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Does Angela Die In Stranger Things Season 4?

Angela, a classmate and one of the worst villains in Stranger Things’ Eleven, humiliates and bullies Eleven. As she is seen messing with Eleven most of the time, many viewers are raising the query that Does Angela die in Stranger Things season 4?

As we saw at the beginning of Stranger Things Season 4 that Eleven has lost all her supernatural powers. She has shifted to a different city where she finds ut hard to adjust to new people and their cunning behavior towards her. Meanwhile, her classmate Angela comes out as her biggest bully in school.

Eleven tries to harm Angela but she couldn’t use her powers and fails to do that. But when things got out of hand, Eleven hits her hard in the head with roller skates. There’s a lot more happening in season 4, let’s find out Does Angela Die In Stranger Things Season 4? Or will Eleven control her emotions and become friends with Angela in the long run?

WARNING: Stranger Things season 4, Episode 2 spoilers ahead!

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Who Is Angela In Stranger Things 4?

Eleven’s bully, Angela, is an awful person in Stranger Things season 4. She has been called one of the worst human villains on the show. The Netflix series has not been afraid to include bullies for core children. Season 1 sees Mike and his friends being tormented and abused by Troy and James. Jonathan feels the wrath and vengeance of Tommy H., Carol, and the beloved Steve Harrington. Season 4’s Angela is not likely to be redeemed by some Stranger Things bullies.

Eleven lies to Mike about her Lenora Hills social life when Mike visits California for spring break. Although she claims that she has made many friends, including Angela and that she loves high school, this is far from the truth. Instead, Eleven is tortured by Angela in Stranger Things season 4. The Netflix series has the closest analogy to Stephen King’s Carrie.

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Elodie Grace Orkin plays the role of Angela in Stranger things season 4. She is the most bullied character to ever appear on the show. Her boyfriend is a worse character than her, as he assists her in her cruel pranks. In Stranger Things season 4, Angela interrupts Eleven’s diorama presentation and insults her intelligence. Eleven also mocks her father, Jim Hopper.

Angela trips Eleven and damages her project in the courtyard. Their teacher intervenes to punish Stranger Topics’ teenager antagonist. Angela then plans a scheme to humiliate Millie Bobby Brown’s Eleven by taking her to the center rink, filming on a camera, dropping a milkshake on to her, and making her fall over. This is the most humiliating public humiliation that any 15-year-olds has ever experienced.

Angela’s brutality is nothing compared to Chris Hargensen’s torture of Carrie White in CarrieStranger Things only needed to replace the milkshake with pig’s blood. Angela made an enemy of herself by making an adversary to the wrong student. Her payback would have been worse than a rollerskate to the face if Eleven had her powers in Stranger Things season 4. Stranger Things could have easily recreated Carrie’s horrific and terrifying ending if Eleven had the ability to see her Hawkins Lab Massacre flashback.

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Even though Eleven may not have understood the potential damage could have caused to her lost powers, Stranger things is a perfect example of high school hostility and teenage life – something that a dynamic Eleven was previously quite ignorant of in her isolated youth.

Angela’s mockery of Eleven is sad because Will doesn’t seem willing to support her at school. Perhaps he worries about his past bullies in Hawkins. Although the children had each other to lean on in times of humiliation, Eleven is the only one who suffers from Angela’s fury in Stranger Things season 4. Despite the fact that Angela is a total suck in Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown was able to show her ability to move people emotionally and cry through her interactions with the bully.

Does Angela Die In Stranger Things?

In episode 2 of Stranger Things Season 4, you will see Eleven and her friends step up to the games club. Once again Angela messes with Eleven in front of everyone there.

Eleven shouts at Angela that she spoiled her day. Meanwhile, Angela pokes her ever harder. Eleven could not control her anger and in a flow of emotions, she picks up her roller skates and hit Angela on her forehead.

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Blood comes running from Angela’s forehead. Everyone around is shocked watching the scenario. But there’s no such scene where Angela is seen dead in the whole episode.

Since we know Eleven’s past trauma and Angela’s pocky nature, it’s no doubt to say that Angela will be dead by the middle of the series.

Watch out for what happens next only on Netflix!

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