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Does Gaara Get Shukaku Back After the War?

When first introduced in OG Naruto, Gaara is one of the most intimidating characters. He was ferocious, wicked, strong, and had everything in his personality that you would want to keep distance from. What made Gaara that strong at that stage was the One Tail beast Shukaku. Does Gaara Get Shukaku Back?

But, later on in Shippuden, We see Akatsuki extract Shukaku from his body. The question is, then, will Gaara receive Shukaku back in the future?

Gaara does not get Shukaku back. When the one-tailed beast was snatched from him, there’s any evidence from any of the Naruto and Boruto series that he was Jinchuriki once more. As for Shukaku, the beast was free as a tailed beast.

Does Gaara Get Shukaku Back?

Gaara was Jinchuriki’s tailed beast. And when Akatsuki was chasing the tailed beast one at a time, the tailed beast sent Deidara to take Gaara.

After a tense battle, Gaara was captured by Gaara and brought Gaara to one of their hiding places. Then they employed to use the Gedo Statue to take Gaara’s Tailed Beast out of him. As we all know, the Jinchuriki dies when it is determined that the Tailed Beast is out. Also, Gaara passed away at the time.

But Lady Chiyo used a prohibited Jutsu and helped him save her life of her. However, Gaara is back in the game as a normal Ninja, not as Jinchuriki.

In the Fourth Great Ninja War, we witness his Gedo statue release Shukaku. But shortly after that, Madara took it again with the other Tailed Beasts in the statue.

After its wartime experience, the game is free. It’s the second time Shukaku gets free of charge for good reason.

To date, there’s no indication or indication that he is inside of Gaara yet.

In the case of Boruto, we can have Urashiki informing Momoshiki Oksutsuki that there are only two Jinchuriki left. He refers to them being Naruto or Killer Bee. Also, Gaara did not receive Shukaku again.

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Why Didn’t Gaara Get Shukaku Back?

It’s not like there’s a reason for him to join Shukaku, to begin with. Also, neither Shukaku has that kind of relationship to consent to be sealed in his body again.

Although they developed a more friendly relationship over time, it’s not even close to the friendship or bond Naruto and Kurama shared.

And, with the savage character that Shukaku is, Who would have the guts to return him. In the case of Shukaku, He finally broke liberated and could travel all over the world wherever his heart desired.

Does Gaara Become a Jinchuuriki Again?

The answer is no. Gaara doesn’t become Jinchuriki once more after losing Shukaku, the One-Tailed Beast. Jinchuuriki typically dies when the tailed beast has been taken away.

But Gaara is alive and has returned to life due to Lady Chiyo. Then we find no evidence whatsoever of Gaara being a Jinchuriki ever again.

Is Gaara Affairs along with Shukaku?

Yes, Gaara is a friend of Shukaku. He has been contacting Shukaku every time in Boruto. And when Urashiki Otsutsuki attempted to get Shukaku, Gaara sent him to Naruto to protect the beast with a tailed tail. And Shukaku was adamant about the plan. Thus, they’re good friends.

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Who Gets Shukaku After Gaara?

No one gets Shukaku after Gaara. After the war, Shukaku becomes completely free like other animals with tails.

Due to his rude behavior and short temper, it’s extremely unlikely that he will like to be sealed in any person ever again.

And for Gaara, even though he has built an amicable relationship with Shukaku and Shukaku, he does not have a compelling reason to be Jinchuuriki again.

Is Gaara Still Strong After Losing Shukaku?

The Gaara remains incredibly tough despite the loss of Shukaku. With his unique ability to manipulate sand and mastery of various forms of Jutsu with sand, Gaara makes him an extremely well-versed ninja both in defense and offense.

We witnessed him fighting Madara together with his fellow 4 Kage Later. He helped Guye sensei in fighting his Juubi Madara. As time passed through experience and wisdom, the man grew stronger as he got older.

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Gaara was the Jinchuuriki of the One-Tailed Beast Shukaku. But Gaara was the Jinchuuriki that Akatsuki was able to capture and take Shukaku from his hands. Although Lady Chiyo is willing to give Gaara his life to her, it is not enough to give Shukaku back.

There is no evidence in the anime manga, databooks, or manga that suggests that Gaara receives Shukaku back. However, we read Urashiki states that it is only two tail-less beasts left around the globe.

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