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Baby Fever Netflix Review | All Reasons To Stream Or Skip!

It’s true that not everyone who reaches their late 30s and early forties is feeling empty with no children. Certain people don’t desire to have children and are totally content with the decision. We saw a similar story in Baby Fever. Here’s a quick Baby Fever Netflix Review for you to decide whether you want to stream or skip it.

On TV and in movies it appears that the childless and happy among us aren’t very interesting characters. it’s those who have moody desires for children that keep people interested. 

A brand new Danish drama shows, however, that this yearning can be played with a sense of empathy and even for fun.

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Baby Fever Netflix Review

opening shot: As we pan back to a wall of images of happy babies and their proud parents as we listen to the sound of someone running around in the darkness.

The basic idea: We then see the image of Nana Jessen (Josephine Park) who is one of the best fertility specialists working at the Copenhagen clinic in which she works. She’s the one who is drunk and stumbling about in the dark. She takes a sample of sperm as well as an insemination kit and then injects herself. She thinks about whether she will be arrested for doing it. “But I could have a baby.”

Three days prior we get to see Nana working within the clinic. She appears to be completely satisfied with the idea of getting other people pregnant. She is in a position to connect with them by creating stories about her children that don’t exist. Her talent is so impressive, that the boss Helle (Charlotte Munck) requests her to help her and her partner get pregnant. 

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Nana is also able to be having an affair with boring, hot men like the physiologist who knows. However, when the nurse at the clinic/her closest friends Simone (Olivia Joof Lewerissa) assists her break into a brand new ultrasound machine and conducts an examination, Nana finds out that she still has 3 follicles. This means that she will have six months before she’s no eggs.

While she commiserates with Simone about bowling and Booze, Nana gets the shock of her life when she comes across an old friend called Mathias (Simon Sears) in the clinic’s hallway. They split up some time ago after Mathias quit Denmark in order to join an NGO. He’s in the area for a specimen at the Sperm Bank.

Simone receives Nana Mathias’s information that is supposed to be kept private They enjoy a romantic date, but Nana isn’t happy about it, asking him if he wants to have children. After a night of shots at the hospital with Simone following that saga leads Nana injects the test sperm into her. It’s not any sample, it’s Mathias’.

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What TV Shows Does It Remind You of The mood that is in Baby Fever (Original title: Skruk) is somewhat similar to the tone of Catastrophe. It is mixed with Jane The Virgin’s original idea.

Our Review: The reason why Baby Fever, created by Nikolaj Feifer, performs great is Josephine Park. From the very first time we encounter her, we realize it’s Nana as an individual who’s experiencing some emotions as she approaches the age of 40. 

She’s employed in a field in which she assists women to conceive and is really skilled at it, but she’s experiencing a sense of loneliness that she’s not herself. However, she’s not pushed to take any decision until she realizes that the time to have children isn’t long and that the one who has gone missing is coming back into her life.

The full range of emotions is evident in Park’s portrayal. She’s sad, then ambivalent, and then again ambivalent. She really enjoys her job however it can give her a little empty feeling. She’s great with children and we see this in her interactions with her son Simone. When Mathias is back in her life, you’ll feel her excitement rising with excitement that there’s a chance although it’s not long that a happy relationship could be in the near future.

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The most important relationship she has, however, is with Simone as well, and from the beginning of the show, it’s one of the factors that makes us want to see her. It’s a strong friendship as well. Park and Lewerissa are a perfect match. It will be interesting to find out whether their relationship is threatened through Nana’s conduct or their relationship with Mathias which is bound to be based on uncertain ethical grounds at first.

However, as long as Park maintains her performance to the same level that we witnessed in the initial episode when she made taking sperm from her own clinic look like an act of compassion and the plot will be one worth watching.

The Skin and Sex: In all of the baby talk There’s not a single-sex moment whatsoever in the initial episode.

Parting Shot Rewinding back to her party in the medical clinic. We watch Nana placing the needle in her legs before injecting herself using Mathias”sperm. “No one needs to know,” she says to herself.

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Sleeper Star It seems like there are quite a few minor characters in Nana’s office that could be intriguing stories. For instance, Helle’s desire to have a baby with her spouse or another doctor, such as Nils-Anders (Mikael Birkkjaer) wants to offer patients packages of medication.

A Most Pilot-y Line Nils-Anders proposes that the office give Helle a sea kayak on her birthday. If Nana claims that Helle isn’t going to make use of it, Nils Anders says “She will, wait and see.” How can the guy be so sure?

Our Call: STREAM IT. Since Josephine Park puts in such an engaging and humorous show, Baby Fever is less about a person who is desperate to fill in the gaps as it is more about the woman making an important decision that has far-reaching implications and the possibility for something fantastic to happen as a result.

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