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10 Best Emotional Anime on Netflix Right Now

There are anime shows that can cause you to cry your eyes out, and others leave you with this bleak feeling of emptiness within. Even the most well-known shows like ‘ Naruto’ will leave you with chills due to their heartbreaking, sorrowful moments. If you’ve been watching anime for a long, you’ll be aware that the medium is comprised of many haunting films that will stay with you for a long duration.

In the case of the sad deaths of some of our most beloved characters, we’ve discussed it in a separate list and we’ve got one of the saddest anime series ever. Now that Netflix has shown a serious dedication to adding more anime, we’ve made the decision to put together an entirely new collection. This is the top 10 emotional anime on Netflix.

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10. Japan Sinks: 2020 (2020)

“Japan Sinks: 2020” is a dramatic film written by Pyeon Gang Ho along with Masaaki Yuasa. This film is about the tranquil Mutou family, whose lives change to the worst after an earthquake hits the whole Japanese archipelago and the individuals are left to fight for themselves. As society crumbles, Japanese men, women and children are forced to fight to the extreme to protect their lives. Watch this heartbreaking and poignant tale of survival here.

9. Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop (2021)

Yui “Cherry” Sakura is an introverted teen who likes to express his thoughts through haiku. He was at a social center where he got to know an individual known as Yuki “Smile” Hoshino. She is an aspiring influencer who loves spreading positive vibes everywhere she travels. Despite their different personality traits, the two teens instantly connect and begin to feel a connection for each one other. Their love story is established within the context of their mutual objectives at the workplace, however, will the two of them ever reveal their true feelings? The film is available to stream on this site.

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8. A Silent Voice (2016)

Created and directed by Kyoto Animation Studio, “A Silent Voice’ is an anime film that follows an uninterested teenager named Shouya Ishida. To get rid of boredom the teen and his peers brutally harass the new deaf transfer student known as Shouko Nishimiya. When the school officials find out about this, it is only he who is blamed for all the harm that was done to her.

Then the whole school begins to ignore him, and he remains for the remainder of his high school years alone. When he is aware of his mistakes He decides for himself to go to see Shouko once more and to make amends for any harm that may have been caused by him. The story that follows is a positive tale of a boy trying to get his act together for his mistakes of the past.

Alongside a fantastic heartwarming tale”A Silent Voice” includes one among the most breathtaking images along with the soundtrack. The serious and dark topics the film addresses will cause you to cry at least once. In the end, it may leave you thinking about your relationship with the people in your past and the present. You can view the anime on this page.

7. Violet Evergarden (2018)

‘ Violet Evergarden” is a different slice-of-life animation made through Kyoto Animation. It is the story of a teenage girl known as Violet who was a victim to the violence of the Great War. In all of this, she was educated for the sole purpose of fighting enemies. However, somewhere near the end of the war, she’s in a hospital without anything except a few unspoken words from her loved one. Finding herself lost in the new postwar society, she takes on working for CH Postal Services.

There she discovers the “Auto Memory Doll” which is a computer that transforms the thoughts of an individual into words that can be printed on paper. Enticed by the concept she decides to act like a doll and this is the moment that her adventure begins. It does more than help her alter the lives of those who she is working for, but also assists her in discovering the real significance of her own existence.

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Kyoto Animation is often known for its involvement in some deeply emotional slice-of-life-style projects. However, the film is different from all of their other work. The overall experience is much more than a good tear-jerker, and could even give you an important lesson about what is your true mission. The anime can be streamed right here.

6. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (2019 -)

Following Tanjirou Kamado’s family members are brutally killed by a demon of utmost power, just her younger sister transformed into a demon is able to survive. The hard-working and caring young adult has two goals in his life to help her sister turn into a human and to avenge the murder of loved ones.

When he joins his fellow members of the Demon Slayer Corps, Tanjirou is always faced with new challenges that convey his beliefs of brotherhood and friendship. What really is unique about ‘Demonslayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’ is that it makes humans the antagonists, many of which have eye-watering and painful backstories. The show is available to stream here.

