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Everything Everywhere All At Once Post Credit Scene

Decisions determine destiny, and the future determines reality, but what are your thoughts about an environment with multiple options. Consequently, there are many destinies and, eventually, various realities. The idea of multiverses or alternate universes has always intrigued people. Enjoy the Everything Everywhere All At Once Post Credit Scene below!

The notion that alternate realities corresponding to the different possibilities are in parallel universes has always intrigued the public.

The Film Everything All Over At Once is an absurdist comedy-drama; directed and written by the duo of Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, who is known as the Daniels, who deal with the same topic, i.e., the existence of multiple Parallel Universes that correspond to the complete array of choices each person can choose to make.

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Everything Everywhere All At Once – The Idea

The purpose of this Movie’s concept was to examine the way we make our choices affect our future. Despite that, we have many options, but only one of them manifests as a reality.

Multiverse, also known as the concept that there are multiple realities and the possibility of changing between one and the other (labeled by the Movie as a verse jump), could have unforeseen consequences to The One Reality the person decides to live in.

The Movie, incredible as it may be, could not be very pleasant for its fans because the Movie isn’t equipped with a post-credits scene or even a hint of an upcoming sequel.

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Everything Everywhere All At Once Cast

The Film features Michelle Yeoh, Stephanie Hsu, and Ke Huy Quan as the main characters in the roles of Evelyn Wang, Waymond Wang, and Joy Wang, respectively.

Jenny Slate, Harry Shum Jr., James Hong, and Jamie Lee Curtis in supporting roles.

Everything Everywhere All At Once Movie

The Movie that hit cinemas in the USA on March 30, 2022, The Film was widely acknowledged as well as praised due to its sophisticated depiction of parallel universes, incorporating the elements of different genres, including the genres of science fiction and fantasy comedy that are all integrated into an engaging story.

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It follows a Chinese American woman dealing with the IRS who suddenly is forced to shift between multiple universes to protect all of humanity from disturbing events and chaos and separate one reality from the other, and put the entire world at risk.

Running for two hours or more, the Movie is split into three major sections that correspond to the Movie’s title.


It focuses on the context of the entire story, including how Evelyn Wang struggles to make ends meet with her laundromat business under investigation by the IRS, which inspector Deirdre Beaubeirdre heads. It also focuses on her marriage to Waymond in disarray, her overbearing father Gong Gong’s imposing presence, and her child insisting on ensuring her partner Becky to their families and lives.

When she experiences an experience with Waymond from an Alternate Universe, she discovers her JobuTupaki as an alternative model of the daughter Joy. With resentment and tension, The latter has acquired the capability to see all universes and manipulate the matter in them. Evelyn’s battle continues when Alpha Raymond from the alternate Universe can see the potential in this Version of Evelyn in preventing Jobu Topaki from ruining the entire Universe up.

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This is about how Evelyn must verse leap between one Universe for her to kill Jobu Tupaki. As she struggles with the leap into Alternate Universes, Evelyn’s mind is the primary victim. Yet, she can defeat the thugs of Jobu as well as be a part of her life if she could have made different choices, for instance, being a Kungfu Master, Movie Star, and even romantically linked to the inspector Deirdre Beaubeirdre. Her mind, causing her to feel resentment, rises higher as she contemplates her decision to go to China with Waymond.

She realizes that within Jobu is her daughter, who longs to be understood and treated with respect instead of being judged.

Evelyn battles between two sides, her demons and anger and Jobu Topaki’s, but she eventually settles herself and convinces Jobu Tupaki. She is always there for her in all Universe.

All At Once

The plot begins to end with a bang as the relations among the Wang family grow stronger, with her marriage getting an opportunity to win and Becky getting accepted.

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Everything Everywhere All At Once Post Credit Scene – Why Not

It is not uncommon for most films to include post-credit scenes to ensure the possibility of future sequels. This Film has no post-credit sequence. The entire story is sealed loose ends in the closing portion of the movie, and it’s doubtful that the Movie to be the subject of any future sequels and spin-offs.

Another reason to deny the existence of a post-credit sequence or sequel shortly is the writing and directorial history of the duo Daniels. They’ve been known to explore novel plots and genres in their future projects. It’s quite certain that the story, although gorgeous and thought-provoking, is concluded in the Film’s final portion.

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