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10 Best Facts About Beluga Whales

The beluga whale can be easily identified because of its stark white coloring and its globular head. Belugas are social animals, and it is possible to spot pods that number in the hundreds when you travel toward Churchill, Canada.

10. Also called “sea canaries,” belugas are the loudest of whales.

9. The beluga is very closely connected to the narwhal. They are two of only the Monodontidae family.

8. Beluga whale dives could be as long as 25 minutes. They can also reach depths of 800 meters.

7. The word”beluga” comes from the Russian word “below,” which means white. But, these whales are born gray. It could take as long as eight years to turn completely white.

6. The beluga can swim in reverse.

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5. The beluga is able to alter how it looks with its bulging head, known as”melon “melon” by blowing air over its sinuses.

4. The year 2009 was the time a beluga whale saved a distressed participant in a free diving competition by lifting her up towards the surface.

3. Belugas, unlike other whales of the arctic, don’t feature dorsal fins (a dorsal fin can cause extra heat loss and could be an obstacle in the Arctic ice); however, they have a strong dorsal ridge. They also have the thickest layer of blubber, protecting them from the cold Arctic waters.

2. The vertebrae of the neck of a beluga aren’t joined, giving the beluga the capability to rotate its head upwards, downwards, and side-to-side.

1. Beluga whales are at risk due to hunting, climate change, oil and gas development, and urban and industrial pollution. Killer whales and Polar bears are known to be the predators of belugas across the Arctic range.

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