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5. Toradora (2009)

As opposed to the other shows in this list ‘ Toradora’ is more like a romantic comedy that features the typical character archetypes. The female lead, Taiga Aisaka, is an enigmatic Tsundere who is always carrying her wooden Katana to carry around with her. On the opposite, we have an amicable male protagonist, Ryuuji Takasu whose intimidating appearance frequently leads him to be branded as a criminal. Initially, the two come together for the sole purpose to help each other to attract the attention of their lovers. However, as time passes things take a surprising turn, and what started as a casual friendship becomes an unorthodox partnership.

The overall experience of ‘ Toradora’ is a common high-school comedy intended to entertain you and love its adorable characters. But it’s the bittersweet conclusion of this show that leaves you with a terribly sad feeling. There aren’t any spoilers If you’d like to learn more about the story then you’ll have to go and watch the movie yourself. Be prepared for the possibility that this rom-com leaves the feeling of a gap within your soul. The show is available to stream right here.

4. Erased (2016)

‘ Erased’ which is known as ‘Boku Dake ga Inai Machi’ in Japanese It is a thriller in the genre of mystery science fiction made through A-1 Pictures. Satoru Fujinuma, who is the main character is randomly being reminded in time by a couple of minutes each time he is witness to the tragic events. This mysterious, yet powerful effect can allow him to protect the lives of numerous innocent people.

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When he is accused of being responsible for the death of his mother discovers himself back in the past about 18 years prior to the incident. This is a clear indication to him that the murder of his mother could be somehow connected to some events from his youth. Things begin to become clearer when he encounters one of his old schoolmates, Kayo Hinazuki, who was kidnapped and killed by a mysterious murderer. Satoru must now fight against the clock to change his past in as to end with the saving of two lives.

It isn’t clear whether the movie is a success or not, but what makes it worthy of inclusion on this list is the way it portrays many realistic, thought-provoking subjects. Some of them are child abuse, lonely, depression as well as bullying, getting over one’s problems, and obviously dealing with losing a beloved one.

3. A.I.C.O Incarnation (2018-)

‘ A.I.C.O Incarnation It’s quite different from the other shows on this list. It’s a thrilling sci-fi action that’s among the latest additions to Netflix’s expanding collection of original anime. It is set in the year 2035 the story centers around an event referred to by the name of “Burst” that deeply affects the lives of a variety of individuals. Two years later, Aiko Tachibana still grieves the loss of her family members in the accident and is currently in a wheelchair.

However, everything she knew about her own experience and the incident begins to shift when a new transfer named Yuuya is able to tell her all the details of what transpired. The rest of the story is an adventure for the two “teens” who might now be the ones to hold the future of mankind in their hands.

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The main focus of ‘ A.I.C.O incarnation is its action sequences and thrilling sci-fi mystery. However, it’s the background stories of the characters which create an unsettling and sad atmosphere in the show. Even the entire dark palette of colors that represent the semi-utopian style of the city that is affected creates a dark and sad atmosphere in the series. If you’ve thought about watching the show, disregard all the negative reviews and give it a chance. You’re likely to be entertained watching it.

2. Flavors of Youth (2018)

“Flavors of Youth” is an anime film that is split into three distinct chapters. Each chapter tells the story of a brand new city, where it examines the basic joys of life, through timeless stories of love and sexy memories. This collection incorporates a range of elements of Chinese culture and features strong images that are most likely to appeal to a Chinese reader.

However its subject matter, the short-lived nature of life is accessible to anyone around the world. If you’re not looking to be a part of something that lasts for long the ‘Flavors of Young is the perfect show that takes you on a trip back in time.

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1. Your Lie in April (2014 – 2015)

It is inspired by Naoshi Arakawa’s manga of the same name”Your Lie in March is a romantic comedy that tells a tale of self-discovery, suffering, and pain. Kousei Arima is a gifted pianist who is highly acknowledged even by accomplished musicians. But when his mother’s death is unexpected the child struggles to face the reality of his loss and due to the shock, he’s incapable of hearing the sound of his piano during the years to come.

As Arima’s life spirals into chaos, he encounters the beautiful violinist Kaori Miyazono. She does not just push him to learn piano once more but also takes part in a match with her. The experience aids in bringing Arima from depression, however, Kaori hides a dark reality that could put Arima over the edge once more.

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