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Chicago Fire Season Finale

Can you believe that we are already at the Chicago Fire season finale? You’re ready for a wedding. Here’s how to live stream it online.

The Stellaride wedding has been going on for the entire season. It’s been a “will it, won’t it” situation. It was not always clear that things would end, but there were moments when it seemed like they might. Stella completely ghosted Severide when she went to Boston and was not overly sorry when she returned.

They argued about Gallo. Severide stated that he didn’t like that Stella was in control of the situation. This led to some questions in the penultimate show.

Severide finally made it clear that Stella is his true love. Severide wants to marry Stella but is terrified of the idea. The funny thing is that he fears marriage but not running into burning buildings.

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In the Chicago Fire season 10 finale, Casey and Brett are back.

Now it’s time to get married, which means Casey is back. Severide knew he was going to be his best man. There would have been a riot if Casey hadn’t returned for this episode.

Brett is also back. She may help Violet with her situation. Violet continues to struggle with the Emma situation. Although Emma’s ex-firehouse chief is aware of a problem with the woman, he refuses to reveal details. Brett will be able to help you get answers.

Firehouse 51 is pleased to welcome Casey back to Firehouse 51 for the big day. Emma’s plans for Violet’s replacement come to an abrupt halt.

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Chicago Fire season 10 finale live:

Date: Wednesday, May 25

Start Time 9/8c

Episode: Season 10 Episode 22 “This Magnificent city of Chicago”

TV Channel: NBC

Watch live on FuboTV. Register now to receive a seven-day free trial. You can also view the NBC website or app.

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