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Does Draken Die in Tokyo Revengers | The Moment Takemichi Appeared to be at the Brink of His Own Destruction

Tokyo Revengers is the latest breakout series of the season, which is taking anime fans by storm. Anime to the forefront. As a sequel to the Shonen series, a lot of people were nervous at first. But, Tokyo Revengers is a unique series that is unlike any other.

Tokyo Revengers follows the life of Takemichi’s Hanagaki. He has a routine living, dead-end existence. His home is a filthy and run-down house, all the while working at a job that is part-time and where there is no respect. Does Draken Die in Tokyo Revengers?

The rest of his life is changed when he learns that the girl he had a relationship with in middle school, Hinata Tachibana, and her brother, Naoto, were killed at the hands of the Tokyo Manji Gang.

Takimichi was nearly killed when he was pushed into the front of a train. However, instead of dying, he’s transported back to the past in which he manages to save Naoto. In the present, Takemichi and Naoto discover that Takemichi has the power to save his sister’s life by going back into the past. He is willing to return to take down Tokyo Manji.

How the way Tokyo Revenger The way Tokyo Revengerstackled the story was flawless. In this group, we meet some amazing characters. One particular character, Ken Ryuguji, also known as Draken, appears to be fated to die regardless of Takemichi’s efforts. Is he dead?

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Who is Draken in Tokyo Revengers?

Draken is vice-president of the Tokyo Manji Gang. He is an incredible person who is wild and loves fighting. Draken can be unkind to people he believes to be below him and enjoys having a good time with worthy opponents. Draken is also very guardian of the group’s president, Mikey. Despite his eccentric aspect, Draken is more mature and rational than Mikey. He is aware of when respect needs to be displayed and also when responsibility needs to be accepted.

All through the course of Tokyo Revengers, Draken is extremely caring, even though Draken doesn’t like to display it. He is not afraid to go to any lengths to look after Mikey. He will carry Mikey to and from his bed whenever you fall asleep or eat with him, and many other instances show just how generous Draken actually is.

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Does Draken Die in Tokyo Revengers End

Since the initial time-jump that took place in Tokyo Revengers Takemichi has been aware of and tried to prevent Draken’s death. But, despite his efforts, it appears Draken’s fate is already sealed.

In one particular instance, in a time jump, Takemichi is informed that Draken is stabbed in an argument. He was attacked, but the Takemichi team was able to rescue him. As he is now returning to his previous mundane life, he discovers that Draken is still dead.

But the fact is that, as it was revealed by Tokyo Revengers, Draken was killed from bleeding due to the gunshot wound he received via his Rokuhara Tandai. Takemichi was out on an evening out with Senju when Draken was informed of a rumor about a hit put on Takemichi’s life and the location it would occur. After they missed Takemichi by a first shot, the team of Rokuhara Tandai fired a third shot to kill the man. However, Draken was in front of Takemichi and took the fatal strike.

The paramedics verified Dr. Draken’s passing at Tokyo Revengers Chapter 224.

The gunshot drew attention to civilians, and to avoid conflict, Senju asked Takimichi and Draken to get away from the scene of the incident. They began to run, but Draken did not move and eventually dropped to the ground. The two victims, Takemichi as well as Senju, were immediately contacted for assistance. They informed us they were too late in saving Draken when assistance came.

Believing that his sole goal for his role in Tokyo Revengers is to protect the people he loves from the wrath of death, Takemichi was in a bind. Wherever within the Tokyo Revengers timeline, Takemichi was taken into, Draken is either dead or was about to end his life. In utter despair, Takemichi realized that there was no way to save him.

Draken’s fate is sealed from the start of Tokyo Revengers.

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