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Does Kakashi Die In Naruto | Who Killed Kakashi?

One of the most well-known Sensei characters in the anime world, the character name Kakashi Hatake is most likely with golden letters. For Naruto as a character, he’s an ally, a sensei, and the one wall that he can count on. However, even this important character was murdered at the hands of Kishimoto sensei. But does Kakashi die in Naruto for real?

Evidently, it’s both an affirmative and a negative. In the Konoha assault in Akatsuki, Kakashi fought against one of the paths of Pain and then died of exhaustion. But his death wasn’t lasting, as Kakashi’s recovery was due to Pain Nagato’s sacrifice.

In spite of this particular incident, there are numerous other life-threatening scenarios that Kakashi was confronted with. However, he was able to overcome by his own efforts and faith that his friends were in good hands.

Who Killed Kakashi Hatake?

If you’re not a huge fan of Naruto, You might not recall all the little tidbits. In truth, it’s not your fault, as the series spans more than 7100 episodes. Many of you may have missed the sacrifice Kakashi made since he’s not the main character.

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If you’re uncertain about what will happen when and how Kakashi will die, then rest easy. We will provide you with an exhaustive account of the events that led to Kakashi leaving his home.

There are many who may be familiar with Nagato Uzumaki, the villain who gave up his devious goals because of the game Naruto the exclusive Tank no Jutsu. That’s right, the same person who was responsible for the evil acts in Akatsuki under the name of Pain. This is the person who murdered Kakashi Hatake!!

To be precise, It was not Nagato himself that killed Kakashi but rather the exhaustion. To fulfill the dream of Akatsuki of capturing all Tailed Beasts and reviving the Ten-Tails, Nagato, known as Pain, is determined to find the Nine-Tails.

To accomplish his objective To achieve his goal, he takes on the Village Hidden in the Leaves. He employed the strength to defeat the village using the Six Paths Technique obtained due to Rinnegan. The entire city of Konoha was devastated by the Six Paths of Pain, and several were killed.

Of the many victims, Kakashi is one of the more notable. He was the only one fighting with the two Paths of the Six, Deva and Asura. Both paths worked in tandem and ultimately led to Kakashi’s death.

Does Kakashi Die In Naruto?

Kakashi is powerful enough to be a danger to the Akatsuki. The evidence of this threat is apparent when he goes up with two Six Paths of Pain simultaneously in his Pain’s Attack arc. It is clear that he’s a tough Ninja who has the stamina to prove his accomplishments.

Despite all his qualities, he dies. The next question is: what causes Kakashi to die? It has been established that Kakashi died during his fight with Deva as well as Asura paths, but they weren’t the ones to kill him.

If you watch this episode, you will see the Kakashi dying episode. It is episode 159 from Naruto Shippuden. The episode is appropriately titled “Pain Kakashi vs.”

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The battle begins the moment Kakashi faces the Deva path by himself when Kakashi attempts to take on Deva and is stabbed with Deva’s Chakra rod.

However, Kakashi manages to dodge it and then launches at Deva with the force of Chidori. Confronted by the force that is Chidori, Deva uses Shinra Tensei, also known as Repulsive force, and throws Kakashi away.

Recognizing that it’s difficult to come close, Kakashi launches a ranged Chidori. The attack doesn’t work, as it disappears into the air before striking Diva. Just at this point, on the second Path, Asura appears behind Kakashi and fires missiles toward Kakashi.

In the wake of Kakashi’s unstable feet, Deva pulls in Kakashi by using Bansho Tenin, which is also known as an Attractive force. However, Kakashi is able to hold onto it with a chain and an object to hold him in the position. This is when Asura is able to get before Deva and strikes Kakashi through his tail.

The pain was convinced that Kakashi was dead at the time Choza and other ninjas appeared to aid the ninja. The group battles two paths in a battle that is equal. At the conclusion of the fight, Kakashi manages to land Chidori in Deva but is prevented by The Asura path.

In the knowledge that Asura is going to be destroyed, it self-destructs, causing an enormous explosion. The ninjas are killed within the region, with the exception of Kakashi, who is buried in the ground by the falling debris and is not able to move.

