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Does Choji Die in Naruto? Let’s See!

If you are searching Does Choji die in Naruto, then, It’s not true, Choji does not die in Naruto. Choji has had some near-death experiences, such as his battle with Jirobo and his involvement in the Akatsuki Suppression Mission. However, Choji is alive. Choji has been featured as a character in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations as Chocho’s father.

Choji’s role in the show is to provide character development and episodes along with his child. There is no evidence that he will be in any ongoing Naruto Manga or Light novel.

Are you doing you have a Naruto review and are concerned about the fate of a few of the characters? While there are some notable deaths from the series, however, not every ninja that made it to the top of the list with Naruto was able to escape their fate.

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Does Choji murder Jirobo?

Yes, Choji killed Jirobo. Jirobo was the Sound Ninja and was awestruck by Choji initially however, he then used the Akimichi clan’s unique three Coloured Pills to boost his power and take Jirobo out. Choji informs Jirobo when he knocks his opponent that you can ridicule the weight of his body, however, you shouldn’t ridicule his most trusted friend Shikamaru.

Who did Choji marry?

Choji was married to Karui who was one of the kunoichis from Kumogakure who immigrated to Konohagakure. Karui first was seen as a character in the Pain’s Assault arc, but she was given more screentime during The Five Kage Summit arc in which she seeks to collect details about the and then Leaf Village rogue ninja Sasuke Uchiha who kidnapped the master of her, Killer Bee. Choji and Karui had a son named Chocho, an antagonist in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

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Near-Death Experiences

Choji vs. Jirobo

The most memorable part of this fight is the technique used by Choji, the butterfly bullet bombing. It was a powerful method that was powerful enough to take out Jirobo as he was in the Cursed Seal Form 2. Choji consumed one of his clan’s “Three Coloured Pills” which can be eaten and turn the body’s fat into chakra. Consuming the pills causes harm to Choji’s body however, Choji’s Medical Corps with direction from Tsunade can restore Choji’s consciousness following the battle.

Jirobo was recognized with the powerful cursed seal of Orochimaru. This enhances his physical strength when the seal transforms into a Level 2 cursed seal that dramatically alters his appearance and provides a staggering strength to the power-scaling in his Naruto series.

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Team 7 and Kakashi vs. Hidan and Kakuzi

Choji is struggling with the Akatsuki members Hidan and Kakuzi and is eventually trapped by Kakuzi’s reachable grasp and then choked until Shikamaru’s quick-thinking frees him. Choji could utilize some impressive techniques prior to being captured. The fight showcases Choji’s Spiked Human Bullet and Super Open Hand Slap techniques.

No, Choji does not die in Naruto. Choji is alive and is still appearing on new Boruto episodes today.

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