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10+ Psychological Facts About Boys

Boys are known to be loud, harsh, and sometimes even rude. But did you know that they also have some characteristics that make them more sensitive than what people think? Read on to learn some facts about boys. You may be surprised by these findings!

Interesting Facts About Boys

Facts About Boys

1. Boys have an excellent hearing

You might think that boys have selective hearing, but studies show that they can hear even the slightest sounds from far away. In fact, their ability to pick up on the subtlest sound is twice as good as girls’. It’s been found out that this trait has been proven to be passed down from generation to generation.

2. Boys are easier to discipline

No one would want a kid who is hard to control and discipline, right? Well, kids learn by example, and because of their instinct for copying people’s behavior (they always do it without thinking about it), boys learned easy ways to get what they want by acting like little manipulators and shining stars in front of authority figures such as teachers, parents and even relatives.

3. Boys are much more emotional than they look

Boys may seem harsh and manly, but deep inside, they are really just sensitive creatures who just want to be loved. They act strong because that’s how society has taught them to behave, but the truth is that they don’t like hurting people around them, especially their parents. When boys feel overwhelmed with emotions, instead of crying out loud like most girls do, it is much likely for them to retreat into their own little world where no one can see or hear them except themselves.

4. Boys intuitive abilities are twice as strong as girls’

Facts About Boys

Studies show that not only do males have a good intuition; this ability also applies to women. But according to experts, boys are twice as intuitive as girls. They know what you’re thinking without saying it out loud! That’s why most of the time they act more grown-up than their peers.

5. Boys absorb information better when delivered visually

Most everyone knows that boys don’t excel in languages and written exams, but did you also know that they can be very creative with visual presentations? Since boys are visual learners, showing them pictures or videos is the best way to give them information (especially science-related topics). 

6. Boys make decisions based on facts; not on emotions

Remember how difficult it was for you to convince your boyfriend/ husband about something because he always wants all of the facts? Well, this is not because boys are difficult; it’s simply because they make decisions based on facts rather than their emotions. If you think you can get your way by showing your emotions, then good luck!

7. Boys like to solve problems instead of talking about them

Facts About Boys

Boys like to take action when faced with issues and solve the problem right away. They don’t like to talk about it or get other people involved; they’d rather handle things themselves in order to find a solution quickly. This is why boys don’t open up easily when someone asks them how they’re doing or what’s wrong if something’s bothering them… They just go into “action mode” and deal with the problem immediately. 

8. Boys have stronger immune systems than girls

Studies show that boys have stronger immune system than girls. They are less likely to get sick than their female peers. This is because testosterone, the male hormone, produces higher infection-fighting white blood cells, making them more resistant to illnesses.

9. Boys do feel pain but they’d rather not complain about it

Boys may be known for being tough and manly, but deep inside, they’re just like any other normal human beings who also feel pain when they get injured or sick… but they don’t want you to know that! They usually won’t complain about anything unless it’s really serious (like in cases requiring surgery). So if your boy seems fine after an accident like breaking something or getting cut by a knife, then he really is.

10. Boys are not afraid of the dark

Boys have a much higher tolerance for scary things than girls do, especially when they’re young. It’s perfectly normal for little boys to be curious about the dark and want to stay in their room during lights out time or read horror stories late at night! But if you’d rather not give in to your son’s request, just tell him that it’ll be a scary story party… That way he won’t complain anymore because he gets all the excitement he wants from telling himself scary stories until he falls asleep.

Chris Evan was born in Quebec and raised in Montreal, except for the time when he moved back to Quebec and attended high school there. He studied History and Literature at the University of Toronto. He began writing after obsessing over books.


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