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Elden Ring Dodge Roll Button Input Lag Fix

In this article, we will walk you through different ways to eliminate the input lag when you press the “dodging roll” button on Elden Ring. Although it’s only two weeks since the game launched, it’s already managed to capture the general public’s interest with an interactive, free-form open world that allows exploration that includes several intriguing features.

This includes fighting, looting, riding on horses, and even interacting with NPCs (well, you can play pretending to play the NPC and fool the intruder!).

Elden Ring Dodge Roll Button Input Lag: But, despite its many benefits, it’s not without some issues. As of the writing time, several Elden Ring players have reported that they’re seeing an incredibly long delay in their inputs or inputs after they hit the “dodge roll” button and when the actual action occurs. If you’re also frustrated by this issue, this guide will make you aware of different ways to resolve the issue one-for-all. Follow the steps.

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How to Fix Elden Ring Dodge Roll Button Input Lag

Note that there isn’t a solution that is universal. It is necessary to try all of the alternatives mentioned above and decide which will work best for you. With this at hand, let’s start.

FIX 1: Change the Dodge Key in Elden Ring

A possible explanation for the reason why this issue has popped up is it being the case that sprint and dodge actions are tied on the same button. While dodge is set to activate upon the press of the button in certain situations, it may not be able to react because of its conflict in the race action. Therefore, you must think about freeing the dual task associated with the button and let another button manage the Dodge operation. Here’s how it can be accomplished:

  1. Start Elden Ring and then navigate into The Key Binding section.
  2. You can now assign a key to “Backstep,” Dodge Dash, Roll’ and save the modifications.
  3. Verify that it can fix the input lag after you press the button to dodge within Elden Ring.

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FIX 2: Disable Vertical Sync for Elden Ring

Vertical Synchronization (also known as VSync) is a tool for stabilizing and enhancing stability by synchronizing your image frames of the game to the rate at which your computer’s Display. However, it’s a fact that activating VSync can increase delays in inputs or latency to certain games. So, it is worth turning off the feature on your computer equipped with an Nvidia GPU. Here’s how it can be accomplished:

  1. Start the Nvidia Control Panel from the Start Menu.
  2. Expand 3-D Settings on the menu bar on the left and click Manage 3-D Settings.
  3. Then, click the Global tab on the right side and scroll down until you reach Vertical Sync.
  4. Select Off in the drop-down menu.
  5. Examine if the fix is the input lag after using the Dodge Roll button within Elden Ring.

FIX 3: Enable Borderless Window Mode in Elden Ring

Based on the title, Borderless Window Mode presents the rendered image within the form of a larger window, however, with no boundaries. In the end, the contents will be able to fill the entire screen and offer the most full-bodied gaming experience.

Additionally, it’s also acknowledged to be its success in slowing down the controller’s input. Therefore, switch Elden Ring from the full-screen mode to the window without borders and test the results. Here’s how:

  1. Start Elden Ring and go to the Graphics section.
  2. Select Screen Mode and choose Borderless Window from the menu.
  3. Verify that it is able to fix the input lag after using the Dodge Roll button on Elden Ring.

FIX 4: Enable GSync for Elden Ring

By synchronizing display speed with the graphics card, GSync gives you the best gaming experience. This is why it is suggested that you turn on this function on your computer (if your Display is compatible with Gsync/Freesync).

  1. Start Nvidia Control Panel from the Start Menu.
  2. Expand Display from the left menu bar, and select Set up G-Sync.
  3. Then, check the box to enable G-Sync. Then restart your computer.
  4. Examine if the fix is the input lag that occurs when you press the button to dodge on Elden Ring.

The four options were ways to eliminate the input lag while using the dodge roll feature within Elden Ring. For the moment, as far as the official position regarding this issue is as of now, the developers have yet to acknowledge the problem or even give any ETA for the implementation of a solution. When either of these things occurs, we’ll amend this guide as needed. For now, these solutions are the best option.

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