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Does Armin Die in Attack on Titan?

Does Armin Die in Attack on Titan? What happens to his character within the story? Armin was always an incredibly popular protagonist for his role in Attack on Titan. He is among the few strategists with a high level of expertise within the Attack On Titan series. He has the brains and knows how to make use of them.

His methods have helped save the lives of a variety of characters on numerous occasions. It’s not surprising that fans were irritated when rumors began to circulate the rumor that he had died during The Attack on Titan.

Some believe he was able to survive and remain a part of the narrative. We don’t know much about the events that took place for him in any case.

Will be killed, or will Survive? Well, we’ve got the entire information on this So let’s determine the fate of Armin during Attack on Titan?

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Does Armin Die in Attack on Titan Anime?

Yes, Armin doesn’t die in Attack on Titan Animation so far and will not die in the series’ upcoming episodes, either (spoiler).

However, he had one near-death encounter during the final fight in Shiganshina during Attack on Titan Season 3 [Return to Shiganshina arc.

in Attack on Titan Season 3, Armin lures Bertolt’s Colossal Titan to let loose all of the steam and energy to ensure that Eren could take advantage of the opportunity to drop his Titan appearance and apply the Titan maneuver to cut Bertolt away from the nape of the Colossal Titan.

As Bertolt’s Colossal Titan tempted Armin in Attack on season 3, it proved deadly when the teen was exposed to the scorching steam from Bertolt’s Colossal Titan that made his body burnt.

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Armin sacrifices himself in the Season of Attack on Titan 3-Return to Shiganshina arch (credit MAPPA and Hajime Isayama)

Armin was alive, but could barely breathe. Captain Levi was left with only two options: rescue Erwin or Armin or save the other, and one of them would have to die, as the only disgusting scum in the form of Titan Serum remains.

Levi could have saved his mentor commander Erwin(who had also died from the injuries he sustained through Beast Titan) Levi could have saved Commander Erwin, but another option is to hand over Armin the slain soldier who was struggling to breathe at the time.

After a rage-filled outburst captain, Levi ultimately chose Armin to deliver the vile Titan serum. This instantly changed Armin to a devoid Titan who consumed Bertolt (Colossal Titan).

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After taking the Bertolt and gaining the power to become the Colossal Titan. This means that Armin almost had to die to gain the powers of Colossal Titan, which makes Armin an icon.

Armin almost perished during Attack on Titan Season 3 (credit MAPPA and Hajime Isayama)

Does Armin Die in Attack on Titan Manga?

It’s not true, Armin does not die due to Attack on Titan Manga however, he aids Mikasa and the other characters take down Eren to stop his rumbling.

When Eren died, Armin became free of his Colossal Titan form, and all Titan races were destroyed completely, turning all of the subjects of Ymir’s into their normal counterparts.

Then, Armin became a global diplomat, and he assisted the Marlyeans and Indians stop their war.

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After Attack at Titan, Armin got the peace he had always desired and could see beyond the walls. He expressed his gratitude to Eren to be his friend, and for making sacrifices that allowed all Titans in their return to human form and including Armin,

Three years later, Armin led a new Survey group, and Marley warriors set out on a new mission to bring peace between the globe and Paradis.

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