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8 Best Scary Clown Movies on Netflix | Don’t Miss #3rd

The eight scary films are accessible on at least one form of Netflix. If you own an account with a Netflix account, you can stream these films with the help of a VPN service that allows you to access Netflix movies in Japan, the UK, Europe, and everywhere else. In today’s article, we will discuss the 8 Best Scary Clown Movies on Netflix.

Ans: Scary Clown Movies currently available to stream on Netflix are

  1. Clown
  2. IT
  3. IT Chapter 2
  4. The Fantastic
  5. Besotted
  6. Funhouse Massacre
  7. Killer Klowns from Outer Space
  8. Joker

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Best Scary Clown Movies on Netflix

1. Clown

IMDB RatingRotten TomatoesHow to Watch

Clown is a straightforward scripted movie, and it’s the most perfect clown movie. The father finds an outfit for a clown to wear for his son’s birthday party. Then he realizes he is not able to take off the costume since it slowly eats away at his body and turns him into a sly clown. 

It’s not the most finished film but the performances are good and the clown is frightening and well-cast, and the story is fresh and easy to follow. It’s slightly overrated by IMDB as well as Rotten Tomatoes however a lot of horror films are particularly when there are so many people who are afraid of clowns.

Clown is available now on Netflix, the Japanese version of Netflix. If you have Netflix you can watch the film on Netflix through a VPN service that offers a free trial, and then setting your location to Japan. It is also accessible on IMDB TV as at the time of this writing.

2. IT

IMDB RatingRotten TomatoesHow to Watch

My opinion is that it’s not as entertaining as the original, but quite enjoyable. It’s the most well-known and classic story about a villainous clown. Part 1 depicts the characters as young and also is an adult-oriented film. It’s very similar to other coming-of-age Movies and shows like Stranger Things, The Goonies and Stand By Me. If you are a fan of these kinds of films, this is the one for you.

3. IT Chapter 2

IMDB RatingRotten TomatoesHow to Watch

One of the Best Scary Clown Movies on Netflix is IT Chapter 2 is set several decades after the events of part 1. It is now a continuation of the same characters in adulthood when they decide to recreate the horrors that were Penny Worth the clown. This isn’t technically a coming-of-age film, but it’s quite similar, with the only difference being that they’re completely grown up. 

Many may be dissatisfied with the thought that it’s just mirroring the first film in numerous ways, however, if you are looking to find out what happens, and what happens, then you’ll have no other choice than to see it right after the first film.

Chapter 2 is currently available on Australian Netflix For those who already subscribe to Netflix you can watch this film on Netflix through the VPN service that offers a free trial. You can also set your destination to Australia.

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4. The Terrific

IMDB RatingRotten TomatoesHow to Watch

The Terrifier falls somewhere situated between Saw the Dark and Pyscho with the addition of a Clown added to create one of the best Clown horror film. The plot is straightforward (maybe too easy) two drunk girls having a party and acting absurd when things take turns for the worse and they are abducted by an insane killer disguised as clown. It’s a low-budget film, but not quite a the budget of a b-movie, but somewhere between. There isn’t a background story or plot that is clever, however it is designed to be a fun experience of horror-gore enthusiasts.

5. Besotted

IMDB RatingRotten TomatoesHow to Watch

Bedeviled is an innovative horror film that makes use of technology to create the terror. It’s not exactly an action film but close enough that the ghostly entity has its victims haunted by their worst fears. And the most terrifying fear of the main character is clowns, so there are plenty of evil clowns. 

The plot is unique, with the characters downloading an App named Bedevilled which is revealed to be similar to the concept of an Ouija board that lets the monster wander into the world and hunt for its victims. The plot is fresh and the film does perform as a cyber-scary film that is popular with younger audiences. 

But, it doesn’t belong to either of the classes as a traditional type of horror movie, or an extremely well-made contemporary and original film which is what I am looking for in a movie.

6. The Funhouse Massacre

IMDB RatingRotten TomatoesHow to Watch

Funhouse massacre is more than an action film with clowns, but it also has plenty of frightening clowns that qualify. An excellent plot in which some of the world’s most deadly psychotic killers flee, and then decide to take over an event in the Funhouse. 

This isn’t a supernatural horror but it’s the most enjoyable clown movie I’ve seen. It’s fun similarly to The Purge, not at any point scary, but it is full of blood, gore, and bad acting (in an appropriate way) that a lot of horror enthusiasts appreciate) and an evening of entertainment.

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7. Killer Klowns Come From Outer Space

6.2IMDB RatingRotten TomatoesHow to Watch

Another best scary movies on Netflix is a truly absurd film. It is a highly rated film because it’s hilarious, but not all Clown Horror movies are actually humorous. The plot is simple: a ship carrying alien clowns arrives on Earth and begin to terrorize the people. 

This is a comedy-horror therefore don’t be expecting the darkest most terrifying film, but an absurd piece of popular entertainment. Imagine cotton candy-colored cocoons, balloon hunting dogs, and outrageous extravagant clown costumes. If you’re into B-movies and cult films, this movie is worth your time however if you’re looking for a decent film, then stay clear of this particular film.

Killer Klowns From Outer Space is available now on US Netflix For those who already subscribe to Netflix you can stream this film on Netflix through the VPN service with a no-cost trial, and then set your place of residence to US.

8. Joker

6.2IMDB RatingRotten TomatoesHow to Watch

Joker is available currently on Japanese Netflix If you already have Netflix you can stream Joker on Netflix with a VPN service that offers a free trial, and then set your location to Japan.

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