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Bad Traveling Love Death And Robots

Love, Death & Robots return to Netflix for another season. On May 20, 2022, the third volume of stories was released. There are nine episodes of the Tim Miller creation in Volume III. Read the first episode of Bad Traveling Love Death And Robots here.

David Fincher directed the second episode of season 3, Bad Traveling. He also serves as executive producer. Based on a short story by Neal Asher, it was adapted by Andrew Kevin Walker. The story is set in an unusual sea setting and explores the trolley problem. You will be on the edge of your seats with no clue how it will end.

Bad Travelling Synopsis

The legend of Bad Travelling, which describes how ships often got lost on long voyages while they searched for the Great White Jable Shark in distant locations, is the story’s beginning. With a bang, a ship and its crew attempt to defeat a man-eating crustacean called a thanapod. The ship’s Captain is killed, and the rest of the crew chooses a new captain. Torrin, the ship’s navigator, will check on the thanapod, which had taken refuge in the ship’s shell.

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Torrin is greeted by an intelligent thanapod, which uses its prey to communicate with it. He asks him to take the island to Phaedin Island. It is a densely populated, densely populated island. The crustacean was fond of human flesh as its food. Torrin deals with the crustacean, promising it meat until he arrives on the island. He promises to give it meat until they reach the island. He then takes the Captain’s key out of the thanapod’s regurgitation and assumes the title of Captain. The thanapod then kills the Captain, and the crew decides whether they will sail to Phaedin Island or to a deserted island to save the people.

The Crew’s Mutiny

Torrin casts a secret vote among his crew members to determine the next course of action. He states that “Let your conscience be your guide.” He recounts to his crew that he secretly marked the ballots and knew two of the people who voted to sail to Phaedin Island to save their skin. Two of his crew members are then shot and fed to the thanapod. Torrin then begins to navigate the ship while the rest of his crew tries to kill him. The crustacean can see it before he’s stabbed, but he needs an audience before he can do anything.

The thanapod calls Torrin to inform him that it is hungry and hundreds of its offspring. He realizes that he has no time. Torrin decides to ignore the attempted suicide and to continue with the abandonment of the abandoned thanapod. He promises to get some sleep and then heads off. His crew members join forces against him and attack a sleeping figure they believe in him. Torrin ambushes them, killing the rest of his crew. He locates the last member of his crew and, with his assistance, feeds the thanapods below.

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Bad Travelling Ending Explained

Torrin and the final crew member complete disposing of the bodies. Torrin confesses then that he had lied to them earlier. He hadn’t marked the ballots. He discovered that everyone had decided to go to Phaedin Island. He decided that he wouldn’t keep the promise he made the thanapod. He had to sacrifice his entire crew, who had not hesitated in doing the same to him earlier.

Torrin finally sets the ship’s course towards the deserted island and then goes to the hull to fakely announce they have arrived on Phaedin Island. While conversing with the thanapod, he leaks oil from his barrels and sets fire to the ship. He jumps overboard to board an emergency boat waiting for him at sea. Torrin is on his way to Phaedin Island when the ship explodes in front of him. Even though the thanapod claims its shell will protect it, we can see the ship wailing in pain as the flames spread. Although it is not sure if the fire will burn, Torrin likely saved the lives of innocent people on Phaedin Island.

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