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20 Best Slave Movies On Netflix, Amazon, Hulu of All Time

The most infamous crime is slavery, which is the largest negative impact on the human race. The macabre crime provokes most resentful reactions from the populace, even when it’s discussed in the past. 

Because of the unrelenting efforts and the tireless efforts of the legendary Abraham Lincoln, the world was able to move in a direction which renounced the ironic pleasures of slavery. Hollywood has been vocal and uncompromising in its position against slavery. A variety of effective initiatives and campaigns have been launched to end slavery completely.

Filmmakers have expressed their anger and displeasure over the subject and America’s role in the creation of the idea, via moving slave films. The cinematic pieces that stir emotions trigger emotional responses, and we all often must confront. 

This is why we have compiled a list of Best Slave Movies On Netflix & best slavery films ever made that will cause you to cry. If you’re fortunate, you may be able to find a selection of these great slavery films available on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

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Best Slave Movies On Netflix

20. Exodus: Gods and Kings (2014)

A biblical drama that focuses on forced slavery among Hebrews under the aegis of Pharaohs and the elite of the ancient Egypt. The story is told through the perspectives of two major biblical characters: Moses and his adopted brother Ramesses. When Ramesses is his legitimate father of Pharaoh Seti was threatened with a prophecy as well as Moses is shocked to discover the fact that he is an Hebrew He exiles his brother. The next chapter is Moses fighting for the Egyptian kingdom in order to free the slaves of slavery and the manifestations of the Bible’s God which could cause wrath on the human race.

This film deserves watching because of the performances by Joel Edgerton, Christian Bale, Aaron Paul, Sigourney Weaver as well as Ben Kingsley. In addition, the aesthetics and visual effects enhance the visual appeal of the film. But the length of the runtime and the poor screenwriting makes the film dull and unreliable at times. This could be the cause of the film’s failure as a box-office film, which made just $260 million on the budget of 200 million dollars and despite having a strong ensemble as well as the director Ridley Scott at the helm.

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19. In a tense battle (2016)

Slavery can take many forms that are racial, or based on position and authority. “In Dubious Battle” tells the tale of various workers who worked during the Great Depression, who were required to work for lesser wages, which threatened their their families’ existence. 

As the dictators and badge-wearing elites impose their authority on the weak and the poor and vulnerable workers, they are forced to shackle themselves into the powerful chains and clenches of the upper-class management, resulting in their suffering. 

The film tells about two working class people that rebel against the brutality of their employers by organizing the first major strike of workers that eventually resulted in the establishment of labor laws as well as labor unions across the nation, thereby recognizing the rights of workers and the right to vote to receive fair wages.

The film is directed by James Franco, the film features an ensemble cast that includes Natt Wolff Selena Gomez, Josh Hutcherson, Zach Braff, Ashley Greene, and Franco himself, who is joined by veteran actors Vincent D’Onofrio, Ed Harris, Bryan Cranston, Sam Shephard as well as Robert Duvall. 

Despite the negative reviews Franco’s subtle and enthralling direction, and the quality of performances of the actors make ‘In Dubious Battle enjoyable to watch.

18. Amazing Grace (2006)

Abe Lincoln is the man who has been praised throughout the ages as the one who abolished slavery within the United States. Yet, not much information on the political struggle for William Wilberforce, the man who brought about the same shift in the more refined traditional, more traditional, and harsher society of Britain when he saw the bill passed by the British parliament. 

“Amazing Grace” tells the story of this identical man, and of his twenty-year fight against Britain’s House of Commons to have the slave trade and slavery abolished in the English colony and the country.

The film features Ioan Gruffudd (Fantastic Four) as Wilberforce with an ensemble cast with Benedict Cumberbatch, Albert Finney, Michael Gambon, and Toby Jones. “Amazing Grace” was a box-office flop and was moderately praised by critics due to the non-innovative screenwriting as well as not-awesome performances. 

The film’s failure has caused the film to be neglected in recent decades. But, it’s not wrong to conclude that the story as well as the overall presentation and performances are a significant impact on the film genre making it worth watching.

17. Unbroken (2014)

The heart of WWII the conflict in the relationship between Japan with America United States grew strong after Japan’s invasion of Pearl Harbour. In the aftermath, the United States’ entry in war led to many young men enlisting in the army to help the cause. Unbroken tells the real tale of a fellow boy named Louie Zamperini.

A former Olympic distance runner who became a US Air Force bombardier. Zamperini was among thousands of American soldiers held captive in the hands of The Japanese Imperial Army as Prisoners of War, whereby they were subjected to a variety of evil practices which included forced slavery.

