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Everleigh Soutas Facts That You Really Should Know  

Instagram-based fashionista and toddler Everleigh Soutas (Labrant) is one of the most well-known children’s fashion stars in the present. In the wake of the popularity of her mom on social media model Savannah Soutas-Labrant, Everleigh has garnered millions of followers across her various social media platforms and her account along with best friends Ava Foley, For Ever And For Ava.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this child superstar and Everleigh Soutas Facts, read these 16 excellent as well as exciting information regarding Everleigh Rose Soutas.

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Everleigh Soutas Facts

Birthday: Everleigh Soutas age is 9. His birthday is December 14, 2012. The Zodiac symbol is Sagittarius.

Full Name: Everleigh Rose Soutas

Family: Everleigh is the daughter/stepdaughter of Savannah LaBrant and Cole LaBrant.

Siblings. Everleigh rose has a sibling, Posie LaBrant Rayne, born in 2019.

Cousins: She is the elder sibling of twin actresses Oakley Fisher and Taytum.

Hometown: Everleigh Soutas was born in Orange County, California. She lives within California with her mother, Savannah Soutas LaBrant and their stepfather Cole LaBrant.

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Her Father is Real. Everleigh’s mother, Savannah, was married to her stepfather, Cole LaBrant, in 2017, and many want to know more about Ever’s father. Savannah made this clear in her Instagram post from the year 2016. Savannah stated that “Ever’s dad remains in her life, and I’d never take the man out. We were blessed with Everleigh at the age of just 19 years old. We never got married, never engaged, and never had any relationship. The relationship didn’t go as planned for Ever’s dad and me due to reasons I can’t divulge, But I will say that my family and friends have always wanted me to get out of this relationship from the beginning.”

In 2016 Savannah posted a picture on Twitter of Everleigh and her father.

Eye Color. Blue Eyes.

Hair Color. Everleigh Rose has blonde hair.

Her Most Favorite Friendship. Everleigh’s most beloved friend is Ava Foley. Since birth, the two have been together and share the same passion for fashion. Everlaigh and Ava’s mother, Savannah and Michelle, have been besties for the past ten years. The two were born one week apart, and it’s obvious why they’re best friends when you check out their stylish Facebook page, ForEverAndForAva.

She has been involved in some major Fashion Campaigns. Everleigh Soutas is recognized as a major player in the fashion world for children. She has been involved in ads with Vogue Australia and Kardashian Kids.

Her Most-Favorite TV Show

Savannah provided us with a glimpse into her daughter’s favourite show in a tweet in 2017. Savannah shared that she had Ever enjoyed the Netflix show Fuller House.

Her Dog. In October, Everleigh got a dog named Carl, a micro-teacup white Pomeranian puppy. She was quite thrilled at the surprise. The boy has his own Instagram profile, @lilcarl.

She loves to dance. Everleigh is a dancer, and you can catch her dancing some stunning dance moves on and Youtube. Savannah, her mom, Savannah explained how Everleigh got the dance bug: “I grew up dancing-starting at the age of 2 years old. I’d have to claim that Everleigh has the dance gene from her mother!”

Social Media. Everleigh Soutas has millions of followers on various social media platforms. She is there on Instagram with her BFF AVA or on YouTube with her step-dad and mom.

Her account is @foreverandforava. Snapchat Name is savvvvsoutas (She uses her mom’s Snapchat account)

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