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Does Eddie Die in Stranger Things Season 4? (& What Will Happen To Eddie)

Stranger Things Season 4 was notable for introducing new characters with important roles in the series. Eddie Munson is the new protagonist and plays an important role in the overall story of the fourth season. He was the one who initiated the main plot. Does Eddie Die in Stranger Things Season 4? What happens to Eddie in Stranger Things season 4?

Answer: Eddie does not die in Stranger Things season 4. There were signs that Eddie could be killed, as Jason Carver and his teammates from basketball were actively hunting for him throughout the season. He ended up making friends with the main cast and was always protected by them.

Stranger Things did an excellent job of introducing Eddie, who could easily have been mistaken for a Satanist killer due to his appearance. Nevertheless, he was a kind and innocent guy who probably wouldn’t hurt any fly. Let’s now see what Eddie did in Stranger Things and whether or not Eddie dies in season 4.

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What Happens to Eddie in Stranger Things Season 4

Stranger Things season 4 was a success. Fans of the series were able to see the latest chapter in one of the most popular series on Netflix. As with any season, we were able to meet new characters who were able to contribute to the overall story of the series. This was especially true because some of these characters were involved in some way.

Eddie Munson was one such character who saw more screen time than any of the others. Eddie Munson negatively influenced the main characters when he was first introduced. He looked like a teenager who had indoctrinated Mike and Dustin into a dark Satanic club called The Hellfire Club.

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As the first episode aired, it became clear that the Hellfire Club was a simple Dungeons and Dragons group led by Eddie. Eddie was not a bad person; he was just an eccentric geek like Mike and his friends.

Eddie got into trouble in the first episode. He met Chrissy, a cheerleader before he went to D&D with his friends. She wanted to purchase drugs from him to help her dull her senses after she saw frightening images. Chrissy was looking for something more than Eddie, and they met later after Eddie’s D&D game.

Max was shocked to see Chrissy and Eddie enter his trailer park home. Eddie was searching for the stronger drug he had been hiding in his trailer. Vecna was soon to kill Chrissy after she started having visions. Eddie noticed that the cheerleader’s body had become levitating, and she was being photographed all over until her body became airborne. Blood was coming out of her eyes.

Episode 2 featured Chrissy’s corpse being found. Eddie, however, was not there. He fled the scene, knowing that he would be the prime suspect in the cheerleader’s deaths. The police concluded that Eddie was the one responsible for Chrissy’s death. This was true even though Fred’s body was found in the exact same way as Chrissy’s.

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Jason Carver was Chrissy’s boyfriend, and he told Jason about the incident. He rallied his basketball teammates, including Lucas, to track down Eddie to find out what had happened to his girlfriend. It looked like they were going to find Eddie, but Lucas tipped them off to where he was hiding after Dustin told him. Lucas tricked them, and they met Dustin and the other members.

Dustin and his friends escaped Eddie in their boat, leaving Eddie alone with Reefer Rick, Eddie’s drug dealer. Eddie thought he would kill Steve, but the gang discovered him. Dustin calmed Eddie’s nerves and told him that he was innocent. They were trying to find out what happened to Chrissy.

The group left food and other supplies at the dock house while they helped Eddie investigate the Vecna matter. Jason and his friends eventually found Eddie and chased him around until they reached the lake. Jason’s friend became the latest victim of Vecna after he saw the way Vecna was killing his victims.

Jason, however, decided that this was not a supernatural phenomenon and instead concluded that Eddie was the leader of a Satanist cult named Hellfire Club. He even declared to the whole town that he was actually performing rituals that involved the killing of Hawkins. This caused an angry mob to gather around him and led to a chase by the police.

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Eddie followed Dustin, Steve, and Lucas along with Nancy, Max, Robin, and Max as they searched for the gate. Eddie joined Steve, Nancy, and Robin and took a boat ride around the lake to find the gate leading to the Upside Down. Steve dived first to examine the gate. But Robin, Nancy, and Eddie followed him to the bottom when the police arrived at the lake.

Eddie and three other teenagers fought off bat-like creatures in the Upside Down. They were eventually forced to retreat and seek a way out.

Does Eddie Die In Stranger Things Season 4?

Eddie and other teenagers were taken to the Upside Down by demonic creatures. They could easily kill anyone. Did Eddie die in Stranger Things season 4, or was he just a victim of demonic creatures?

Many clues pointed to Eddie’s death in the season. Jason hunting him down was just one example of a moment when he could have died. He could have easily died in the Upside Down, as well as the moment he was found there.

Eddie, however, is still alive in the first seven episodes of Stranger Things season 4, even though he has made it to the Upside Down. He and the others ended up in the Upside Down. However, he managed to avoid the monsters and found a way back to his home in the Upside Down.

Eddie was the first person to be able to return to real life using the rope Dustin and others had made to get them out of the Upside Down. He is alive at the time of writing.

We can’t predict whether Eddie will make it through the last two episodes, but we do have four hours of Stranger Things content. Episodes 8 and 9 combined for four hours. We do think that he does not deserve to die, even though he is a nice man that looks frightening.

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