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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: ‘Sami and Lumi’ Are Bound for an Explosive Story That’s ‘Been a Long Time Coming’

EJ Sami and Lucas might be headed to Splitsvilla instead of getting married.

Days of Our Lives‘ Lucas is this close to achieving what he’s always wanted to have: a wedding band on his finger of Sami and the future of which the dreamer has been dreaming for years. There are two tiny issues.

Perhaps “teensy” is the wrong word, but “massive” is closer to the truth.

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Days of Our Lives Spoilers: ‘EJ Sami and Lumi’

1. If Sami discovers that the guy was not EJ was the one who kidnapped her, then she’s gone. And 2. Sami’s feelings toward EJ could be different, but they’ve never gone. Therefore, when she and Lucas return to Salem and tie the knot, It’s not a 100% sure possibility that they’ll get to their wedding, or even up to “I do,” head writer Ron Carlivati tells Soap Opera Digest.

In the meantime, Belle files for a legal separation from Shawn. While the divorce could be more related to Jan than anything else, “he takes it as her not [being] willing to fight for their marriage,” the scribe claims. Shawn is also convinced the wife may be “looking for a legal reason for separation so that she can be closer to EJ, and we’ll be able to determine if this is the reason in their mind of Belle.

“And that is all happening simultaneously to Sami’s return and her impending wedding to Lucas,” he says, “so both stories are on a collision course.”

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