20 Best Catgirl Anime!

Everybody loves anime catgirls, so we will create a list today. But before we start the list, let me tell you what a catgirl is for someone.

Nekos, an anime girl cat, is an intelligent cat-human hybrid. Catgirls look like humans, with feline ears that are the same color as human hair, slit pupils, a tail, and a cat-like jaw.

They behave almost the same as humans, except for one thing. They are 1000 times more kawaii. Yup. Kawaii, super kawaii.

After we’ve described them, it’s time to move on to the final list!

Best Catgirl Anime

1. Chaika, The Coffin Princess – Chaika

The anime cat girl is long with white hair which reaches her waist. She also has large, purple eyes. The dress is slightly frilled and has puffed sleeves. She also wears a white skirt with a frilled white hairband.

Camouflage sleepwear she created herself was what she used on her travels before she met the Acura siblings.

Her neck also shows a scar that appears to have been cut off. She also has a magic symbol on her back. Her distinctive feature is her thick, black eyebrows.

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2. Persia starting from Gate.

Like most Cat People, Persia has two cat ears and slitted eyes that look similar to a cat’s. She also has a tail.

Her hair is shaved short and has the leopard fur patterns in the manga. The anime gives her purple hair with violet tips.

Over her aquamarine/blue eyes, she wears small glasses.

3. Melwin, Cat Planet Cuties

Melwin is the Croatian Starship’s First Officer. She is shorter and slimmer than the other girls, and she has short hair.

What are you going to do if the FBI becomes the nekomimi? Find out. Melwin is the Catian Starship’s First Officer.

You didn’t intend to do anything illegal, weren’t you?

4. Felicia von Darkstalkers

She is a cheerful anime cat girl who loves to sing, dance and make friends with others.

She only wants peaceful coexistence with people and does not resort to fighting unless it is impossible.

This is why she stands out from all the Darkstalkers, who are often anti-heroic at best.

5. Alicia Rue, Sword Art Online

Alicia Rue is petite with wavy, blonde hair surrounding her triangular cat ears. Her one-piece armor exposes her delicately-tanned skin.

Her waist is adorned with claw weapons, and her tail is highlighted by a stripe of color near her hips.

She also has a bell collar around her neck and a cape across her left arm with a red stripe running through it.

6. Rosario+Vampire: Shizuka Nekonome

Her human disguise is that of a cat with her hair shaped like cat ears. She wears a white blouse, orange skirt, and low-heel sandals. Her eyes appear closed. Her sandy blonde hair shines in the sunlight.

She is charming. She is a cat and says meow a lot. She seems aware that Tsukune is a human, but she doesn’t care as she believes in humans and beasts getting along.

Raw fish is her favorite food in the human world. She states in a bonus panel that she doesn’t wear a bra.

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7. Nozomi Kriya, Mayoi Neko Overrun.

Nozomi is a light purple-colored girl with red eyes and cat ears. Nozomi is usually indifferent and emotionless but can be very airheaded when it involves matters like being nude.

She once joked that she would love to take a hot-spring bath with Takumi Takuzuki, further displaying her ignorance.

She fled initially because she believed she prevented Fumino Serizawa’s and Takumi’s relationship. But Takumi eventually convinced her to return.

8. Ichigo Momomiya, Tokyo Meow Project

Ichigo transforms into an anime cat girl when her hair and eyes become bubblegum pink. She also grows black cat ears and a tail. A bell is attached to her tail with a magenta ribbon. Her hair is shorter than her civilian counterpart’s and curlier.

She wears a short, carnation-pink dress. She has matching arm garters and a leg garter on her right thigh. She also wears a choker around the neck. Her gloves reach her wrists and are dark pink. Her boots are dark magenta and have black laces just below her knees.

Dark pink lace lines her top and her leg garters, arm garters, and choker. The Mew Pendant hangs from her choker.

9. Kuune by Cat Planet Cuties

Kuune is the Starship Captain for the Croatian girls. She oversees the diplomatic relations between Earth’s leaders and her contingent.

Despite her incredible height and bust, she is only 60 pounds.

Kuune’s bust is currently the largest among Catalan girls.

10. Ibaraki Douji, Onigiri

Ibaraki is half-Oni. It’s similar to the character of the player. She feels a connection to the main character because of this.