It is possible that “Unbroken” is an PoW film, but not being a “slavery-films” However, the movie’s portrayal of the horrific incidents that took place in PoW camp in Japan is enough to make it on the list. 

The film’s main focus is the camp where Zamperini was imprisoned by an unnamed Japanese officer named Mutsushiro Watanabe, who was as a war criminal in US WWII documents. The film is an awe-inspiring and terrifying display of brutal slavery that is beautifully presented by Angelina Jolie in her directorial debut. 

The film received widespread praise because of its accuracy to the past as well as the performance of Jack O’Connell as Zamperini. The film was nominated for three Academy Awards, ‘Unbroken’ also features Joel as well as Etan Coen on the team as screenplay authors, which gives an additional reason to not be averse to this film.

16. Free State of Jones (2016)

The film stars Matthew McConaughey, ‘Free State of Jones’ tells an epic tale about Newton Knight, a deserter from the Confederate Army fighting Lincoln’s US government during the American Civil War. When the States were at war in the conflict between slavery and freedom, Newton Knight united the free and slaves in one place in the years before the nation, as well as the Constitution of the US, reached an agreement on the issue. 

The film follows Newton’s life during the conflict when the “Free State of Jones’ in Southeast Mississippi, a state that had equality of rights for Black and White people as well as his ongoing battle against racial injustice during postwar, post-Lincoln America.

“Free State of Jones” has brought to the world’s attention an important chapter in American history that was hidden and forgotten and had been largely unknown to the majority of people today. However, the film was not able to compete with other stunning films Hollywood has released about the racial divide and slavery. 

The film received a moderate score according to critics’ charts but failed to make substantial profits. McConaughey’s performance is what drives you through the movie, since his character is the only one who creates the heart and soul that the story.

15. Belle (2013)

“Belle” is a real story of a real British-born African, Dido Elizabeth Belle who is denied the right to free status within British society despite having born into an aristocratic family. “Belle,” as stated by film scholars is a film about the shortcomings of British culture that was later defined by color, race, and slavery. The narratives of the film transport us back to the period where slavery was at its height in Britain. 

“Belle” does not revolve on the violence of slavery, but rather the issue of prejudice based on race and discrimination. This was ingrained into the English culture through the practices of slavery and the slave trade ordered through the Imperial Empire to Spanish as well as African citizens.

“Belle” is a film that reminds viewers about it’s the Song Massacre, whereby more than 100 slaves were executed by the slave ships serving the interests of the Empire. The specific incident that is featured in the film is a reflection of the reality behind British society of the high class that remained silent while innocent people suffered as a result of their prejudice towards race.

 The film is highly acclaimed particularly by members of the American Film Critics Association. While it is criticized for certain errors in the historical record, it is one of the best films made on the topic of slavery.

14. The Birth of A Nation (2016)

Carlyle once stated: “History is but, an account of men who have made great contributions.” When he offered this definition, he didn’t define great men. My personal opinion is that Nat Turner was one. The person who came up with the idea behind the slave revolt that took place in Southampton County, Virginia, in 1831.

He began the uprising that eventually resulted in the proclamation of emancipation. The film follows his turbulent times and his relentless struggle to be free of himself and millions of others who were bound. It premiered during the Sundance film festival, winning the Grand Jury award and came to be praised for its acting, direction writing, cinematography, and script. However, its Oscar chances were ruined due to the possible inclusion of the director, Parker, in sexual assault of an actress. What a shame, it couldn’t even get to the nominations.

13. Ben-Hur (1959)

The epic film, ‘Ben-Hur is among the most popular films ever made and will likely be on every other list , excluding this one. The film is primarily about the story of the Jewish-born businessman Judah Ben-Hur , and his relationship with his family, as well as his struggles with his adopted twin brother Messala. When Ben-Hur is wrongly exiled by Messala, his brother whom is also a Roman commander and he is forced to endure a life sentenced to slaves in galleys. 

The film is mainly focused on Ben-Hur’s struggle to recover his innocence as well as his devastated family and home A small part of the film depicts the life of Jewish slaves who were confined to galleys by Roman soldiers and tribunes. Ben-Hur has received a fair amount of critical acclaim due to its portrayal of the Roman galley slaves.

It was huge in the 1950s because of the lack of information regarding galley slaves back in the day. The last written story of galley slaves as of its publication, was in old manuscripts which were that were translated (maybe altered) during the course of the years.

