Does Kakashi Have a Kid? – Know the Real Answer Now

Kakashi Hatake was one of the sixth Hokage from Kakashi Hatake, the 6th Hokage of Hidden Leaf Village. The renowned figure is well-known throughout the world of ninjas. Kakashi is knowledgeable about the various forms of ninjutsu like Taijutsu and Genjutsu.

In terms of personal issues, Kakashi is as mysterious as it gets. Does Kakashi Have a Kid? Is he wed in Boruto? We’ll address these questions in the following paragraphs.

Kakashi has no child to play in Naruto, Shippuden, or Boruto. However, there is a Gennin known as Houki Taketori, who appears very much like Kakashi. So, the fan theory suggests that he is Kakashi’s son. However, it’s later discovered that Houki isn’t Kakashi’s son; He only admires Kakashi the 6th Hokage and attempts to look like Kakashi.

Does Kakashi Have a Kid?

Kakashi is a lonely wolf. From the beginning, as an infant, he was an innocent child, going about his affairs and not bothering anyone. Because of numerous tragedies after the tragedy, Kakashi didn’t have a normal childhood.

It was his father’s son who was famed, White Fang. Everyone was expecting the best from him. Then the loss of his father, whom he admired.

Then, the loss of his best companion Obito during the battle, and shortly after that, he lost another close companion, Rin Nohara. The thought of watching her go his fault caused him to place Kakashi into a deep depression.

Night after night, day after day, he was plagued by nightmares. When he finally recovered from these traumas, Kakashi was sacked by his mentor, who was his idol and considered the God of his Ninja world.

Then, he heals from his traumas by giving young children lessons. It was a good experience because we’ve seen him acting much better than “cold-hearted Kakashi’. We’d like to thank his buddy Might Guy is dew for this.

For children, Kakashi does not want to be children, and neither does he have any romantic relations with anyone.

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Does Kakashi Get Married in Boruto?

Kakashi is not wed within the Boruto series. Actually, in his batch’s Boruto series, we don’t observe anyone getting married.

In a life filled with tragic events and high-rank assignments, Kakashi never has romantic plans. Being a single wolf is better for his needs than being a married one.

Why is Kakashi Not Married?

There are numerous reasons why Kakashi isn’t married. For starter,

  • Kakashi never had a partner or romantic relationship at first.
  • There are no relatives or clan members to pressure him to get married.
  • Due to his tragic experiences in his life.
  • He prefers living alone.

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Who is Ken Hatake?

Ken Hatake is not an official canon character in the Naruto nor the Boruto series in any other place. He is not even in any filler episodes. He’s just a fanmade character, just like Kiyomi Uchiha.

According to fanfiction, Ken Hatake is Kakashi’s son. On the internet, people are creating fanfictions about him, claiming to be Kakashi’s son, etc.

However, there is nothing from Manga, Anime, Databook, or Novels on him in any way.

Who is Kakashi’s wife?

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Kakashi didn’t marry. He also doesn’t have a relationship with anyone. Therefore, Kakashi does not have a girlfriend or wife. He never had.

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Kakashi has no children or wife. He was not married in Boruto. Like his friends, Might Guy, Kakashi remained unmarried. To put it another way, the manga writers didn’t want to offer Kakashi that kind of lifestyle.

He has always been a teacher with a lone wolf who will save you. Additionally, he takes care of the business of his own. If he were married, it would ruin the part of his appeal.

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