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Does Coop Die in All American Season 4?

In the years since that tragic conclusion of the All American Season 3’s final episode, there’s been one thought on our minds throughout the summer: Does Coop Die in All American Season 4?

A few decisions were on the line during the All American Season 3 finale. Naturally, the biggest problem was Coop. Did the show decide to create one of the most popular OG characters?

I’m not willing to speculate on the possibility of a guess. In the end, the departure of a major character alters the flow of events. However, it could also mean losing some of the viewers. Why would All Americans risk this?

What was the fate of Coop in Season 4 episodes?

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Can Coop make it through All American Season 4? Does Coop Die in All American Season 4?

The show didn’t reveal the complete truth at once. This isn’t unexpected. We’re in suspense; however, the lack of a sense of loss of Spencer and Patience has given a lot away.

Coop wasn’t killed during her appearance on the All American Season 4 premiere; however, it was close. Coop had to undergo surgery and was in an induced coma for a few days following the surgery. After she awoke and everyone was happy, it wasn’t long before Patience’s relief and guilt (for not trusting Coop about Mo initially) turned to anger.

Coop told cops she had been shot by Mo, which killed Mo. Wasn’t Preach kill her? Yes, But If Preach confessed to this, he’d get a jail sentence since the parole was revoked. It doesn’t matter if Preach’s actions were intended to help Coop. With this in mind, Coop decided to lie to Preach.

Of course, it’s likely to surface in the course of the season. It’s impossible to keep a huge secret that can be kept in the shadows. It’s a drama for teens at the end of the day!

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What do you think of your experience with All American Season 4? Let us know in the comments below.

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