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Elden Ring Graven School Talisman

Graven-School Talisman is a Talisman in Elden Ring. The Graven-School Talisman boosts the effectiveness of magick by 4 percent. The players can make use of talismans within Elden Ring to boost a number of stats.

A talisman depicts the school of graven mages as the most terrifying of the academy.

Increases the power of spells.

If you adhere to its beliefs, the primal flow is a forbidden practice of flintstone magic. The practice of collecting sorcerers and transforming them into the seed of the stars is an alternative path to scientific research.

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Graven-School Talisman boosts the effectiveness of Sorceries by 4 percent.


  • In Raya Lucaria Academy, located at Raya Lucaria Academy, from the Debate Hall place of grace, take a left and then left before going down the steps. You will see vacant shelves in the distance in front of you. It should be hit to remove the illusionary wall and continue on the path.
  • Take the ladder up (after collecting the Comet in the chest as well as the Stone sword Key from behind the altar) and then turn to the east. climb over the railing and fall down through a gap.
  • You will discover an area with several living jars, and the talisman can be found close in the same room as the crystals. The door on the right will take you back to the room beneath the one you were in. It is a room with numerous Raya Luciaria Sorcerers as well as a giant Living Jar.

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  • Sell Value: 1,000
  • It is not in conflict in any way with Graven-Mass Talisman. It allows you to wear both to gain a +12% damage boost.
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