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Dordle Answer Today June 2, 2022 #129- Hints and Solutions

These are Dordle word solutions for today’s #29, released on June 2, 2022. Check out the hints given below and solve the puzzle!

Dordle is a slightly challenging version of Wordle where players must figure out not just one or two words but two five-letter ones to solve the puzzle. There aren’t any clues on the meaning of the words initially, but after you’ve guessed, the tiles change color, indicating whether you correctly identified the letter in the word or placed the note perfectly.

Wordle will require six guesses to guess a word accurately, while Dordle requires seven chances to guess the terms used correctly. This makes it harder since you get only one extra guess when you think two words, rather than six for guessing just one. It is possible to play the game however you like, but we suggest that you try to think the word’s vowels in as few as possible guesses to build a solid base.

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Dordle Words Hints Today (June 2, 2022)

Certain Dordle puzzles might be more difficult than others. Therefore here are some tips we’ve got to help you solve the Dordle #129-word puzzle today.

Hint 1. Two letters are common in Dordle words of today, and they include E and S.

Hint 2: Two vowels are present in both of the words.

Hint 3: The third word starts with the letter G, and the second word begins by forming an M.

Hint 4: the primary word refers to the ability to estimate or make a conclusion about (something) without enough information to ensure that it is accurate. The second Dordle word refers to an operation or system through which the desired result is achieved or a process.

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What is the Dordle 129 Answer Today? (June 2, 2022)

Below are Dordle answers for today:

  • 1st Dordle 129 Word – GUESS
  • 2nd Dordle 129 Word – MEANS

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You did a great job if you figured out either or both words right!

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