But ‘Ben-Hur’ did justice to that particular part of historical record, and became an integral part of the whole film which allowed star actor Charlton Heston enough screen-time to make his impression. The specific scenes were an integral part of the qualities of ‘Ben-Hur’ that led to the film to receive eleven Academy Awards, a record it has held and is also shared with the film ‘Titanic’ (1997) and “LOTR: The Return of the King’ (2003).

12. The Pianist (2002)

When the Nazis were occupying Poland at the end of 1939, well-known pianist known as Wladyslaw Szpilman, along with a six-year-old young boy named Roman Polanski, were among the few survivors among the thousands of Jews who were killed during the horrific events during the Holocaust. A few years later, the boy was able to bring this story the eyes of the world today through a film of the same name “The Pianist..’

“The Pianist” tells an account of Wladyslaw Szpilman the Polish Jew who was forced to work as a slave after being saved from death by a police officer prior to his family was sent to the gas chambers directly in his face. Szpilman did not save his family, but was a victim of various slave labor camps , fighting for his life to the end in the conflict.

It was an absolute love initiative for filmmaker Roman Polanski, who himself lost his mother in the camps of concentration during the war. The film is stunning, and at the simultaneously, terrifying for all viewers, since it tells a beautifully acted beautifully directed and well-constructed and told tale to viewers

However, it requires them to see the hysterical crimes that of the innocent Jewish race endured by telling the story of a brave, disappointed and scared man in the group. An in-depth and precise look into the history of the Holocaust and the Nazi slave trade The Pianist is a cult masterpiece that leaves viewers awestruck by its complexity and aesthetics.

11. Sankofa (1993)

Few production houses have tackled the issue of slavery as effectively and with as much brutality as “Sankofa. The word comes of the Ghanian Akan language, which refers to “go back, seek and gain knowledge strength, power, and the possibility of a better future.” It is an attempt to push people who are of African origin back to their roots and to the African culture. 

It’s evident in the film’s concept that makes use of the idea of time travel and makes use of a well-known model to take us back to the past to a time when she was in a state of slavery. The stunningly made film’s captivating concept is illustrated with birds and the chants , drumming and chants of the Divine Drummer.

10. I Am Slave (2010)

In the course of researching this article I had the opportunity to see this movie that has been overlooked by both the public or critics as well, and has received not a lot of media coverage given to the film. But its story and the real-life motivation to it demonstrate how important it is to view and appreciate this film as well as the story of the main character.

Malia is from the powerful Sudanese tribe, with her father is the chief of the tribe, creating a powerful and powerful woman. However, everything goes futile when mujaheddins kidnap and sells her to the British slave trading, forcing the girl to years slavery and discrimination, prejudice violence, and no pay jobs in the families that “purchased” the slave.

It follows the struggle to free herself from the illegal and unwanted slaves she was made to accept. One of the most important aspects that the story is the fact that it’s set in the present day and the real background of the film is not much older than the 1990s. 

So, Malia (real name Mende Nazer) endured all of this during a time in the days of slavery being banned and condemned by the societies across the globe which reflects the root of slavery which are restricting the world and people who live there.

9. Roots (1977)

The only thing to note is that this isn’t a film. It’s an episode of a miniseries. However, it’s a good one. It was nominated for a record-breaking 37 Emmy awards, the series won nine Emmy awards. The final episode of the series racked up record-breaking Nelsen ratings, and is still in the third position on the list of TV’s greatest hits. The show starred LeVar Burton as the character of Kunta Kine the youth who’s bound to slavery but dreams of a better life among them is the freedom to be free. 

The story is true of Alex Haley’s horrific time in the bonds of. The mini-series is the most impressive with the intention of making the plot dynamic to accurately reflect the atmosphere of the time. One of the most acclaimed films about slavery in the black community.

8. 13th (2016)

Numerous films have been made in the cinematic industry around the globe that are based on this topic however if you’re seeking a deep understanding of the past of slavery as well as its ongoing usage in the present in many forms “13th” is the movie for you.
“13th,” named after the infamous “Thirteenth Amendment” of the American constitution, which legally ended slavery and is a documentary which traces the origins of slavery as well as its transformation to various virtual and modern styles over the years that resulted in racial discrimination and prejudice, as well as crimes based on religion and caste discrimination, and social divides.

The film examines the existence of slavery and its repercussions in American society through the perspectives and the expertise of a variety of historians and academics. It is rated as among the top and thorough documentaries of recent decades, the film boasts an average of 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and is the recipient of numerous awards. Film was even nominated in the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

7. Tamango (1958)

The film is a little twisted and different in its way to portray slavery. The film starred Dorothy Dandridge, the first actress of race to be nominated for one of the Academy Award. The story is about a ship controlled by the captain Reiker and his crew of bonded men. The film also featured as one of its passengers Aiche the slave mistress of Captain Reiker. 

