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20 Fun & Interesting Charles Dickens Facts

Do you want to know some interesting details regarding Charles Dickens? Don’t get in a Twist! We have High Expectations that these fascinating facts entertain you!

Charles Dickens is one of the most well-known novelists of all time and certainly one of the most prominent authors of his day. He wrote during Victorian England; Charles based many of his tales on the world around him. His writings are full of real-life depictions of those living in hardship. However, that doesn’t mean his novels aren’t all sad and, as you’ll see, Charles had a wonderful sense of humor! Find out this fascinating information on Charles Dickens to find out more!

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Interesting Charles Dickens Facts

Dickens kept pet ravens.

Dickens was a huge admirer of these intelligent blackbirds. He had several of them throughout his life. One called “Grip” was even believed to be the inspiration behind Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poem “The the Raven”!

He also kept cats.

Ravens and cats may make an excellent match; however, this did not stop Dickens from being in a close relationship with a feline companion. Dickens famously said, “what greater gift than the affection of cats?” Good question.

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Bob the cat

Dickens loved one particular cat, the beloved moggy Bob! When Bob passed away, he had the paw of one transformed into an open letter! What a lovely tribute! Bob’s foot within the New York public library. Dickens was required to work at an early age.

Charles, His family, wasn’t wealthy, and he was in quite a bit of debt when he was a kid. This was so bad that every adult in his family was sentenced to prison! At the age of 12, Charles was responsible for himself and could paste labels onto tins filled with boot polish for a mere 6 seven shillings per week. It certainly had an impact on his work later.

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“Dickens” was initially a word used to make a person feel cursed.

At the time in Shakespeare’s day, Dickens was a rude word, which referred to the devil. Instead of saying, “what is it with the devil! ” The people would rather say, “what is the Dickens!” Perhaps Shakespeare himself thought up the expression!

Dickens was a writer who wrote with a false name at times.

Dickens His first writings weren’t released under his name. Instead, they were published under an unusual pen name was his choice to laugh at himself! He wrote under the name “Boz,” which stands for “Boss,” which is how you pronounce “Moses” when you have a blocked nose.

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He was an icon!

Charles survived a train crash that occurred in Staplehurst, Kent! The train derailed and fell off a bridge, leaving only Charles his carriage remaining in the tracks. He was a hero. Charles helped those injured and offered fresh water and brandy to the victims. He even returned to the train to pick up the script for the book he was writing!

He may have had epilepsy.

We’ll never be able to know. However, many Dickens experts believe he might be a victim of epileptic seizures. This is because Dickens was able to base many of his tales on his personal life, and many of his characters suffered from epilepsy. The descriptions of epilepsy were also extremely accurate.

The last book he wrote is a mystery.

Dickens was about halfway through his new book when he passed away in 1870. The book has a mystery, and we’ll never know who the culprit was. However, other authors have been taking over the same storyline, and over time, there have been various versions, each with different outcomes.

He was a fan of the Wild West.

In 1842, Dickens was on a tour of the USA and was taken West towards the American Prairie by his hosts. He was awestruck by the wildness of the US in the early days. In the past, it was a wild west, and colonists hadn’t yet reclaimed the entire land away from Native Americans. It must have been a great moment to celebrate an occasion!

He didn’t love Washington DC!

Dickens did not like the sights he saw during his holiday! He was particularly dissatisfied with the capital city and how people were smoking tobacco at all times. He claimed that the sight of Americans dispersing their tobacco-flavored juices all over the city was “very disconcerting.” He was likely right!

He assisted them in the search for an expedition that was lost.

In the event, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror disappeared in the Arctic in 1845, while in an expedition, Charles was able to fund the rescue operation and garnered plenty of support from the public for the crew members who were lost. However, the sailors did not make a return from the Arctic and probably died in the cold. Eeek!

His stories are filled with suspenseful cliffhangers!

Dickens published several of his works in newspapers, which meant it was important for him to keep his readers engaged (so they’d purchase the following week’s newspaper). To accomplish that, Dickens built-in lots of suspense in his stories and would often finish each story with a dramatic cliffhanger. When we go through Dickens in one volume, it’s not exactly how the author intended it to be – however; it’s interesting to read!

The inspiration for his writing is Little Red Riding Hood.

One of Charles his most loved stories as a kid is Little Red Riding Hood. Later, as an adult, Charles spoke about it as one of the reasons that inspired him to begin writing stories.

He created a myriad of brand-new terms.

Like Shakespeare, Dickens has left us with many amazing words he invented. Think of the following words: butter-fingers, flummox Dustbin, the creeps Ugsome, and even the slangular! We’re not entirely certain what slangular or ugsome are; however, they sound great!

He believed in ghosts.

Much like many Victorians, Dickens believed in ghosts and the supernatural. This isn’t surprising, considering the number of ghosts featured in his works! Take a look at A Christmas Carol! Dickens was even part of the Ghost Club with Sherlock Holmes creator Arthur Conan Doyle!

He also wrote several Christmas stories!

In the context of A Christmas Carol, Dickens also wrote The Chimes, another Christmas story with an extremely similar plot. Unfortunately, only one could be the status of a Muppets remake for The Chimes.

He kept a secret room within his house!

Dickens had a secret door in his house! As in a film, He covered the door by constructing the appearance of a bookcase. The shelves were even stuffed with fake books such as “The cat’s Life in nine volumes.” The book was very funny, Charles.

He was a very accomplished writer.

You’ve probably heard this before, but it’s important to mention. Dickens wrote a massive amount of work. He composed 15 complete novels as well as edited a journal. He wrote a plethora of story shorts, lectures, plays, and a plethora of letters! However, the quality of his work and the amount that made him an author of legend.

He was laid to rest in Westminster Abbey against his wishes!

Charles left clear instructions on what to be done with his body following the time he passed away. He wanted his body to be buried alongside his family in Rochester. However, his head at Westminster Abbey had other ideas. When Charles passed away, his body was transported into the Church and then buried with a huge, fancy funeral – even though it was in direct contradiction to the things he desired!

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