Dragon Ball Super Filler List

This series doesn’t require any introduction, but we will just give it a quick read for the sake of content. Here is a complete Dragon Ball Super Filler List for you!

Hello!!! Hello! Then, the evil God and destroyer entered the picture, and things got complicated.

It aired from 2015-to 2018. There were 131 episodes. Not every episode was based on the title. The show has 14 filler episodes and a low filler rate of 11%.

Filler Episodes

4, 15, 42-46, 68-70, 73-76

Dragon Ball Super Filler List That is Worth Watching!

Even though there are fewer filler episodes, the series still has a lot of content. We created a Dragon Ball Super filler to make it more accessible to those interested in watching but who don’t have the time.

These five filler episodes are ready for you to view and include lots of emotion and fun.

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Champa’s Challenge! This Time, We Fight with Baseball (Episode70)

The story’s center is the friendly round of Baseball. It stood proud on its thanks to Yamcha and innovative narration.

Episode 70 is based upon Yamcha. This is his second appearance because, as Bulma states, Baseball is all he can handle. He says that the lack of information about Baseball keeps him from being happy.

He is a charming, charming character who doesn’t take a break.

It’s so popular. Episode 70 features a scene that is a direct gesture to it. This is a nice touch that will make Yamcha fans smile, regardless of what happened to Yamcha.

Krillin and Goku Back to the Old Training Grounds. (Episode75)

This is part of a series in which Toriyama invests some energy into the manga. The anime can be hurt by growing the preparation, but it will last long.

Goku is so prepared to drive into the 21st Tenkaichi Budokai.

However, Goku’s and Krillins’ friendship grows a bit more naturally in training time. Fans can also understand the cruelty of their training period.

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These Terrifying Enemies Must Be Killed! Krillin’s Fighting Spirit Reigns! (Episode 76)

The viewers are treated to an amazing experience. This episode could also be referred to as Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 1 in that it allows you to see impossible fights like Krillin against Raditz or Goku against the Ginyu.

This episode was shocking because it connected to Krillin’s strong emotional core. This episode is all about Krillin reclaiming his fighting spirit, which is glorious.

Goku vs. Duplicated Vegeta Who is going to win? (Episode 46)

Goku starts the battle against Vegeta. In the meantime, Vegeta says that you can’t defeat me. Goku uses his Instant Transmit to teleport, and the battle turns in his favor.

Videl is holding Pan, chewing on his Pacifier and saying that he will soon be gone. Vegeta was shocked to discover that he had been eating a baby’s chewable food.

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Go for the Dragon Balls! Pilaf Gang in Action (Episode 04)

All guests except Vegeta and Goku are present at Bulma’s birthday party. The Pilaf Gang is far away from the ship. They are there because they don’t own anything and are hungry.

His Dragon Radar detects a signal from Bulma’s ship, and Pilaf and his henchmen rush to board the ship with Trunks’ and Goten’s assistance.

In the meantime, King kai explains to Goku who Beerus is and why he’s here to balance the universe.

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