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A Plot Twist Cherie & Jessey Leaving Bling Empire In The Middle of Season 2

At the beginning of Bling Empire Season 2, it was apparent that Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee’s romance would be the main reason for drama in the reality show’s second season. Its Season 2 premiere ended with the dramatic cliffhanger of Jaime Xie finding out that Jessey was married to children before meeting Cherie.

At the beginning of the series that followed, the rest members of Bling Empire’s Bling Empire cast donned their detective hats to uncover the truth of all things Jessey-related. However, the whole thing was forgotten by the close of the season as Cherie and Jessey were not located. There’s an important reason: Cherie and Jessey quit Bling Empire at the beginning of Season 2.

TMZ initially announced the news Cherie & Jessey Leaving Bling Empire in June 2021 that Cherie and Jessey would not be back on Bling Empire for Season 2. However, this was only partially accurate. Cherie and Jessey appear in a handful of episodes at the beginning of the first season as they are in the middle of organizing their wedding.

However, they vanish at the end of the season, without reason given in the show as to where they left off. Based on TMZ, they wanted to spend less time watching the Netflix series instead of spending time with their families and their businesses.

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Cherie & Jessey Leaving Bling Empire

Since Cherie and Jessey quit Bling Empire before when Season 2 finished filming, they didn’t get to discuss the speculations about Jessey’s former marriage on their own. The co-star Christine Chiu told Entertainment Tonight that she was disappointed that the couple quit the show in the middle of the season. Chiu said, “When they left the show, I was really disappointed because I really wanted them to tell their story and to complete their story.”

Jaime started to E! that she believes Cherie and Jessey could have quit the show to avoid exposing the rumours. “I think Cherie was afraid of the truth,” Jaime told ET. “I don’t know Cherie very well, to be honest, but her reaction was just a bit strange to me … I find that as a way of her trying to avoid the subject because she didn’t want to confront it or face it.”

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Cherie and Jessey were married in a modest, private marriage ceremony at a small private ceremony in France in September of 2021. that they spoke about during an interview in Brides. A few days before the debut season 2 Bling Empire Season 2, Cherie posted on Instagram about their interview with Brides and an Instagram caption that seemed to be aimed at her co-stars from the past. Cherie wrote:

We are married to my best friend. Do not be friends with those who want to hurt your family, children and friends close to you. I will always be there for you. It’s okay to get married or get to love someone, raise children and divorce, then marry again. We should always be celebrating love and always be there for each other.

It appears that Cherie and Jessey have officially departed their way from Bling Empire for good and have now turned all their time and attention to their family.

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Season 2 from Bling Empire is streaming on Netflix.

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