Her amazing job is managing a traveling bar, similar to Miroku’s status as a traveling merchant.

It is often misunderstood that she is a cat capable of transformation.

11. Ao Nanami, Yozakura Quartet

Ao is an anime cat girl of a thin build. Her short, blue hair is chin-length, and she has two “antennas” resembling a cat ear. She is light-skinned with blue eyes.

Ao wears a black hat that wraps around her cat ears. She doesn’t want to be seen as a youkai to hide her ears.

She usually wears summer clothes, including a dark sleeveless minidress with blue buttons and a white collar.

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12. Cat Planet Cuties – Eris

Eris, a 16-year-old scout, working for the Croatian people on Earth, is called Eris. She is tall and well-educated and has made friends with many people and cats on Earth.

Although most people don’t believe her, she quickly proves that she is an alien to them.

She is still learning the ways of Earth, but she is also an adept fighter, using strategies and technologies that are not available on Earth.

13. Cyan Hijirikawa, Show by Rock

Cyan is an anime cat girl of pale skin with large, bright turquoise eyes. Her dark hair almost appears black, and she wears her hair in a series of short ringlet curls.

She is wearing a frilly white fabric that looks like a maid’s hat on her top. She is wearing a black cat tail with a pair of ears.

The actress wears a black blouse, with white frilly material on her chest and a row of black buttons.

14. Koneko Toujou, High school DxD

Koneko is an anime girl with blonde hair and golden eyes. Her front hair is long, with two bangs that reach past her shoulders and several loose bangs over her forehead. The back of her hair is a bob.

A black cat-shaped hairclip is also worn on her head, with one of the data about artificially creating new Super Devils.

She gets a pair of white cat ears and matching whitetails in her Nekomata form. Her eyes become more cat-like. She gained three tails in volume 24.

15. Leone, Akame ga kill

Leone is a curvy, young anime cat girl. She has blonde, short hair and two long tufts on her sides. Her eyes are golden.

She wears a transparent outfit that includes a black top, detachable sleeves and pants, boots, and a scarf. Her hair grows longer when she transforms, and she gets lion ears, tail, and claws.

Her teigu, Lionel, fuses with her. This causes her hair to grow longer and her ears to get larger. She also has lion-like feet and fur on many parts of her body, giving her a more beast-like appearance.

16. Blair, Soul Eater

She is an anime cat girl with large, yellow eyes and ears with pale bushy tips.

To resemble a jack o’ lantern, she wears a smaller version of her witch’s cape and a round bauble collar with three triangles in it.

She appears human, with a tall, thin woman with large breasts and a beautiful figure.

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17. Kirara Bernstein, Gj-bu

Kirara is an anime cat girl tall with blue eyes and short brown hair. She is shaped into cat ears.

She is often seen wearing her school uniform. This is a black and white jacket with gold buttons and linings, and a blue skirt.

However, her uniform shows her cleavage.

18. Himari Noihara, Omamori

Himari is an anime cat girl in her adolescent years. She has a voluptuous character.

Her long black hair has a blue tint—several bangs on her forehead and a side bang to frame her face. (Longer bangs in anime).

Her hair is usually pulled back in a ponytail, with a pink bow to hold it in place. In both her original and modified forms, she has violet eyes.

19. Millianna, Fairy Tail

Millianna is an anime cat girl with average height and a curvy body. Millianna’s cat-like appearance makes her stand out: she has cat-like eyes and a nose, and a mouth that resembles a cat.

Her brown hair has been styled into cat ears at the crown and two ponytails at her base. Four red, whisker-like tattoos are on her face. She is wearing a yellow jacket with black trimmings and white stripes.

Millianna wears a pink, with a white bow tie and light-pinkish, ruffled hems, a choker, a bell, and white leggings.

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20. Tsumiki Miniwa – Acchi Kocchi

Tsumiki has floor-length blue hair tied in a low ponytail and with a white scrunchie. She also has purple eyes.

Sometimes she forms cat ears or a cattail when she meets Io. She has big, swirly hair at the top of her head.

She wears the Nekoge Prefectural High school uniform and is seen wearing it with a sweater in winter (as opposed to the winter version with the jacket).

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