Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers!

Ding-dong, the witch… Well, she’s not dead. Here are the Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers for you!! Thank us later!

They are available from Monday, May 16 through Friday, May 20. Sheila ends up in police custody. Brooke learns the truth about the $1M question. Bill offers an unreserved opinion and Thomas shares a truth that will have serious consequences.

We’ll be unpacking and laying out the details of these and other teasers if you continue reading…

Bold & Beautiful spoilers Friday, May 13th:

Deacon might be losing the battle against “destiny,” but he insists on Ridge to Brooke, Hope.

Steffy recollects another shocking memory during a heated argument with Sheila. We are guessing that she will expose Brooke for pushing Brooke off the wagon on New Year’s Eve. Or will she? The revelation could bring her father back to blonde hair and put her mother out of her life.

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Bold & Beautiful spoilers week of May 16

Bold & Beautiful spoilers Monday, May 16, 2008:

Brooke is comforted by Hope after hearing Deacon’s version of Ridge. Hope also seeks answers for some nagging issues. The playlist will likely feature one of her most memorable hits, “Why did you drink on New Year’s Eve?”

Sheila is most dangerous when she’s under attack and in a tight spot. That’s where she is right now. We only hope Steffy and her family are safe as the madwoman refuses silence, fighting until the end. We are kidding! We are sure they will be hurt… Maybe it’s better to just hope that they make it out alive from the confrontation.

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B & B spoilers Tuesday, May 17, 2017:

This is starting to look like a theme. Taylor seeks advice from Steffy, who is concerned about Ridge’s future. Will Taylor continue to urge her daughter to fight for a man who is in love with two women? Or will she suggest that her mother move on from the drama to become a “Finn”, instead?

He stands by Brooke as she discovers the shocking truth about Sheila’s crime, which could be a turning point in Ridge’s latest round of waffling with his ex-wife. She will finally have the answer to the maddening and gnawing question of why she drank on New Year’s Eve. It’s a relief!

Bold and Beautiful spoilers Wednesday, May 18, 2018:

This is sure to be a hit with Ridge once he hears all about it. Dollar Bill questions Brooke’s love for Wyatt, Liam, and Hope. Is it time for “Bridge” vs “Brill?”

Place your bets and alert the bookies! Ridge makes a decision on his immediate future with Brooke and Taylor. You’ll need to place a separate wager on what the long-term outcome will be.

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Bold and Beautiful spoilers Thursday, May 19, 2009:

Quinn and her husband Quinn remain unaware of the fact Eric was playing with Donna, not on the pickleball courts at the club as he claims. Quinn joins forces with Quinn to assist the Forrester family during their crisis.

Steffy is moved by Ridge’s plans and Taylor shares her truth. If Ridge reveals that he is choosing Brooke, we can only imagine how stingy that candor could be. We wish Taylor would have listened to us when we warned her that Ridge is not interested in her. 

Bold and Beautiful spoilers Friday, May 20, 2010:

Thomas cannot suppress his guilt and confide in Ridge about his affair with Sheila. His father will be furious that Thomas didn’t speak up and engage in another manipulation… but Ridge might appreciate his good intentions and guilt. Brooke will, however, be extremely unforgiving of her stepson.

It’s like Donkey Kong! You can expect a lot of jailhouse rock, okay? A lotta when Brooke is granted face-to-face with Sheila.

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