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Better Call Paul Spoilers

The mid-season finale concluded with a loss, which marks the start of the final season for our struggling characters.

Note from the Editor: This article contains spoilers of significant importance to Better Call Saul Season 6 Episode 7 “Plan and Execution. “Well, the crazy youngsters did it. After months of careful planning and a last-minute change, Bob Odenkirk’s Jimmy McGill and Rhea Seehorn’s Kim Wexler pull off the most shocking scam in the whole season in Better Call Saul by attempting to convince Patrick Fabian’s Howard Hamlin of a different plot that wasn’t there and causing him to shame himself and ruin mediators regarding the Sandpiper case.

In the final scene of the previous episode, Kim abstains from the chance to expand further the positive work she’s done for those who are entrapped in the unjust justice system. It’s not about the amount of money or putting things in order with a flimsy excuse long gone.

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Kim can throw everything away, for they and Jimmy will be able to retaliate against Howard. In this week’s mid-season conclusion that is just named “Plan and Execution,” viewers are left with a knot in our collective stomachs as we were unsure how this would all go together.

After realizing that he has been manipulated, Howard shows up at their landlord’s apartment. This is an appearance driven by anger, confusion, and the need to discover why they did this to Howard. Howard knows that he’s been brutal in the past, but it appears Howard has turned to a new beginning and is working to improve himself.

Much like Nacho Varga before his time, Howard is one of the few people doing all he can to pursue an alternative path, but it was rapidly shrinking. So it is not surprising and not any less cruel that he will meet his death. As he confronts Jimmy and Kim, the unexpected guest is seen entering their house: Lalo Salamanca, seeking answers and willing to do anything to bring them. Lalo pulls out a gun and shoots Howard with a single shot on the forehead to prove his point.

When his lifeless body sinks to the floor and crashes into the dining room table, and suffocates any chance of redemption for Howard, The finality of the incident is not just a matter of consequence for Howard, the lawyer who was once his. It also demonstrates how Jimmy and Kim are now forced to consider what they did when they set the events in motion that caused Howard’s premature death.

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Even though neither Jimmy nor Kim took the gun, were they to leave Howard at home, he’d be alive. Howard wouldn’t believe they were directing him in the wrong direction and walked into their home.

He wouldn’t have seen Lalo and died on the floor. He could have been sitting at home and contemplating his ideas for the rest of his life. While no one wanted this to be the case, his blood was in the hands of those who did. They brought him down with their incessant callousness and brutality. Every conscious choice they made leading up to this. Howard’s final monologue, which Howard delivered, the final speech he’ll ever give, details their guilt.

Howard labels the people “soulless” and “sociopaths,” promising to reveal the people they are to the world. He’s not a vindictive person, but he’s right. The firm expression and conviction of his voice fade as Lalo comes in. When he can hear Kim’s fear and observes the speed at that Jimmy begins to flinch, he is determined to escape the situation. It’s too late for him and the people he was there to face. His death is not just the end of him but also the end of all characters in the world.

It’s no coincidence that Howard’s last scene shows Howard gazing at the portrait of his deceased friend, Chuck, and reflecting on the many essential things to be an excellent lawyer. While Jimmy appeared to be apathetic until the death of Chuck but it certainly affected Howard. In the years following his frequent appearance as an antagonist on the show, Howard was soon one of the few characters that were the most authentically human.

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The fact that Howard, who was a deeply flawed human being, represented the very best of the remaining characters remains a sad reminder of how far we’ve all been pushed down. After his death and gone, we’re left with a hole that can only be filled with darkness. Although we wish for the best that Jimmy Kim and Jimmy Kim order to end their fall to destruction, the damage they caused to Howard is the latest low point. Even after numerous attempts to come back from the depths of hell and then jump right into the abyss.

Even though we caught glimpses of Jimmy appearing less than enthusiastic, as in the scene in which he’s confronted with Howard shortly before dying, the actor accepts it. How Jimmy and Kim continue to inflict pain on each other gets to a breaking point and ends with one man falling to the ground before them. This is when the chance of redemption has gone away, leaving them with no place to go other than down.

We will discover how Jimmy and Kim need to determine what to do about the deadly Lalo inside their home. A cliffhanger like this, though undoubtedly effective, isn’t the reason that is what makes Better Call Saul the most compelling. Watching two people who are capable of doing the right thing and doing good get so consumed by their selfish actions makes it one of the top programs on television.

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The pain of witnessing their gradual decline in the last six seasons increases this. It’s a tragedy of the highest quality, even more so because it shouldn’t be much away. We’ve seen glimpses of the positive things they could do when they retreated from the world, ensuring an immense loss because these moments are becoming rarer.

Following Howard’s demise, Better Call Saul exposed the price of its strategies. It’s not only that there’s no way to bring Howard back. The feeling of goodness Jimmy and Kim used to cling to is gone, a small ray of hope crushed by the insanity of their own choices. Even if they succeed in figuring a way out of the show by resolving their issues, they will never be able to recover their souls since they are entirely damaged. They’ve surrendered to the darkness and will be known for the rest of their lives.

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