Deva continues his monologue and then fires the needle at Kakashi to kill him. However, Kakashi wasn’t dead yet. This is because the moment Choji shows up in this scene, Deva disappears, and Kakashi demands that Choji for information from Lady Tsunade about the abilities of Pain in order to provide the other Ninjas an advantage hand.

At that point, Choji’s devastated Asura path appears and fires a missile at Choji to take him down. At that moment, Kakashi utilizes Kamui to get into the Missile, and it was that moment he passed away.

If you’re looking to be aware of the precise “when will Kakashi end his life” moment, it’s time Kakashi utilized its Kamui to save Choji. It’s because Kakashi had lost the entirety of his energy and became exhausted. The result was his death.

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Did Kakashi Really Die?!?

If you have watched the last seasons of Naruto Shippuden or Boruto and even Boruto, then you’d be aware that Kakashi isn’t dead.

As to Naruto, the act of death does not necessarily mean that all is lost and one is able to be revived. However, Kakashi has not been reanimated. However, she’s still alive and active.

What is the reason why Kakashi gets back to life? The answer is quite simple. It’s not just Kakashi, but all those who were killed by the Pain invasion were revived due to Naruto Nagato and Nagato.

When Kakashi passed away from the excessive use of chakras, his soul was in limbo. In Naruto’s perspective story, this limbo is similar to death in the real world.

He meets his father, Sakumo Hatake. The father and son share stories about their lives. Kakashi says he’s very proud of his Father after their conversation is interrupted.

It’s because the resurrection of the whole of Konoha was in progress. When Naruto came back to Konoha and beat his six paths of destruction, he faced Nagato.

He accepts Nagato’s hurt but rejects his own ideology. Nagato’s resolve will be shaken as he sees his mistakes.

Convinced that he cannot undo the damage that he’s done, but still helping the village people In the Shadows of the Leaves and he must sacrifice himself.

He gives his dream of peace in the world to Naruto and utilizes the final Jutsu in his entire life. He uses all the chakra that he could find and revives the souls of those killed by his wrath during the Pain attack.

Because Kakashi was also among the victims, he’s restored and is a surprise to many. The limbo was short and helped Kakashi show his gratitude to his Father and, in this way, strengthened his determination.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Kakashi’s Death

Was Kakashi executed, or did they make a self-sacrificing sacrifice?

When one considers the conclusion of the battle, Deva threw a nail at Kakashi that could be fatal to him. However, Kakashi did not die using Kamui at the time.

In the end, he was killed when Kamui was used to save Choji from the Missile of Asura. Therefore, it is certain Kakashi sacrificed himself. Kakashi gave himself up.

Is Kakashi still alive In Boruto?

In the wake of being rejuvenated through Nagato, Kakashi never died. Even after losing his Sharingan and was not weak. This is the reason the man was able to stand his own and remain active even in Boruto.

Looking at the storyline, Boruto has chosen and the storyline that he has adopted, it is safe to conclude that the final chapter of the copy ninja story is not yet.

Is Kakashi just one of the few who was resurrected through Nagato?

Kakashi is not the only one to have been killed in the Pain attack. There were many other ninjas who died, including Choza. They were all brought back to life when Nagato made use to practice the Revival Jutsu at the cost of his life.

How Jutsu did the copy Ninja Kakashi was killed by?

The funny thing is that Kakashi was not killed by the Jutsu of his foe, however, but due to an attack of his own. He utilized Kamui to protect Choji from fire, and it was that which killed him.

Kakashi took the remaining chakra to utilize this Ocular Jutsu and then sacrificed himself. The Jutsu which killed him was not a different one than Kamui. Kamui.

Is Naruto the one to blame for the revival of Kakashi?

Sure, Naruto is the reason for the reason Kakashi is living and breathing. Naruto was the one who was the one to convince Nagato of the flaws of his life. The realization led Nagato to commit suicide to help Kakashi and the other Leaf Ninjas’ rebirth.


Within the narrative of both Naruto in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, the significance and significance of Kakashi is unlimitable. However, because of the manner in which Kishimoto created the story is a source of confusion for many people. What happens to Kakashi dies or not.

It is possible that he sacrificed himself, but he’s not yet dead. The likelihood of his death is low. This is because even after becoming older and losing the Sharingan, Kakashi is still one of the most powerful Ninjas in the world of Naruto and Boruto together.

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