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Did Ty Die? Why Did Graham Wardle Leave Heartland?

‘ Heartland’ is a family drama which follows the life of the sister Amy and Lou Fleming and their loved family members as they manage their family’s ranch situated in Hudson, Alberta.

The series explores the relationships between the family members and the relationships between their Fleming sisters. The show is based on Lauren Brooke’s books. The show was created with the help of Murray Shostak for the small screen.

Its fans praised the show for its warm and uplifting storyline and characters. One particular character that has caught the attention of viewers is the story of Amy as well as her spouse, Tyler “Ty” Borden.

Fans were shocked by the news that the actor Graham Wardle – who plays Ty, was axed from the show at the beginning of season 14. Are you wondering why he quit and Did Ty Die? Let’s discover the answer together. SPOILERS AHEAD.

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Did Ty Die?

Ty Borden is introduced to viewers in season 1 as Heartland ranch’s teenaged farmhand who is not just able to find his way into fans’ hearts and Amy’s. Despite having a very turbulent affair, Ty and Amy finally meet when Ty proposes to Amy in season 6, episode 9. The couple weds in season 8, episode 18 and continues to expand their family with the birth of the arrival of daughter Lyndy in season 10’s finale.

In season 13, episode 10, Ty, along with Amy, accidentally shot themselves with a single shot which a nearby poacher fired. At the same time, Amy suffers minor injuries while her husband can live despite being badly injured. However, he fails to recover properly.

In episode 14 of season 14, Ty suddenly collapses while riding a horse and then passes out because of deep vein thrombosis. The cause was the complications that resulted from the gunshot wound he sustained. His sudden death plunges Amy and the entire family into a dark period and leaves her the sole responsibility for raising Lyndy.

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Why Did Graham Wardle Leave Heartland? Where is He Now?

The actor Graham Wardle gained immeasurable adoration from his fans for his portrayal of Ty Borden since ‘Heartland’ started being aired in 2007. He was the main actor for 13 seasons playing the well-loved character. So, it was an unwelcome surprise to the entire audience when the actor announced his departure from the program. The January 2021 message he sent to the press read, “I felt in my heart it was time to move in a new direction.”

Graham also explained the reasons for quitting the show via a special message sent to the viewers on the officially-owned YouTube Channel. The actor said he’d reached a turning point within himself and wanted to take a leap of faith in exploring new possibilities and take a step ahead. “I have not taken this decision lightly…I have spent a few years contemplating and trying to figure out how to honour myself and make this transition and honour the show,” the actor revealed.

Additionally, Graham spoke about trusting his inner voice and stated, “It’s been a long process, and the short and short is that I’m listening to my heart. I’m not sure what direction it’s taking me, but that’s how life is and trusting, having faith and moving forward.” Then Graham expressed his thanks for his role as Ty in the show and expressed his gratitude to everyone for their support.

Actor Amber Marshall, who plays Amy in the film ‘Heartland’, supported her castmate’s decision during the January 2021 interview. The actress stated, “Graham, for the last several years, he’s been going in different directions, working on different projects, and he’d spoke with us openly quite a few times.” The actress went on to say, “I think it’s so important to listen to your intuition and understand what is driving us and adhere to the direction of that. You’re indeed bound to be hurting people throughout the process. But he handled it in a kind manner that was respectful towards us all. I believe I will be the greatest thing.”

Since Graham’s departure from the show, he’s been hosting his podcast about faith, “Time Has Come,” in which he talks to guests about their own personal journeys and what motivates them to leave their comfort zone. In addition, he talks about the implications on one’s life when making life-altering choices and ways to develop the courage to never hold back. A number of Graham’s former co-stars from “Heartland, including Amber, Cindy Busby (Ashley) along with Jessica Amlee (Mallory), have been featured in his show.

In the meantime, Graham is yet to reveal his upcoming screen projects. We can’t wait to find out what’s to come for Graham. The good thing is that the actor, filmmaker and photographer are still connected to followers via social media. Therefore, we’ll know in the near future what his plans are for the acting profession.

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