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Does Max die in Stranger Things 4? Does She Possess Powers?

Do Vecna Kill Max on Stranger Things 4? Does Max die in Stranger Things 4?Here’s the reason you’ve watched Max flying within the Stranger Things season 4 trailer.

Stranger Things 4 is finally out, and we know whether Max can summon powers if she dies and why she appeared to be floating during the movie trailer.

The entire fandom went into a rage when the Stranger Things 4 trailer was released. The trailer not only revealed images of Hopper in Russia and Eleven and Doctor. Owens, but it also displayed Max is floating through the air while Steve, Lucas and Dustin all stared in shock. Naturally, the fans were left to wonder what it was like if Max was possessed or had powers or supernaturally possessed.

Everything is explained over what happens in Stranger Things 4. In that light, this is our guide to precisely what transpires in the world of Max on the set of the film Stranger Things 4 and what happens to her if she’s got supernatural powers.

This article contains important Stranger Things 4 spoilers, so you should stop here and return after watching Volume 1 if you’d rather not be able to see the spoilers.

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Beware of major spoilers in the fourth season of Stranger Things Season 4.

If You Haven’t Yet Watched Stranger Things 4 Episode 4, bookmark this page and return when you are ready.

Based on the trailers, viewers had speculated they believed Max was somehow similarly linked with Upside Down to the way Will was in season 2.

Max seems to be having visions of a groovy version of Hawkins However; it’s not an Upside Down. It’s a decrepit and red-coloured dimension. Max’s encounter with Vecna within the movie is a reference to Will’s nightmares at the start of season 2. Will was experiencing thoughts and dreams of seeing The Upside Down because he was the Mind Flayer’s host and could see the creature’s visions.

Theories concerning Will being able to develop abilities have been circulating in the fandom for a long time, and, for a brief moment, it appeared that Max was set to join the discussion.

However, it’s later revealed that, no, Max doesn’t have any powers within The Stranger Things 4, the fourth season. The storyline of her character is more frightening…

In the current season, we meet an upcoming villain named Vecna from Upside Down. As the series advances, we find out that Vecna seeks out people suffering from depression and struggling with mental health issues. He takes over their minds and enslaves them, then brutally takes their lives by snapping their bodies to pieces.

When the story of Stranger Things 4 begins, we find that Max is still very affected by Billy’s tragic death. She’s split with Lucas and has been pushed away from the closest people to her. She’s not in a healthy mental state and could be Vecna’s next victim.

In episode 4, Max knows that Vecna is now in her mind. Steve, Lucas, Dustin, Robin and Nancy all try their best to help to save her. After the episode, Vecna takes over Max’s body. Her eyes are white, and Vecna starts to nag her in dreams. It seems like the only hope she has is gone.

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Does Max die in Stranger Things 4? Is Vecna taking her life?

Fortunately, before the time that Vecna takes the life of Max, Robin and Nancy come up with a plan to save the victims. Their investigations uncover the identity of a man (Victor Creel) in a mental institution who claims Vecna killed his entire family. They discover that people can be rescued from the clutches of Vecna by listening to their favourite songs. They immediately transmit the details and share them with Dustin, Steve and Lucas.

The boys then take Max to listen to Kate Bush’s song ‘Running up That Hill’. The singer suddenly rises in the air, and it appears to be like Vecna will kill her. Max can even see an emotional, vivid supercut of all her precious memories together with Lucas, Eleven, Will, Dustin, Mike, Billy, Nancy, Robin, Steve, Erica and numerous other characters.

But, Max then starts to perceive the world beyond her mind. Upside Down in her mind. She injures Vecna and then runs toward Lucas, Dustin and Steve. The episode concludes with Max being thrown to the ground without a soul and still alive.

Max is able to make it through the remainder of Volume 1. However, it’s not known whether Vecna will ever return to save her.

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