Tamango is one among the slaves plans to launch a revolt and holds Aiche hostage in exchange for. When Reiker warns them to shoot the entire group with a cannon, Tamango pleads with Aiche to leave. She refuses, and, as per his word, Reiker ends the group and silences their liberation songs. The scenes of love among Reiker and Aiche weren’t necessary however, the film’s unwavering conviction in the basic idea is what makes it worth the time to watch.

6. Amistad (1997)

Every time Steven Spielberg takes to the camera, you can expect to feel a warm sensation inside. His natural way of telling stories and his eloquent simplicity are the reason he is a master of the raconteur. Amistad is a period drama based on the actual story of events of 1839, aboard the slave vessel La Amistad. 

The enslaved travelers of the Mende tribe were able to take control of the ship and capture their captors in order in order to pursue their path to freedom. Their plans were cut short and were soon under the control of The US army. The case was settled in the Supreme Court. The film is an exciting experience that will not be forgotten in the near future.

5. Gone With the Wind (1939)

The film doesn’t specifically address slavery, but it’s an essential and symbolic element of it. Perhaps among the top famous films of all time “Gone With The Wind” is the pinnacle of a romantic historical film. While it’s been accused of historical revisionism, it glorifies slavery however, it is credited with triggering modifications to how African-Americans are depicted in cinema. 

It follows the story of two threatening characters, a manipulative female and a rogue outcast man and their enthralling journey in unity. The film is set against the backdrop to the American Civil War and the turbulent time in the South the film explores the diverse emotions that were prevalent in the midst of the state of love in the era of ease. Love conquers all according to the saying.

4. Glory (1989)

This isn’t the only film that is based on Civil War. American Civil War. But it’s in a different context. “Glory” follows one of the earliest army units in the Union army that was made up entirely of African-Americans. The only exceptions are officers, who were white. It’s told from the point of view of Colonel Shaw his white commander of the battalion and his unwavering loyalty to his courageous soldiers. 

The covey is cherished for their valorous actions during the siege at Fort Wagner. The film was nominated to win five Academy awards, and was awarded three of them, among them one that went to the famous Denzel Washington. It was awe-inspiringly loved by critics and viewers alike.

3. Django Unchained (2012)

Oh, now. This isn’t the typical drama in which Black people are silent and endure the fight. No, sir. This is that they blast the brains of their apparent masters using an .22 Magnum shotgun. Quentin Tarantino’s action-packed thriller is a bloody-gore of human bodies reduced to disgusting and sour pieces of meat. The plot is centered around Django who is freed from chains and freed by a humble liberal German dentist who is named Dr. Schultz. 

In response to the dentist’s request to join his quest to eliminate bad white men, Django’s story takes a new direction with a goal: to meet with Broomhilda. Once they locate her, they have to face a suspicious plantation owner who has an interest in Django. Without being overly dramatic and weaving the threads of fashion and tale with utmost skill, Tarantino once again mesmerizes.

2. Lincoln (2012)

Mmm. This one. I literally fall out of words every time I say Lincoln in my lungs. Other than Abraham Lincoln being my idol Daniel Day-Lewis has become my top actor. Spielberg’s brilliant documentary about the polarized Congress on the president’s historic proclamation of emancipation is much more than meets the eye. 

It is centered around Lincoln and his dark visions of the war’s drift The film follows the entire political saga that resulted from the amendment. “Lincoln” is an entirely different kind of film with its lush writing and flawless direction supported by a beautiful background music. It’s one of the best!

1. 12 Years As A Slave (2013)

The top spot of the top 10 is Steve McQueen’s historical drama film, ’12 Years A Slave’. It was also the deserved awardee of the Best Picture awards at the Academy Awards. The premise of the story from the slave memoirs of Solomon Northup, the film explores his brutal journey into the jaws of the dreadful disease, despite being an uninvolved man. The talented musician is lured into a trap by two men dressed as circus hires. 

Solomon is a pone plantation shopper who travels from one field to another, battling the brutal whims and fantasies of their berserk owner. The captivating story of the fight for freedom and the eventual liberation of triumph and unbound motivation. It’s a wonderful film for you to enjoy (see how I put it there? ).

Chris Evan was born in Quebec and raised in Montreal, except for the time when he moved back to Quebec and attended high school there. He studied History and Literature at the University of Toronto. He began writing after obsessing over books.

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