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Payroll Software Facts & List of Best Payroll Software: Free Ways To Manage Your Business 

Payroll software makes it easy to manage tasks without adding much to the budget. If you are running a business, it’s your responsibility to calculate hourly and monthly wages. So, if you don’t have the right software and apps, it may be daunting.

It is a problem that is faced by most small businesses. But if you don’t manage the payroll system effectively, you will have to face penalties that the IRS imposes. However, it’s great to know how to manage the payroll system to avoid fines. But first, let’s discuss the definition: 

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What is payroll software? A detailed definition:

The primary function of the payroll software is to manage the salary system of all employees. Above all, it allows customizing tasks, payments, and benefits. But sometimes, the payroll software is tricky, and you need technical help to manage things.

It’s also a reality that pay stub makers make the functions easy, and you can even download and view employee information. Moreover, you can access the document anytime using mobile or other digital screens. Here are the following top features of payroll software: 

  • It allows you to print a paycheck 
  • You can create payroll and calculate taxes 
  • Helps to generate payroll reports 
  • It also comes with a file storage feature 
  • You can keep track of worker’s compensation and access the files anytime 
  • You can even customize the payroll by writing the year and date on the document 

Apart from this, you don’t need to worry about security because they have an advanced system. But it’s equally important to select good software and offer lots of features. 

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Is it right for the business to use payroll software? 

“56% of Americans are affected by the payroll problems, and 40% of small businesses deal with the IRS penalties.”

Sometimes the payroll problems could be challenging enough that, as a result, 48% of workers leave their jobs. In this way, the employee retention rate of that specific organization falls. Payroll management is complex, and if you aren’t using the right software, it can waste your many precious hours. So, as a result, your business will have to deal with serious financial consequences. Here are the following reasons due to which you need a paystub generator: 

  • If your workforce is growing, you surely need payroll software with good features. 
  • It is best to maintain the detailed financial record of all your employees. 
  • Make the tax calculations and paycheck management effortless  

Above all, it improves your business efficiency by allowing you to automate processes. So, if you are using payroll software, you don’t need to calculate taxes manually. 

Best four free payroll software: Manage your business with ease:

Free payroll software is like a blessing for any business as it helps cut down costs. Apart from this, it performs best to improve business operations and task efficiency. But it’s pretty tough to find free software that has excellent features. So, as help, here is the list of the top five payroll generators that are available free of cost: 

1st: Payroll4free:

The number one invoice maker software in our list is the payroll4free. In simple words, we can say it’s king in all free programs. By using this software, you can enjoy many premium features for free. Apart from this, here are the following features that make it number one software:

  • The part that tracks reporting and paid time off is remarkable 
  • It lets you file taxes for free, and you can even keep track of tax deductions and autofill the tax forms. 
  • If you don’t know how to handle taxes, Pay4free offers a $15 plan/month where the company provides complete tax services. 

But it would help if you don’t decide without knowing the benefits and drawbacks. So, here is a point that will explain in-depth: 

Email and phone support with free excess of tax reportsThe free version comes with the limitation of 25 employees
The free version is availableIt doesn’t offer tax filing for free
It’s excellent to calculate taxes, paychecks, accruals and offer free bank deposits.Ads appear while using the free version.
The software can handle yearly tax reports.

But it’s worth spending time, especially if your business is small and has employees less than 25. Above all, you can even access custom reports. 

2nd: HR.MY payroll software: is another free software that comes in multi-languages. So, it’s perfect for companies serving in more than one region and finding translation complexes. The free payroll and HR features are a few things that make it popular. Here are the following pros & cons to knowing the software in-depth: 

It comes with free features like employee information management, time tracking, and expense claims.It doesn’t offer phone support.
You can get many additional features by paying $5/monthIt doesn’t file taxes on the company’s behalf
You can get cloud-based software for storage
Multilingual features make it more popular.

The best part about HR.MY is that you get unlimited storage. Apart from this, it lets you manage the payroll of multiple employees at one time. 

3rd: QuickBooks payroll:

It is ideal for small businesses because it comes with advanced accounting features and payroll management. Apart from this, the interface of this software is user-friendly and easy to use. The security and storage of QuickBooks are remarkable, and you can access it from all browsers and online operators. 

Comes with assisted payroll setupSometimes customer support creates a problem
It helps you to track income and tax deductionsThe full version is a bit pricey for small businesses
Let you manage bills
Available in nearly 200 integrations and multiple currencies
Calculate and file end forms with unlimited payroll runs

But this software is two-in-one, that’s why it’s pretty popular. Here you can manage accounting tasks along with payroll management. 

4th: TimeTrex:

The top recommended payroll generator offers a free version with no limit of minimum employees. It provides tracking, scheduling, and paid time monitoring and HR management without any cost. So, it could be a perfect choice for small businesses due to these features. 

It calculates federal, state, and local taxes like W-2 & 1099 formIt doesn’t remit and file taxes on behalf of customers
A user-friendly platform that makes the tasks easyWith the free version, you will have to handle tax payments and filings on your own
It comes with an online time tracking feature.
You can even integrate third-party software.

If you want to automate the tax filing system, you will have to pay $15/month. Apart from this, TimeTrex also has built-in templates that you can use for custom reporting. 


You can choose any of the above free payroll software and remote tools that goes best with your business needs and work requirements. But before deciding anything, don’t forget to pay attention to the following points: 

  • Cost of the software 
  • Payment methods 
  • Security of the software 
  • Tax compliance system 

Apart from this, the software’s ease of use and accessibility are other crucial metrics that you shouldn’t ignore. 


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