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Bold And Beautiful Spoilers Next 2 Weeks

We’re off!’s latest spoilers from The Bold and the Beautiful beginning the 25th of July on Monday until Monday, July 29, Taylor and Ridge take off to Monte Carlo just when Steffy is in need of them the most. It would be nice if they knew in that exact moment the in Los Angeles, Finn was placing his life in danger by pushing him to Steffy to…

Wait, nope. Nope. Not up to the point of breaking, at least over it! Will he break free and begin his way toward the mourning “widow”? We’ll give you all the information we have…

Beautiful & Beautiful spoilers for the week of July 25:

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Monday, July 25:

In the recap of Monday’s episode, Wyatt and Liam talk, Mike sounds the alarm, Finn strangles Sheila, and Bill is able to call for assistance to Li. 

Doctor Jordan Armstrong has come back! Shampoo veteran Vincent Irizarry returns to Bold & Beautiful as Dr. Jordan Armstrong.

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Wyatt and Liam are brothers who bond as they discuss Steffy, Hope, and Bill. It doesn’t matter if the Spencer brothers agree or not about the subject matter. Still, one thing is certain: it will be a fascinating discussion… except perhaps there’s a part of those fans who are dissatisfied with the writing style of the Spencer men.

Three steps forward, two steps back: While Finn struggles to save his own life, Sheila manages to calm her son’s rage using a hidden syringe. Then what happens to Steffy’s husband, who is in a state of despair?!

“Still in a state of shock,” Bold & Beautiful alum Courtney Hope (ex-Sally) reflects on the event that shook her life.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for July 26, Tuesday:

Brooke, beware! Ridge and Taylor travel to Monte Carlo to help Steffy get through the grief of losing Finn, which could mean they’ll spend an awful amount of time together. Could the dressmaker be nearing another flip-flop?!

In pain over Li and determined to reach Steffy, Finn musters up the courage to stand up against Sheila. If a sheer determination can lift hills, then surely this could assist in overcoming a lonely insane she-devil, wouldn’t you think?! However, a determined Sheila might prove to be an unmovable force. Check out her infamous past actions, and then decide on your own.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for Wednesday, July 27,

We told you! In the air, Taylor and Ridge share profound emotions as they travel to Steffy. What is this reunion for the wife waiting for him at home? What about Deacon, who has just become acquainted with”the “world-renowned psychiatrist”? Is that the case??

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Desperate to get out of the clutches of his mother’s psychotic Mother, Finn ups the ante and pushes Sheila’s buttons to achieve what he would like the most — freedom. What happens if his bet pays off and allows him to begin his journey to Steffy just when she is most in need of him?

Jack Wagner (ex-Nick) shares a touching message with his fans in the aftermath of the tragic loss of his son.

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for the 28th of July, Thursday, July 28,

Finn hasn’t ever yelled so loudly during his whole life as he did over the last two weeks. How it feels to be a catharsis! Tune to the show to see the doctor, with his impervious bedside manner, unleashes uncompromising anger at Sheila regarding Steffy.

Finn has her in a bind! Sheila will try to take control of the situation, but the damage is done, and the jig’s almost over!

Bold & Beautiful spoilers for the day of release, Friday, July 29:

Oh… Doll Bill presents an amazing and surprising present to an exceptional person. This must become Katie, isn’t it? But what happens to the girl with everything, including a brand new kidney and heart?

Surrounded by a breathtaking view of the southern part of France, Steffy is overcome with emotion, reminiscing about Finn. Don’t be afraid, sweet one, Steffy. Your prince is alive and (hopefully) in the process of getting there!

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