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Banana Fish Ending Explained

Lao’s animosity toward Ash and his violent actions resulted in his love for Sing. Have a look at Banana Fish Ending Explained below!

Lao said, in a passage from his manga, “I couldn’t let you kill Sing.” This was not destiny or the consequences, but the dark side of love, specifically the cost of protecting someone you care about.

Ash understood it to be karma. It is symbolic that Ash died in the library, where he goes “whenever he wants to be in quiet places.”

Ash felt lonely because of Lao’s actions.

When another person severely injured him, Ash felt the shame and self-loathing he had.

Eiji also had recently been shot and was bitter about Shorter’s death. He had fired the gun and let it go, but he also felt resentful that Shorter had accepted his involvement in the whole thing.

Ash was determined about everything. Ash believed he was entitled to death and that death was “karma” for the “mistakes.” He is the leopard on the mountain’s top and a creature that isn’t worthy of being redeemed.

Banana Fish is the tale of two halves—the story of Aslan and Ash and the love that bonded the two souls. Eiji worked hard to bring Aslan to life. He was the child who learned to be content, despite the burden of his past.

Ash was the person we most admired as the mature person who gradually let go of the guilt he carried. Eiji’s note exiled Aslan, but Lao struck him within minutes.

Eiji, a rope that kept Aslan safe as Ash approached the ocean’s edge, was an integral part of the story.

Eiji was with Ash this time, so Lao was the final test to see if Ash could hold onto Aslan.

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Is Ash a man?

Banana Fish is a term that refers to the devastating loss experienced by people who feel they are not worthy of love. It also emphasizes the importance of mental well-being.

Ash loved his family so deeply and tenderly that he would often blame himself for it. Ashcan smile knowing Eiji is safe.

He does it without even thinking about happiness because Ash cannot forgive himself for his “mistakes” and believes he does not deserve a happy ending.

Ash was his victim. His self-destructive, sacrificed mentality ruled his destiny. However, he could have overcome these shortcomings.

Banana Fish can be described in many ways. It is not about the love of those with a dark side.

It also has a positive side that brings joy and healing to others. It is about people who did not know love and those who have discovered it. It also focuses on self-love and how to love yourself, despite all our flaws.

Only Ash could have self-loved himself, realized how important he is to himself, and been true to himself. This would have been possible if he had not realized how important he was to himself and his integrity.

I’m likely to have given you two interpretations of my ideas, but there are many others I don’t know about.

I combine the two interpretations I offered because I believe the ending was due to Ash’s self-loathing and sacrificed tendencies.

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What do you think about the final scene?

The ending is only one aspect of Banana Fish that can be interpreted.

Depending on the perceptions of each individual, the message it sends can be either positive or negative.

It is important to remember that this is both good and bad. This is similar to the dichotomy throughout the story.

What would you do to change the ending of Banana Fish’s existence?

Ash should have lived. Although I’m not trying to be negative, the ending was beautiful but most tragic. It doesn’t make sense.

It felt to me like a force. According to the author, she saw the characters in her novels as literary devices, which is why she would kill them.

Ash’s death does not fit with his personality. Eiji informed Ash in the letter that he could change his destiny.

He would not want to “die peacefully” if his “soulmate,” told him so.

Ash also said that Eiji would have been concerned if he were still in Japan and was sick and wouldn’t have allowed himself to die for it. Ash was also in worse conditions than a small cut.

Although you might think it impossible to predict if he would be content with the writer’s words, Ash was able to remind Eiji that he was happy and that the letter was not an end-of-the-world letter. He’ll always be with him, and the letter was only a reminder.

I would add that changing the ending could have extended and paved the way for a sequel.

This would benefit both the author and MAPPA studios since BF was a great success as an anime and manga. I trust they will be successful with the anime.

It was unique, according to some. The animator left many clues that suggested Ash could exist at the end of the series. If Ash lived, it is possible. Ash has been known for testing the limits of human possibility.

Some plot holes could explain the mystery. They should alter Episode 24’s outcomes to make enough material for another season. This shouldn’t be an issue.

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Animation studios are well-known for their animated series ” Yuri On Ice,” a unique animated series with no manga counterpart. They have the resources to provide a compelling story for viewers in BF Season 2.

Because the creator gave permission, the storyline revolves around the right to consent. The ending was not what the studio and director wanted, as is a large portion of BF fans.

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