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Commsor Slack Github 16m | Interview with Mac Reddin, CEO of Commsor 

Commsor is a company that gives businesses insights into employees using information from tools such as Slack and GitHub It raises $16M Series A with a value “well north of $100M” (Paul Sawers/VentureBeat)

When social media took over the globe, companies immediately jumped onto the hype train and built a solid online presence. Companies are beginning to shift with people moving to social networks to join “micro-communities” like Discord, Slack, and Slack.

However, just as in the internet age, social networks are discovering that it’s an overwhelming task to manage their communities. Management is crucial. The communities reflect the business, therefore maintaining them in good shape and well-managed is crucial.


For this to be done effectively, third-party tools are often required to manage various communities. Consider the things that SalesForce did for sales teams and you’ll get a decent idea of what these tools can do.

One company in the market is Commsor which was established in the year 2019. They offer tools to groups to oversee their different communities to improve the experience for all those.

I had the opportunity to chat with Mac Reddin of Commsor to better understand the inspiration behind the business and the tools they offer and inquire about their latest funding round.

You can read the complete interview below.

Do you want to introduce yourself and the role you play in Commsor?

I’m Mac Reddin, CEO of Commsor.


In only two or three phrases, what exactly do you think of Commsor?

The Commsor operates as the OS used by communities. Also, in the same way, all that Hubspot can be to sales and marketing, as SalesForces are to sales Commsor serves communities. This means that we will take all the platforms where businesses are ‘communities generally interact with them – such as social media forums, Slack channels, forums newsletters, events, and more – and combine them all together in one place.

So, businesses can be deliberate and objective about how they evaluate and communicate the different ways they engage with their communities to increase their reach and influence them.

What was the motivation behind the development of this company?

I began as what I describe as an unintentional community builder My first company was created in conjunction with Minecraft which I managed for about four years before later was sold. Through this process, I discovered the things I enjoyed and what I excelled in, and what I think was the key to making it a successful business initially was the community it created.

I then used the knowledge I gained and put it into becoming an intentional Community Builder and created Commsor around it.

You’re about to finish the back of a 50 million-dollar series that was led by a community What will the money be put to use?

We’re currently looking to expand our team, develop the brand, broaden the product, and develop more integrations.

We’re growing rapidly and we’re also increasing our understanding generally, of community-driven businesses, such as the C-School as well as our Community Club. We’re also looking to improve the whole business of the community.


Have you got any suggestions for other companies who are considering an approach to funding that is community-led?

Simply because you have an existing community doesn’t mean that you’re building a community-led business or benefiting from the growth of communities led. It is essential to have a plan of the company’s leadership, as well as company-wide support and strategic influence to be successful.

For funding itself, I think you need to have completed the necessary research during the time leading up to any type of fundraising event, and you cannot simply create a community and then bring it to be born. Communicate, collaborate and stay focused on the process.

Sometimes, it feels that “social” media is anything except social nowadays Do you think people are moving away from the big platforms and instead of searching for smaller, more targeted groups?

I believe it’s an amalgamation. I believe people want to be part of communities of reasonable sizes, in which you can think of them as individuals, not being a mass of faces. This goes back to pre-technology, the anthropology notion that you’re “supposed” to know – that is, you have to keep the track of a couple of hundred individuals at a time as if the brain can only handle it.

In that way, yes I do believe that there is a growing acceptance among people that belonging to an online community is beneficial regardless of whether it’s in its section of a huge network or on a smaller platform altogether. Of course, businesses do not have the luxury of looking at a few hundred individuals, which is where we step into.

Do every business or startup require an organization?

We’re sure of it! It’s very beneficial for our company! In all seriousness, every business or startup has a community. they have their users, customers, or any other person connected to their business or product.

In the past has seen businesses have often yelled at their customers through TV advertisements and billboards without a means for people to respond to the message, other than by buying or not purchasing. A more modern method of community allows for dialog.


Are you aware that you compete with other companies in this area and how do you differentiate yourself against the rest?

There’s a company named Orbit that’s doing similar things as what we’re doing within the development area However, I’m not saying there’s anyone who’s doing the same thing as we do in the larger community space.

Which are instances of how companies need to focus on creating communities?

It could be any business, but I believe that one of the most archetypal examples is a video game company. If you consider the kind of conversations that are important for games studios to be aware of, it may be derived from many locations – social media message boards, and all sorts of sites It’s the responsibility of that studio to create an environment that allows them to talk to their clients, gamers themselves.

They will receive a great deal of beneficial feedback in the form of bugs, habits games, designs for games events, and everything else that makes up an active player base.

What tools can you offer customers seeking to connect with the communities they live in?

We manage all sorts of sites where businesses interact with their communities. These include Twitter, Facebook, Slack, GitHub, MailChimp, LinkedIn, Discord, and many more. We aim to work with other existing or upcoming ways to interact with communities.

I’d like to thank Mac for his time and effort to address some of my queries about the company and give me some tips for getting money.

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