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Elden Ring Dragoncrest Shield Talisman +2

Dragon crest Shield Talisman+2 is a Talisman within Elden Ring.

It provides a +17% reduction in physical damage. You can only use one of the four variants of this talisman at a given time, including Dragoncrest Greatshield Tilingan.


A wrought iron talisman featuring a trio of ancient dragons.

Vastly increases physical damage negation.

The Erdtree prehistoric era was ruled by the ancient dragons who would protect their lord with a wall made of living rock.

So it is that the dragon’s shape has come to symbolize protection in many ways.

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  • Obtained from a body in northern Crumbling Farum Azula. Head north from Dragon Temple Altar. Follow a staircase to a drop on a floor. Next, go through a window and down to a floating floor. Finally, turn right through a doorway, and you will reach a long chain of floating debris. Halfway down this debris, you will see a floating chunk of rubble holding the corpse.
    • Start at Dragon Temple Lift, unlocked. Turn around and go down the elevator until you reach the end of the long chain.
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