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4 Interesting Facts About Domain Names

Deciding a domain name when you start your own website can be tricky sometimes. It should match the idea of your project. It should present a direct indication of what the project is all about.

Today I will share the 4 Most Interesting Facts About Domain Names that you have probably never heard.

Facts About Domain Names

1. You might not believe it, but domain registration was completely free until 1995!

The prices of domain names have seen many changes since their inception. Domain names were initially free in 1985, but Network Solutions granted permission to charge for domain names in 1995. They maintained a 100 USD price for two years before dropping to 70 USD in 1997.

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After establishing ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), 1998 saw a drop in domain name prices.

2. Domain names such as and are reserved for private testing purposes and cannot be registered.

Earlier, The act RFC2606 outlined the following domain names that were technically not registrable.


But, Somehow, After some time, all other domains except example. Com (/.net/.org/etc.) became available for registration.

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3. was sold for $30.2 million, making it the most expensive domain name ever. was purchased by Nations Luxury Transportation, LLC earlier this year for $30.2 million, making them the most expensive domains ever sold. comes in second place for most expensive domain sales ($16 million), while takes third ($13 million).

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4. A Nigerian domain extension (.ng) costs $40,000 for one year. domain extensions cost $10 per year.

The most expensive domains in Nigeria are $40,000/year. Namibian (.na.) top-level domains cost $4,300 USD. This is ten times more than the Nigerian charge.

The question now is, why is Nigerian domain registration so expensive? I tried to find an answer but could not find any reason. Please share your knowledge in the comments.

This is it. I hope you enjoyed this post.

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