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Does Bob Die in Strange Things? Bob Newby’s death in “Stranger Things” was originally Much Gorier.

Stranger Things is a horror show, but the show avoids gratuitous blood and gore. However, it wasn’t always that way.

Bob Newby, a character introduced to Stranger Things season 2, had an earlier, much more bloody death.

Here’s what we now know about Does Bob Die in Strange Things?

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Who’s Bob Newby on ‘Stranger Things 2’?

Sean Astin, The Goonies is the actor who plays Bob Newby. After all the turmoil she and her family experienced regarding Upside Down, he serves as a stable partner for Joyce Byers(Winona Ryder). Although he isn’t privy to all the details about Demogorgon’s previous year, he is willing to stay with the Byers family.

Bob is the first person we meet. His favourite word to describe him is “heroic”. Bob is more connected to Will (Charlie Heaton) than he is to Jonathan (Charlie Schnapp). This could be attributed to the boys’ ages. Bob is someone Will can talk to. Although he may have accidentally caused Will to be taken over by the Mind Flayer in some way, it was totally unintentional. Bob is a generally likeable person.

Does Bob Die in Strange Things?

Beyond Stranger, Things is a companion show to Stranger Things that discusses behind-the-scenes moments from the series. The episodes are hosted by Jim Rash and feature guests such as Ross and Matt Duffer, Shawn Levy (executive producer), and other cast members of Stranger Things. The group discusses Bob Newby’s death in Beyond Stranger Things Episode7. Fans get some background information on the events that led to Bob’s death.

Astin, who was unable to appear in person, pre-recorded a conversation about a request he had for his character.

“In any great series, somebody has to go. They [The Duffer Brothers] knew and kept expanding it a bit like maybe he will go in episode 4 or 5. So I kept repeating, “I don’t mind if I only last two episodes or five; just let Bob, pitiful Radio Shack Bob do something heroic.” They were so impressed that they couldn’t ask for a better ending. People often hear me say that an actor can only hope for a good end. Bob gets the chance to shine.

Bob is attacked by Demodogs, and the creatures attack him. While he is still alive, they start to gnaw at his body. Joyce looks in horror as he raises his head and coughs up some blood. The scene was originally shot with much more blood.

Beyond Stranger, Things filmed a clip of the original shot. A crew member then squirts a lot of fake blood into Astin’s mouth. The crew member then sprays a cloud of blood from Astin’s mouth. The scene was cut down, and the audience only saw a small amount of blood.

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There are likely to be more character deaths in “Stranger Things” Season 4

There is still time for fans to catch the debut of Stranger Things Season4 in 2022. Things are still chaotic in Hawkins and Indiana. It is impossible to assume that anyone will make it out alive. We can only hope it’s not our favourite character, so we will keep our fingers crossed. Fans can view the first three seasons of Stranger Things on Netflix.

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