in Indiana. Although Avani was awed by the job, she needed to quit when her social media sites began to gain momentum, as people only went to the pools to watch her or take photos with her. Luckily, she resigned at a point that was appropriate and allowed her to build her online presence!

5. She didn’t think she’d be able to achieve the fame she has enjoyed today.

Similar to many of the other TikTok and YouTube celebrities, Avani never had the even the tiniest idea about how much she would see her TikTok career would explode in the way it did. In no way, in her wildest hopes did our favourite 17-year-old TikTok celebrity imagine that she’d have over 26 million users. In when she started her journey Avani shared the content she was passionate about instead of uploading videos she thought would get her noticed through the social media platform. It was her sincerity and commitment that eventually resulted in Avani being the TikTok superstar she is today.

6. Avani isn’t the biggest lover of being known as “Clown Girl”

The very first viral video Avani uploaded to TikTok and quickly racked up an astounding three million views over the course of the next few weeks The video featured Avani changing into a creepy, but, somehow, charming clown. The character was adorned with elaborate details that made the transformation appear real. Due to the huge popularity of this video Avani soon earned the fame of being the TikTok’s most popular “Clown Girl,” a term that has been a staple since. Although Avani is thankful for the recognition that the nickname has brought to her profile, she’s not happy with the name since she believes it’s not an “good thing” to be acknowledged online.

7. She grew up with an athlete in gymnastics.

As we said prior to reaching the famous heights, Avani has had quite an interesting teen. Our most loved TikTok star was gymnast who competed but was forced to, unfortunately quit because of a back injury. She was on the path to becoming a Level 10 gymnast, however she suffered a stress fracture in her back. That was the moment when experts advised her to stop the sport. She ignored their advice and then injured her back again. This was the time she needed to stop the sport permanently!

8. She’s one of the members of an TikTok power couple

If you’ve been a regular user of TikTok there’s a good chance you’ve had all the tea in the dating scene on the app. Although most relationships fail( Yes, we’re talking about you Lil Huddy), Avani and her lover, Anthony, are still growing stronger than ever before. Although they’ve only declared their union formal in April of 2020, there’s been rumors of a relationship connecting the two since the beginning of November the previous year. Whatever the case, we’re thrilled they’ve found the way to connect since we can’t help to gush every time they share a photo of them together.

9. Avani knows precisely how to handle her people who hate her

In contrast to others TikTok and YouTube celebrities who prefer to avoid the bullies and haters who abound on online, Avani knows just how to handle her critics. In a video posted on her YouTube channel Avani clarified that she’s not afraid of her haterand is actually a fan of responding to the hateful messages and comments. If this isn’t an impressive demonstration of the confidence the 17-year-old has the confidence of a teenager, then we don’t know what.

10. She’d love to recreate the makeup of Billie Eilish.

There’s no one else who can appreciate Avani’s bizarre and intriguing style more than pop star Billie Eilish. in an interview with Billie Eilish, Avani spoke about her beauty goals, and mentioned she would love to recreate the makeup of Billie Eilish one day. If that day ever comes we’ll be the very first to hit”like” on this video and celebrate the pair!

11. She has a sister named Shanti has also become an Internet star in her own right.

It’s like fame is through the family. The older sibling of Avani, Shanti She is a major figure on Instagram and has more than 150k followers. Shanti seems, as it were is on the path to becoming an Instagram celebrity and we’re ready for her!


People are amazed by the plethora of talent that this girl of 17 is able to showcase. It is not a surprise that Avani has, in an astonishingly tiny amount of time has amassed a staggering amount of 26 million fans on TikTok. Be it her bizarre and fun makeup designs or her quirky and bubbly personality – there’s something in Avani that keeps people engaged for hours.

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